Cover Fire MOD APK 1.24.12 (Menu/Dame, God Mode, Money, Vip)

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.24.12 (Menu/Dame, God Mode, Money, Vip)


App Name Cover Fire: Offline Shooting
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Genre Action
Latest Version 1.24.09
Update on Nov 16, 2023
Requirements 8.0
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Cover Fire is an action-packed first person shooter game developed by Genera Games for Android. Released in 2017, Cover Fire has become one of the most popular shooting games on the platform with over 100 million downloads.

The game features stunning 3D graphics, smooth gameplay optimized for mobile devices, and a compelling storyline spread across over 60 missions. You take on the role of an elite mercenary leading a squad to defeat the evil Tetracorp corporation which has taken over cities and seized resources around the world.

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In this detailed review, we will analyze the key aspects that make Cover Fire an addictive and enjoyable shooter for Android.


Cover Fire gameplay involves tactical first person shooting centered around taking cover, aiming precisely, and eliminating enemies using a variety of real-world weapons.


The touch controls in Cover Fire are intuitive and responsive, optimized for mobile. Sliding a finger on the left side of the screen aims your weapons, while the fire button is on the right. Your character automatically takes cover, allowing you to focus on shooting. Auto-fire assists with continuous spraying. Controls are customizable to fit your style.

Overall, Cover Fire has some of the best controls seen in a mobile shooter.


The single player campaign has over 60 story-driven missions spread across varied locations. Missions involve assaults on enemy bases, raid operations, vehicle battles, and even shooting from helicopters.

Objectives change between taking out all hostiles, protecting allies, destroying structures, and capturing strategic positions. Missions last 3-5 minutes on average, keeping the action concise.


Cover Fire features 29 real-world firearms spanning pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and more. Shooting feels satisfying with each gun having unique recoil, reload animations, and damage models.

As you progress, you unlock better weapons and specializations for existing ones like increased ammo capacity, fire rate etc. Customizing your loadout is key.

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Game Modes

  • Campaign – Single player story driven missions
  • Online PvP – 1v1 battles against real opponents
  • Events – Time-limited coop modes like Zombie Survival against endless waves of zombies


Earning stars by completing campaign missions and events unlocks new soldiers for your squad with special abilities. The squad system lets you take up to 3 soldiers into a mission, each with unique skills – assault, sniper, demolition and more.

Leveling up soldiers boosts health, damage etc. There’s plenty of customization and progression to keep you hooked.

Overall, Cover Fire has best-in-class mobile FPS gameplay with spot-on controls, varied combat, and in-depth progression systems.


Cover Fire leverages the Unity engine to deliver console-quality visuals previously unseen on Android. The environments are richly detailed with destructible elements that interact with combat.

Visual Effects

Muzzle flashes, explosions, smoke, fire and particles effects fill the battlefield for immersive and cinematic gunfights. Weather effects like rain add to the atmosphere.


Weapons have intricate reload/firing animations while characters transition smoothly into cover. Explosions send enemies flying with ragdoll physics.

Camera Angles

The camera angles are optimized for the action, tracking bullets and highlighting kills similar to the X-ray killcams in Sniper Elite games. Zooming and slow motion heighten dramatic moments.

Thanks to excellent optimization, the graphics run smoothly even on mid-range Android devices while scaling up to the best displays.

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Story and Setting

Cover Fire features an original dystopian storyline centered around the struggle of civilians and mercenaries against the tyranny of Tetracorp’s occupation.

The varied settings like city ruins, desert camps, jungle outposts make for visually stunning and strategic battlegrounds. Story is revealed through cutscenes between missions adding context and stakes to your efforts.

Though the plot is quite generic, it gives enough motivation to blast through those 60 action-packed missions.


Cover Fire uses immersive 3D audio for weapon sounds with depth and directionality. You can clearly hear enemies shouting and moving for spatial awareness during combat. The modern soundtrack adds tension rising to crescendos during firefights.

The sound design is on par with top tier action games, using great samples for gunshots and explosions.


Cover Fire features asynchronous 1v1 online multiplayer battles across 3 modes:

  • Deathmatch – Kill more enemies than your opponent within the time limit
  • Elimination – Be the first to get 30 kills
  • Endurance – Survive endless waves of enemies

Matches last just 2-3 minutes, great for short bursts of PvP action. Winning matches earns medals and ranking on the global leaderboards.

The online modes add replayability through competitive gameplay though matchmaking can take time.

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Cover Fire uses a free-to-play model with optional in-app purchases. The game itself with the full 60 mission single player campaign is completely free. Cosmetic items and upgrades can be unlocked faster with real money purchases.

The in-app purchases are balanced to not affect core gameplay progression for free players. Paying provides convenience rather than competitive advantage.


Cover Fire has relatively modest requirements running smoothly on most Android phones and tablets released in the last 5 years. The install size is around 400MB with additional optional HD texture packs.

Performance is excellent with stable 60fps framerates and quick load times even on mid-range hardware thanks to great optimization. The game is online-only though to combat piracy.


Cover Fire offers PC and console quality production values on Android with best-in-class graphics, sound, and gameplay. The 60 mission single player campaign delivers tactical first person shooting tailored for touchscreens.

Online multiplayer and events add replayability and variety. Unlocking new weapons and soldiers provides long term progression for free. With frequent updates and a fair monetization model, Cover Fire deserves its popularity among Android shooters.

What I Liked

  • Console-quality visuals and sound
  • Smooth and intuitive touch controls
  • Over 60 story missions across varied locales
  • 29 realistic weapons with upgrades
  • Online 1v1 PvP modes
  • Squad progression system
  • Optimized to run on most Android devices

What Could Be Improved

  • Story is a bit generic
  • Online matchmaking can be slow
  • Could use more multiplayer modes like coop

So in summary, Cover Fire offers a compelling FPS experience on mobile with production values rivaling PC and console shooters. For fans of the genre, it’s certainly one of the best Android games of its kind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cover Fire work offline?

Yes, the full single player experience is available offline. Only the online multiplayer modes require an internet connection.

What are the in-app purchases?

In-app purchases allow you to speed up progression by buying in-game currency, cosmetic skins, XP boosts etc. They are not required to complete the game.

Will my progress carry over if I switch devices?

Yes, your progress is tied to your Google Play account and will carry over when you login to another Android device.

Does Cover Fire support controllers?

Partial controller support was recently added but touch controls are still the primary input method.

Is there a Cover Fire game for iOS?

Yes! Cover Fire is also available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad with cross-platform online multiplayer.

What are the system requirements for Cover Fire?

It requires at least Android 5.1 released in 2015. Runs best on Android 8 and above. Needs at least 2GB RAM and quad core CPU.

+ bug fixes

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