Combat Master Mobile APK 0.13.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

Combat Master Mobile APK 0.13.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

App Name Combat Master Mobile FPS
Publisher Alfa Bravo Inc.
Genre Action
Size 130MB
Latest Version 0.13.39
Update on Dec 30, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Unlimited Money Mod Menu
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Combat Master Mobile APK MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] is an online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game for Android, allowing you to team up with friends for intense PvP battles. With dedicated servers for low ping, optimized traffic usage, and customizable controls, it offers a smooth and immersive FPS experience on mobile.

Combat Master Mobile MOD APK


Developed by Alfa Bravo Inc, Combat Master apk mod 0.13.39 provides AAA-grade graphics and animations for a visually appealing shooter gameplay. The gameplay involves fast-paced action across various maps with different combat scenarios – close-quarters, long-range sniping, vertical combat through multistory buildings, and more.

You can slide, jump, climb, and run across these maps while using an impressive arsenal of weapons to take down enemies. With frequent updates and events, there is always something new to experience in this game.

Combat Master Mobile MOD APK

Now let’s look at some of the main features that make Combat Master a standout FPS on mobile:

Key Features

Smooth Gameplay

  • Optimized network code – Dedicated regional servers provide low ping and lag-free experience.
  • Customizable controls – Fully customizable interface and control options.
  • Device optimization – Scalable graphics for smooth gameplay across devices.

Immersive Maps

  • AAA-grade visuals – Beautiful environments with impressive attention to detail.
  • Verticality – Multi-story buildings allow vertical combat gameplay.
  • Map varieties – Different maps cater to different combat ranges and scenarios.

Intense PvP

  • 5v5 battles – Team up with friends for intense 5v5 PvP battles.
  • Ranked matches – Test your skill in ranked competitive matches.
  • Limited-time events – Special events with exclusive rewards and gear.

Impressive Arsenal

  • Wide variety – Pistols, rifles, snipers, shotguns, knives, and more.
  • Realistic handling – Weapons behave closely to real-life counterparts.
  • Gun customization – Cosmetic customization through gun skins, charms, stickers etc.

With frequent updates and community feedback driving development, Combat Master continues to evolve into one of the premier mobile FPS games out there.

Combat Master Mobile MOD APK

What is Combat Master Mod APK?

The Combat Master Mod APK on islamicmovi is a modified version of the game client that unlocks premium features without any payments. It provides all weapons, character skins, and other paid items for free.

Here are some key benefits of using the mod APK:

  • Unlimited money – Max in-game currency to buy any item.
  • All weapons unlocked – Access full weapon arsenal for free.
  • Premium skins – Exclusive character and weapon skins.
  • No ads – Ad-free interface for uninterrupted gameplay.

However, there are risks involved in using unofficial mod APKs, like potential bans, game instability, malware infections etc. So use mods at your own risk!

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Combat Master Mobile MOD APK

Key Questions about Combat Master

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Combat Master:

1. Is Combat Master really free to play?

Yes, Combat Master is completely free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items, but these don’t affect gameplay.

2. How big is the download size?

The game install size is about 600 MB. The compact size ensures quick, smooth downloads even on slower connections.

3. Does it have controller support?

Yes, Combat Master has extensive controller support and customizable control layouts. You can enjoy the game with touchscreen or external controllers.

4. Can I play offline, or is an internet connection required?

You need an internet connection as it is an online multiplayer game. But there is an offline practice mode to test weapons.

5. Is there a single player campaign mode?

Currently no. Combat Master is focused on online PvP gameplay. But there are plans to add co-op and single player content in future.

With frequent updates and community feedback driving development, Combat Master continues to evolve into one of the premier mobile FPS games out there. Give it a try for intense competitive action on the go!

Version Size Download
Normal 618 MB Download APK
Mod 650 MB Download Mod APK

I hope this overview gives you a comprehensive idea of what Combat Master Mobile offers. Let me know if you need any other details! I’m happy to provide more information about this exciting FPS game.

Combat Master Mobile APK 0.13.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

Unlimited Money Mod Menu

Please enjoy the new update! - New Game Mode - Demon Slayer! - Use Buy Station: Adrenaline, Antidot, Loadout and more... - New Weapons: M4 and Dual Calws. - New Maps: Caribbean and Caribbean Night. - New Bundle Wolverine. - Boost Bundles: Skull, Hype Racer, Red Storm. - Dragon Breath Incendiary Rounds. - Weapon FOV setting is now available! - Hardcore League movement speed increased! The CombatZone is coming next update! Thank you for your love, patience and greatest support, Alfa Bravo Team

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