Concepts APK 2023.11.5 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Concepts APK 2023.11.5 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw
Publisher TopHatch Inc
Genre Art & Design
Size 343 MB
Latest Version 2023.11.5
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 8.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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The Concepts app is a popular vector-based sketching and illustration app available on Android, iOS, Windows, and ChromeOS. It allows users to easily sketch ideas, make illustrations, take notes, and make diagrams on an infinite canvas.

Concepts is great for architects, designers, engineers, students, and anyone who thinks visually. It combines natural drawing tools with the flexibility of vectors, allowing you to edit and adjust strokes after they are drawn.

In this detailed review, we will compare Concepts to similar Android apps for digital sketching and illustration. We will look at the features, interface, usability, and pricing of each app.

Our goal is to help you decide if Concepts is the right app for your needs, or if an alternative app might be better suited. This review covers the Android version specifically.

Concepts MOD APK

Main Features of Concepts

Here are some of the key features and capabilities of the Concepts app on Android:

  • Infinite vector canvas – Add as much space as you need, zoom and pan to suit your ideas
  • Vector-based strokes – Every stroke is fully editable and adjustable after drawing
  • Realistic drawing tools – Pencils, pens, markers with pressure/tilt sensitivity
  • Customizable toolbar – Add your favorite tools for quick access
  • Multiple paper types – Blank, grid, lined, dotted, isometric, etc
  • Unlimited layers – Layer images, sketches, notes as needed
  • Copic/RGB/HSL color wheels – Match real-world colors easily
  • Scale tool – Measure dimensions on your sketches
  • Image/PDF import – Bring in reference materials (requires purchase)
  • Export PNG/JPG/SVG/PDF – Share your work in standard formats (requires purchase)

Concepts provides both simple sketching capabilities as well as advanced features for professionals. The basic tools are free, while advanced features require a one-time purchase or subscription.

Concepts MOD APK

Interface and User Experience

The Concepts interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate, especially for a vector sketching app.

  • The main toolbar can be customized with your favorite pens, markers, pencils, and tools.
  • A simple menu provides access to layers, settings, grids, and other options.
  • The color wheel pops up with a simple tap to change stroke color.
  • Two-finger pinch and pan gestures make zooming and moving around the infinite canvas intuitive.

The user experience when drawing is natural and responsive. Strokes render smoothly, especially when using a stylus with pressure sensitivity. There is little lag or delay between pen and line.

Concepts is easy to learn for basic sketching, with helpful tooltips guiding new users. More advanced features like vector manipulation may take some time to master.

Concepts MOD APK

Comparison to Similar Android Apps

Here we will compare Concepts to some of the top alternative sketching and illustration apps available on Android.

Autodesk SketchBook

SketchBook is one of the most popular free drawing apps on Android.

  • Raster-based – SketchBook works with bitmap brushes rather than vectors
  • Excellent tools – Great natural pencils and brushes
  • Easy to use – Simple and intuitive interface
  • No vector editing – Can’t adjust strokes after drawing
  • Limited layers – Only 5 layers available in free version

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe’s vector drawing app has a strong focus on precision and control.

  • Vector-based – Drawings remain editable as vectors
  • Advanced features – Path editing, combines, touch workspace
  • Steep learning curve – More complex than a simple sketching app
  • Syncs with Adobe CC – Integrates with other Adobe mobile and desktop apps
  • Subscription only – Must pay monthly fee for full access


Krita is a popular open source digital painting app with some sketching capabilities.

  • Raster-based – Primarily made for digital painting
  • Natural brushes – Mimic real-world media very closely
  • Advanced features – Animation, 3D modeling, wraparound mode
  • Not designed for sketching – Better apps available for quick sketches
  • Steep learning curve – Very extensive interface and capabilities

Infinite Painter

A customizable illustration app supporting both raster and vector tools.

  • Raster and vector tools – Draw with either method
  • Highly customizable – Make brushes, palettes, presets, etc
  • 3D perspective guides – Horizon lines, vanishing points, grids
  • No PDF import/export – Lacks some pro-level features of Concepts
  • Subscription model – Must subscribe to unlock full feature set

Concepts MOD APK

Pricing and Platform Differences

Here is a comparison of the pricing and subscriptions between Concepts and some alternatives:

App Free Version Paid Unlock Subscription
Concepts Basic tools $9.99 Essentials pack $4.99/month Pro
SketchBook Limited tools N/A No
Illustrator Draw Limited tools N/A $9.99/month
Infinite Painter Limited tools N/A $7.99/month

And a comparison between Concepts on Android vs iOS in terms of features:

Feature Android iOS
Infinite Canvas Yes Yes
Vector Strokes Yes Yes
Pressure Sensitivity Yes Yes
Live Smoothing Yes Yes
Image Import Yes Yes
PDF Export Yes* Yes

Concepts on Android is nearly at parity with the iOS version in terms of core features. The one exception is PDF export, which is only available as an add-on purchase on Android.

Concepts MOD APK

Pros and Cons of Concepts

Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of using the Concepts app based on our testing:


  • Infinite vector canvas makes it easy to brainstorm ideas without constraints
  • Fully editable vector strokes allow for quick changes without redrawing
  • Easy to learn and use for basic sketching needs
  • Natural drawing experience with realistic and responsive tools
  • Customizable interface lets you optimize toolbar for your workflow
  • Copic color matching makes it easy to match real-world colors
  • Cross-platform – supports Android, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS


  • Advanced features require purchase/subscription
  • PDF import/export costs extra on Android (free on iOS)
  • Less community/tutorials than apps like Procreate
  • Occasional lag/crashes reported on some Android devices
  • Steep learning curve for full vector capabilities

Concepts MOD APK


To summarize, Concepts provides an excellent balance of natural sketching tools and advanced vector capabilities. The infinite canvas and fully editable strokes make it easy to brainstorm, iterate, and refine ideas.

For anyone needing a straightforward vector sketching app, Concepts is a great choice. It’s easy to get started, and additional capabilities can be added as needed.

The Android version lags iOS slightly in terms of features like PDF support, but the core drawing experience is excellent. For advanced features, a one-time purchase or subscription is required.

Compared to alternatives like Sketchbook or Infinite Painter, Concepts provides more vector control and editing capability. But apps like Krita or Illustrator Draw offer more advanced tools for digital illustration and art.

Overall, Concepts is a versatile app that can meet the needs of casual sketchers and professionals alike. The Android version delivers the core Concepts experience of natural vector sketching with an infinite canvas. For architects, designers, students, or anyone who thinks visually, Concepts is an excellent choice.

  • Premium Unlocked

2023.11 - TEXT RENDERING FIXES & SNAP IMPROVEMENTS - This release fixes text rendering issues and improves the performance of drawings that contain a large number of text labels. - We have updated the snap menu to use toggles and have added an option in the menu to turn on/off the traceback feature for snap/align to grid - Other minor bug fixes Read more at If you appreciate what we’re doing, send us feedback or leave a review!

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