Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk 1.33.2 (Unlimited Money)

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk 1.33.2 (Unlimited Money)

GAME INFO: Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Games
Size 26 MB
Version 1.33.2
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk Free Download is an action-adventure game developed by NaturalMotion Games for the iOS and Android platforms, where you must help a clumsy ninja become a master. In this game, players will take on the role of a young ninja who has to complete various missions given to him by his sensei in order to become stronger and more skilled. The goal of Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk is not only for your character to get better at combat but also gradually befriend other characters, which allows them access to new moves, items and areas! Players can train their own customizable robot buddy KOMO as well as interact with real-world objects such as chickens or trampolines along with hand controls allowing them unique motion sensing capabilities enabling special combos never seen before in mobile gaming.

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Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

Customizable Characters

Clumsy Ninja allows players to customize their own character by choosing different outfits, hairstyles, facial features and more. These changes are not only aesthetic but also affect the characters’ stats and abilities in battle as well as how other characters perceive them when speaking with them in the game. Players can also change the name of their Ninja!

Sensei Missions

The sensei tasks Clumsy Ninja with a series of challenges that must be completed so he can evolve into a master ninja warrior who faces all his fears and obstacles with courage! Said missions range from training hard battles against multiple enemies or sparring matches against familiar opponents or even exploring new areas through trap-worthy puzzles that require logical thinking skills to solve it! Once said the mission is completed, rewards such as XP points are given, which helps improve your overall status for further progression throughout the game story campaign.

KOMO Your Robotic Buddy

One of your main companions along this journey is KOMO (which stands for Knowledgeable Organized Mechanical Obstinate), an artificial intelligence being created especially to help train ambitious ninjas to become better at combat techniques and learn hand-to-hand tactics while acquiring knowledge about themselves too. You will need Komo’s tutelage if you ever desire to unlock higher-level moves, weapons, armor etc. Alongside interactive conversations/advice between you two, it’s quite easy to understand why players would love having him around!

Enemies & Boss Battles

As expected on any adventure, expect peril facing every turn beating looters, thugs, and mercenaries, among other villains, including bosses located in each distinct area. Make sure to come out victorious in every challenge presented! Many times those foes might have weapons ten times bigger than yours, requiring some swiftness and pure bravery to discover hidden treasures and defeat dreaded colossal monsters after taking part in specially designed levels play mode.

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

Localization Features & Immersive Environments

Clumsy Ninja helps transport players to magical distant lands they’ve never seen before, encountering strange beasts that could either make or break them! Adding that extra layer of depth game, the journeys character will be able to journey to many places, from volcanic caves, temples, and sacred forests, and even visit little villages developing interesting relationships. Members who live there pick special objects used later progress their careers there. Players can also help rebuild some towns’ entire villages, engaging in mini-games and different combat styles while doing it; having access to HQ upgrade comes with hardware.

Accessories & Power-ups

To increase Clumsy Ninjas’ arsenal, new weapons, items, armor pieces clothing can be found across the world, bought using coins earned, completing specific levels and getting higher scores at the end of available bundle orders; exclusive products are given during storyline events which adds a lot of fun! There are even helpful items like magic potions fast-forwarding, performing upgrades fixing damages, downtime, rewards etc., to ease our ninjas undertaking this master quest!

Leaderboards & Rewards 

Apart from the visually amazing and entertaining story campaign, Clumsy Ninja offers a leaderboard system for those passionate gamers constantly competing amongst friends to become high-ranking ninja champs! Competing for such leaderboards permits receiving awesome prizes as well emoticons to show off unique avatar spin wheel spins daily, earning bigger better rank, unlocking skilled moves, secret areas unlocking achievements diamonds gathered while playing different matches successes life. And much more !!

What is Clumsy Ninja Mod APK?

Clumsy Ninja Mod APK is an unofficial game modification that provides extra features such as unlimited vitality, unlocked characters and upgrades, faster leveling up and many more. It makes the game easier for users to progress quicker in the campaign mode or just have more fun with various characters without any restrictions. All of these bonus features are available only when downloading Clumsy Ninja Mod APK from official sources, so make sure you get it from genuine websites like Enjoy!

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

Features of Clumsy Ninja Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The Clumsy Ninja Mod APK will provide its players with unlimited money, which is very helpful when it comes to unlocking characters, upgrades and power-ups. With this feature, you can purchase all the premium content offered in-game without having to worry about spending real money!

Unlock Characters & Upgrades Instantly

Besides having lots of money at your disposal when playing Clumsy Ninja MOD APK, you also have the option of instantly unlocking any character or upgrade available in-game with just one click! No need for grinding or worrying about earning enough coins anymore – take advantage of this feature as soon as possible.

Unlocked Items

All items, such as weapons, armor etc., are already unlocked from the beginning meaning that players don’t have to waste time farming coins before using them! Use whatever item that fits most on your character, no questions asked.

Fast Leveling 

This modded version gets experience faster, allowing users to reach higher levels even faster, keeping up other necessary assets to unlock stronger characters which enhances the gaming experience overall. Reversal-focused way since long hours requires the order to achieve best results gameplay-wise while wouldn’t really pinch pocket either!

Game Cheats & Hacks 

Without a doubt, selection options are given through clumsy ninja cheats embedded hack tool; an extremely downloadable apk gives us the command to gain a better position respective system, letting us trigger different events in specific areas after special requirements have been fulfilled, coursing progress hard stages obtain gold other collectibles cash faster larger amounts.

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

• Go to the official website for the game, 

• Select ‘download’ on the homepage and wait for it to install. 

• Once installed, you can open up Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk on your device. 

• Follow instructions given on-screen, such as confirming that you accept the terms and conditions of the app. 

• Finally, enjoy using all new unlocked features now available in-game!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Ensure that your device meets the requirements and has enough storage space for Mod apk. 

• Check if all permissions have been enabled to allow Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk access to hardware data. 

• Make sure that the internet connection is active before attempting to download or installation of this game. 

• Finally, try restarting the Phone might fix whatever issue is occurring currently

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk has beautiful and colorful graphics. You can see detail on the characters that make up your Ninja and his environment, from their movements to expressions when interacting with objects or others. The visuals have been designed in a way that is pleasing to the eyes for hours of gameplay while still retaining enough detail for players quickly distinguish what’s going on.


The music used throughout Clumsy Ninjas Mod Apk maintains an epic yet lighthearted vibe dovetailing well kind cartoonish feel whole experience offers appreciators some well-composed tunes that fit the theme without becoming too annoying and loud, long gone shutdown system after only a few hours of gameplay. Listening backtrack makes movement seem more dynamic, pacing actions along with turning moments intense when required.


Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk is an innovative action-adventure game developed by NaturalMotion Games. It offers lots of excitement and exploration with a humorous, cartoonish vibe, compelling players to explore the world and master various characters in order to become skilled ninja warriors. You can customize your own character avatar with different outfits, hairstyles etc., as well as train up AI buddy KOMO for more interactions. With countless missions and rewards, which include delicious items, useful upgrades, unique currencies local & online leaderboards, this app truly allows users to get their hands on something special and exclusive part experience. Thanks!

Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.Can players play Clumsy Ninja Hack Apk online?

A1.No, Clumsy Ninja Hack Apk can only be played in single-player offline mode.

Q2.Does Clumpy Ninja Mod Apk Free Download offer customization options?

A2.Yes, players are able to customize their character by changing outfits, hairstyles and facial features in this game, which will also affect the characters’ stats and abilities during battle as well as how other characters perceive them when they interact with each other within the game.

Q3 Is there an age restriction on playing the full version ofClumsyy Ninja modded apk?

A3.Yes, the full version of Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk is only recommended for 13 years old and above.

Q4 Are there any ethical implications with this game?

A4.No, Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk does not have any ethical implications as players are encouraged to take on challenges that promote courage instead of violence or similar immoral activities in the game.

Q5 Does Clumpy Ninja require payment before downloading?

A5 No, players do not need to pay for anything when downloading the modded version of Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk on their mobile devices.


• Clumsy Ninja Modded Apk is a single-player action/adventure game developed by Natural Motion Games for the iOS and Android platforms. 

• The goal of the game is to train a young ninja in order to become a master warrior, completing missions given by Arsensei as the player progresses throughout the story. 

• With lots of customization options, unique AI companion KOMO, opponent boss fights, and leaderboard system rewards available, this app truly offers something special exclusive to its part market space. 

• Players can have fun with various characters without any restrictions, provided they download official sources like

• Finally, this modded version has unlocked features such as unlimited money, opening up higher levels instantly using cheats & hacks, gameplay, picking collectibles items potion faster larger amounts with great graphics sound/music experience enhancement overall.

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