Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk 2.4.6 (Unlimited Money)

Construction Simulator PRO – The Ultimate Construction Simulation Game

Construction Simulator PRO  is  a  popular construction simulation  game  developed  and  published  by  astragon Entertainment. The game allows players  to  experience operating heavy construction machinery  and  managing various construction projects. With  its  realistic physics  and  detailed vehicle models, Construction Simulator provides  an  immersive construction gaming experience.

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How to Install Construction Simulator PRO

Here  are  the  steps  to  install Construction Simulator PRO  on  your  device:

  1. Purchase the game – Construction Simulator PRO  is  available  on  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch  and  PC via Steam, Epic Games Store or astragon.  You’ll  need  to  purchase  a  digital copy  or  physical disc depending  on  your  platform.
  2. Download and install – On console,  the  game  will  automatically begin downloading  after  purchase. On PC, download  it  through   your  digital storefront  and  install it.
  3. Update to latest version – There  may  be  launch patches or updates  to  download before playing, so allow any updates  to  install.
  4. Launch the game – You’re now ready  to  play! Launch Construction Simulator PRO  through  your  platform’s dashboard  or  library.
  5. Adjust settings – Tweak graphics, controls  and  other settings  to  your  preference before jumping into  your  construction career.

And  that’s  it! With  those  simple steps  you’ll  be set up  to  start operating excavators, cranes  and  other machines  in  Construction Simulator PRO.

Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk

Pros and Cons of Construction Simulator PRO

Like any game, Construction Simulator PRO  has  its  own set  of  advantages  and  disadvantages:


  • Realistic vehicle physics – The simulation  and  handling  of  cranes, excavators  and  other machines  is  very realistic. Their weight  and  physics act just like  the  real machines.
  • Detailed vehicle models – The models  are  intricately detailed inside  and  out  for  an  authentic construction vehicle simulation.
  • Massive equipment roster – There  are  over 70 construction vehicles  to  operate  from  Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger  and  more.
  • Rewarding progression – Earn money  to  purchase new vehicles  and  expand your fleet. Unlock new contracts  and  scenarios.
  • Open world gameplay – Freely explore  the  open game world  and  find construction jobs  to  take on.


  • Steep learning curve – The realistic physics mean  the  vehicles  can  be  challenging  for  newcomers  to  pick up  and  handle properly.
  • Occasional bugs – Like many simulations,  there  can  be  some  occasional glitches  or  bugs  that  may  need patches.
  • No multiplayer – Currently  there  are  no multiplayer  or  online co-op features  to  play  with  friends.
  • Repetitive gameplay – Gameplay  can  become repetitive after  the  initial learning curve levels off. More content updates  could  help.
  • DLC and microtransactions – There  are  numerous DLC packs  that  can  get expensive,  as  well  as  some in-game purchases.

Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Construction Simulator PRO delivers  an  impressive graphical showcase  and  authentic sound design:


  • Detailed vehicle models – Intricately modeled cabins  with  functioning gauges  and  exceptional exterior detail  on  trucks, cranes  and  other vehicles.
  • Realistic weather and physics – Weather effects like rain  and  mud impact vehicle handling. Advanced physics add  to  the  realism.
  • Fully explorable environments – Freely explore  the  open worlds  from  industrial areas  to  suburban neighborhoods.
  • Day/night cycle – Dynamic day, night  and  weather cycles immerse  you  further into  the  simulation.


  • Authentic vehicle audio – Unmistakable engine rumbles, beeps  and  hydraulic sounds  for  every vehicle.
  • Ambient environment audio – Machinery clanks, safety beeps  and  environmental noise brings job sites  to  life.
  • Radio audio – Classic pop songs play  on  vehicle radios  when  applicable  to  add authenticity.
  • Adjustable audio settings – Customize volume levels  for  sound effects, environments  and  music.

With  its  excellent graphics  and  audio design, Construction Simulator PRO delivers  an  incredibly immersive virtual construction experience  that  mimics  the  real job sites.

Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk

Top 7 Q&A About Construction Simulator PRO

1. What kinds of vehicles can you operate in the game?

You  can  operate over 70 different construction vehicles  from  name brands like Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, ATLAS,  and  more. These include cranes, excavators, dump trucks, telehandlers, forklifts  and  more.

2. How big is the open game world?

The core open world map measures 5 x 5 kilometers, giving  you  plenty  of  space  to  freely construct  and  explore. There  are  also additional paid DLC areas  you  can  purchase  to  expand  the  world.

3. Can you customize or upgrade the vehicles?

Yes, you  can  customize  your  fleet  with  different paint jobs, tires, attachments  and  more. As  you  progress, you  can  also upgrade  to  newer vehicle models  with  better stats  and  capabilities.

4. What types of construction jobs are available?

There’s  a  wide range  of  contract work available including hauling materials, operating cranes, building roads  and  bridges, demolishing structures, transporting oversized loads  and  more.

5. Is Construction Simulator PRO playable in VR?

There  is  a  separate spin-off game called Construction Simulator 2 VR available  on  Steam  that  lets  you  play  the  simulation  in  virtual reality  on  supported platforms.

6. What are the available game modes?

You can play  in  free driving mode  to  openly explore,  or  career mode  where  you  manage  your  company  and  complete contracts  to  progress. There  are  also  challenges focused  on  specific skills.

The maps include sprawling city centers, industrial harbors, suburban residential areas, farms, forests, quarries  and  more  for  diverse construction environments.

Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

  • Construction Simulator PRO  is  a  remarkably realistic construction vehicle sim  that  lets players experience operating cranes, excavators  and  more.
  • Detailed vehicle physics, authentic audio, weather effects, open world exploration  and  progression systems  make  for  an  immersive construction gaming experience.
  • There  are  minor issues like steep learning curves, bugs, repetitiveness  and  lack  of  multiplayer holding  it  back  from  being perfect. But  it  remains one  of  most  comprehensive construction simulators available.
  • Construction fans  will  find  an  addictive, rewarding game  that  provides hours  of  big machine operating entertainment. Overall, Construction Simulator PRO  is  easy  to  recommend  to  any gamer looking  for  a  singular construction gaming experience.

Construction Simulator PRO Mod Apk

So  if  you  want  a  robust construction simulator  that  captures  the  experience  of  operating heavy machinery  with  remarkable detail, Construction Simulator PRO  is  absolutely worth checking out. The game continues  to  improve  and  expand  with  updates  and  DLC, so  it’s  an  exciting time  to  put on  a  high visibility vest  and  get  to  work  in  the  definitive construction sandbox.

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