Combat Quest APK 0.42.7 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit]

Combat Quest APK 0.42.7 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit]

App Name Combat Quest - Archer Hero RPG
Publisher ChillBase
Genre Role Playing
Size 30mb
Latest Version 0.42.7
Update on Jan 18, 2024
Requirements 7.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit
Get it on Google Play
Combat Quest MOD APK [Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit] is an exciting fantasy RPG game for Android that offers an immersive adventure story and thrilling action gameplay. With robust RPG elements, players can fully customize their archer hero and embark on epic quests in a rich fantasy world. After testing the game extensively, here is an in-depth review of Combat Quest Apk MOD key features, gameplay, and mod APK.

Combat Quest MOD APK


Combat Quest APK 0.42.7 delivers an expansive RPG experience on mobile with its sprawling world, elaborate quest lines, and deep character progression. Players take on the role of an archer hero who battles menacing monsters while uncovering the sinister plot that threatens the kingdom.

The game features responsive archery combat and combos, destructible environments, formidable boss fights, and a broad skill tree to upgrade your hero. With regular updates and events, Combat Quest MOD APK Unlocked All continues to expand its world and gameplay.

Key Features

Addictive Archer Combat

As an archer hero, players can pull off slick bow skills and combos, utilizing ricochets and trick shots to take down hordes of monsters. The archery combat feels polished with great feedback on hits and misses.

Sprawling Fantasy World

The kingdom spans forests, mines, castles, and dungeons seamlessly connected for players to explore. There are hidden areas and side quests that encourage thorough exploration.

Robust RPG Progression

Your hero levels up, learns active skills, and equips better gear from epic loot drops. With deep talent trees, players can customize builds to match their playstyle.

Guilds and Social Features

You can join guilds to take down raid bosses, climb the ranks, and earn exclusive rewards. There is also a global chat and friend system to quest with others.

Regular Events and Updates

Special events like double XP weekends and holiday celebrations are held frequently. Major content updates add new regions, gear, and gameplay features.

Combat Quest MOD APK

Addictive Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop is simple yet engaging – players enter levels armed with their bow and arrows, battle monsters, collect loot to upgrade gear, then tackle harder enemies.

It’s incredibly satisfying pulling off headshots and skill combos to prevail against overwhelming odds. Boss fights are particularly thrilling tests of skill.

With deep RPG systems, there is always progress to be made whether honing your build or hunting for rare loot. Each session leaves you more powerful to explore further and take on greater challenges.

What is the Combat Quest Mod APK?

The Combat Quest MOD APK 0.42.7 on is a modified version of the game with cheats like god mode, one hit kills, unlimited money and more unlocked. This allows players to easily breeze through levels and gameplay that might be too difficult otherwise.


  • God Mode – Immune to all damage
  • One Hit Kill – Defeat enemies in one hit
  • Unlimited Money – Max in-game currency
  • Unlimited Gems – Premium currency for upgrades
  • High Attack/Defense – Overpowered hero stats
  • No Skill Cooldown – Spam skills rapidly

The mod makes Combat Quest MOD APK God Mode more accessible for casual players who want to enjoy the story and exploration without frustrating combat. It also lets seasoned players experiment with overpowered hero builds.

Combat Quest MOD APK

How to Download and Install

On Mobile

  1. Go to trusted mod sites like
  2. Download the latest Combat Quest mod APK
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in Android settings
  4. Locate and install the downloaded APK file
  5. Launch the game and enjoy the mods!

On PC (Emulator)

  1. Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player
  2. Install the emulator and log into your Google account
  3. Search for Combat Quest MOD APK Unlimited Money in the Play Store and install it
  4. Download the mod APK from Modyolo
  5. Use the emulator to locate and install the mod APK
  6. Start the game in the emulator to use the mods

Combat Quest MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mod APK safe to download?

Yes, is a reputable site that provides working game mods that are guaranteed safe to use. Always ensure you download mods from trusted sources.

Will I get banned for using the Combat Quest mod?

No, these PvE game mods are meant for solo offline play and do not interfere with multiplayer or rankings, so you will not get banned.

How do I update the game or mod APK?

When major game updates roll out, you will need to download the latest mod APK as previous versions may no longer work. Always backup your save data before updating.

Can I play Combat Quest on PC?

Yes, by downloading and installing an Android emulator for PC like Bluestacks, you can run Combat Quest Modded APK and its mods on your computer seamlessly.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately Combat Quest mods only work for the Android version of the game. iOS devices cannot install mod APKs.

From Zero to Hero APK

Combat Quest MOD APK

Final Verdict

For RPG fans seeking an immersive adventure, Combat Quest MOD APK One Hit delivers with its robust progression, social features, and expanding fantasy world. The gameplay itself strikes an addictive balance of action-packed archery combat combined with steady sense of growth and accomplishment from its RPG elements.

The mod APK makes this premium mobile game more accessible to casual gamers while letting seasoned players customize their experience further with overpowered hero builds and cheats.

Overall, Combat Quest Hacked APK is an excellent RPG well worth checking out, more so with the features unlocked by its mod.

Combat Quest APK 0.42.7 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit]

Unlimited Money/God Mode/One hit

- Stability improved and bugs fixed

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