CookieRun: OvenBreak APK 11.022 MOD [Unlock Cookie Characters]

CookieRun: OvenBreak APK 11.022 MOD [Unlock Cookie Characters]

App Name CookieRun: OvenBreak
Publisher Devsisters Corporation
Genre Arcade
Update on Jan 3, 2024
Requirements 5.0
Get it on Google Play
CookieRun OvenBreak is a popular mobile game for Android and iOS devices developed by Devsisters. With its colorful graphics, addictive gameplay, and cast of cute cookie characters, it has captured the hearts of players worldwide.

CookieRun OvenBreak MOD APK

The Story Behind CookieRun OvenBreak

In the whimsical world of CookieRun, cookies come to life with unique personalities. They live in various kingdoms made up of ingredients like chocolate, strawberry milk, and honey. The main protagonist is Cookie, an ambitious cookie who dreams of being one of the legendary Cookie Run racers.

To achieve this dream, Cookie must master the sport of ‘OvenBreak’. This involves racing at high speeds through obstacle-filled courses inside magical giant ovens to collect jellies and complete missions. Along the way, Cookie befriends fellow sentient cookies like the wise Sage Cookie, hyperactive Ninja Cookie, and graceful Angel Cookie.

Together, they embark on thrilling adventures across the cookie kingdoms, overcoming challenges like invading dark creatures called the Lizardmen Tribe. Their ultimate goal is to collect special keys to unlock the greatest OvenBreak track that only the best racers can attempt.

CookieRun OvenBreak MOD APK

Main Features of CookieRun OvenBreak

There are over 80 unique cookie characters to unlock, each with distinctive designs, personalities, and abilities. Cookies are split into 5 tiers – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient. Higher tier cookies have greater skills but are harder to obtain.

2. Challenging OvenBreak Courses

Race across over 200 OvenBreak courses ranging from beginner to expert difficulty. Navigate tricky platforms, obstacles, portals, and enemies like living flames and bats. Advanced courses introduce new hazards like icy slides and moving cookie cutters!

Form your squad of up to 9 cookies to take on courses. Strategize cookie, pet, and treasure combinations to maximize scoring potential and synergy effects. Having the right squad composition is key to success!

4. Regular New Content Updates

The game receives frequent updates that introduce new cookies, costumes, courses, events, and gameplay modes. There are always fresh challenges and surprises to discover!

5. Vibrant Graphics and Animation

From the cookies’ cute animated expressions to the dazzling effects like shining jellies and glowing portals, everything is brought to life with vibrant and polished graphics. It’s a visual treat!

6. Addictive Gameplay Loop

The well-designed gameplay loop of racing courses to earn rewards to upgrade cookies makes progression satisfying. There’s always a new goal to strive for in this moreish game!

7. Fun Mini-games

Take a break from OvenBreak with enjoyable mini-game activities like Cookie Wars battle arena, Trophy Race competitive leaderboards, and Breakout Escape puzzle levels.

8. Engaging Story and Events

The lighthearted story told through comic book style cutscenes and special monthly events adds appeal. See the cookies overcome threats to their world!

CookieRun OvenBreak MOD APK

What is CookieRun OvenBreak Mod APK

The CookieRun OvenBreak mod APK is a hacked version of the game for Android devices. It offers players certain advantages and unlocks that are not available in the normal version downloaded from Google Play Store.

Features of CookieRun OvenBreak Mod APK:

  • All cookies unlocked: Get instant access to all 80+ cookie characters without needing to collect and upgrade them.
  • Infinite gold: Endless gold to spend on upgrades and boosts for your cookie squad. No need to grind courses!
  • All costumes unlocked: Usually special costumes need to be purchased or earned through difficult events. The mod unlocks all existing cookie costumes.
  • Increased scoring: Score multipliers let you achieve higher scores with less effort on courses.
  • No ads: Enjoy ad-free and interruption-free gameplay for a better experience.

While these benefits make gameplay easier, the mod APK does come with risks. It violates the game’s terms of service and could result in your account being banned. There are also security concerns with installing unofficial APKs.

CookieRun OvenBreak MOD APK


Key Questions about CookieRun OvenBreak

New common and rare cookies can be randomly obtained from the gacha using crystals and coins earned in-game. Higher tier cookies require special items from events or purchased with real money.

2. What are good tips for beginners?

Focus on upgrading a small group of common/rare cookies first. Complete all mission levels to earn rewards. Use treasures that boost scoring. Learn course layouts and cookie abilities.

3. How pay-to-win is CookieRun OvenBreak?

The game is friendly for free players though paying gives advantages like more gacha draws for new cookies. Skill still trumps high-level cookies on tough courses.

4. Does the game require internet connectivity?

Yes, an internet connection is needed to load game data, participate in events, and prevent cheating through server-side verification.

5. Is there a way to recover or transfer accounts?

Accounts can be recovered via email verification. They can also be transferred across devices using the data transfer feature by linking to Google Play or Facebook.


CookieRun OvenBreak MOD APK

In Conclusion

With its infectious gameplay, charming cookie characters, and constant new content, CookieRun OvenBreak makes for an enjoyable adventure perfect for players of all ages. Its balance of rewarding progression and challenging races keeps players hooked for hours on end. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned veteran, CookieRun OvenBreak is easy to recommend to anyone looking for their next mobile gaming fix!

CookieRun: OvenBreak APK 11.022 MOD [Unlock Cookie Characters]

*BUG FIXES 1. Save Planet Xylitol Event! Save Planet Xylitol from the threat of the black hole! 2. Astronaut Cookie & Ice Sandellite Fly through space in a spaceship! 3. New Costumes! Check out Raspberry Mousse & Astronaut Cookie's space-themed Costumes! 4. Jelly Pop Bottle Rocket! Launches the Bottle Rocket, and creates Star Bubble Jellies. 5. Surprise Bears! Collect Surprise Bears flying around and complete missions for rewards!

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