Compass MOD APK 10.6 (Pro Unlocked)

Compass MOD APK 10.6 (Pro Unlocked)

Compass – The Handy Navigation App for Android

App Name Compass
Publisher PixelProse SARL
Genre Tools
Size 130MB
Latest Version 6.0.5
Update on Dec 22, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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The Compass app is a must-have navigation tool for every Android device. With its minimalistic yet highly functional design, this app transforms your phone into a precise compass that points towards true north. Let’s explore some of its best features:

Compass MOD APK

Main Features

1. True North Direction

The key functionality of Compass is showing the true north direction 24×7. This allows users to orient themselves and navigate unfamiliar terrain with accuracy. The app leverages inbuilt sensors to function like a magnetic compass.

2. Device Slope Angle

The Compass app displays the phone’s slope angle relative to the ground. This allows users to position their device at an optimal angle while navigating to get the most accurate reading. It’s a handy feature for hikers traversing hilly terrain.

3. Latitude & Longitude

The app reveals the user’s current latitude and longitude coordinates using GPS and GLONASS. This information pinpoints their exact location anywhere on the planet, making navigation and marking waypoints easier.

4. Altitude Speed

Compass shows the rate of ascent or descent when moving vertically across mountainous areas. This data helps plan routes and judge distance covered.

Compass MOD APK

5. Map Integration

The app can be integrated with maps and satellite imagery for enhanced navigation. Users can set waypoints and track their movement across terrain.

6. Location Tagging

Any location marked on the Compass app can be tagged for future reference. This helps users revisit previously explored sites by accessing tagged coordinates.

7. Magnetic Field Strength

The app reveals magnetic field strength at the user’s location. This helps compensate when interference leads to abnormal compass readings.

8. Sensor Diagnostics

In-built diagnostics display essential sensor statistics, helping troubleshoot issues with abnormal compass behavior. It shows which sensors are active or need recalibration.

Compass MOD APK

Compass Mod APK

The modded or cracked version of the Compass app offers all features without ads or annoying pop-ups. This leads to uninterrupted usage. As it’s a navigation tool, disruptive ads can be risky. The mod apk avoids this.

Some key advantages of using the modded Compass app are:

  • Ad-free interface
  • Pro features unlocked
  • No subscription needed
  • Lighter app size
  • Smoother navigation
  • Works offline
  • Regular updates

These benefits make the mod apk a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who rely on Compass for regular navigation aid.

Compass MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Compass work offline?

Yes, Compass utilizes inbuilt sensors for direction and doesn’t need internet access. It works offline once installed.

Q2. How accurate is the Compass app?

It offers accuracy within 1-2 degrees if sensors are properly calibrated as per the manual. Accuracy may decline around metal objects.

Q3. Can the app record a route?

Yes, Compass can track and record routes by creating waypoints along the journey. Users can save and export the route.

Q4. Does it work in remote areas?

Yes, it relies on sensors so functions in remote locales with no data connectivity. Features like maps may need internet.

Q5. Is there a pro version available?

Yes, the developer offers a pro version with more features. However, the free version itself is quite functional.

The Compass application is thus a versatile navigation buddy delivering reliable performance even in isolated environments with minimal battery drain. It embodies the essential qualities of a good compass augmented by smart features to enhance the outdoor experience. With regular updates and an ad-free mod apk, Compass is undoubtedly the finest navigational app for Android.


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