Clash of Clans MOD 16.137.13 APK (Unlimited Everything)

Clash of Clans MOD 16.137.13 APK (Unlimited Everything)


App Name Clash of Clans
Publisher Supercell
Genre Strategy
Size 183 MB
Latest Version 16.137.13
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Everything
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Clash of Clans MOD APK (Unlimited Everything) is a popular freemium mobile strategy game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. It was released for iOS in August 2012 and for Android in October 2013. The game is free to download and play, but offers additional content through in-app purchases.

Clash of Clans apk mod combines elements of city-building, resource management, and combat. The goal is to build your village, train an army, and attack other players to earn resources and trophies. You can join a clan and participate in clan wars against other players.

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The game features charming cartoon graphics and animations. Gameplay is optimized for mobile with intuitive touch controls and short battle times. While simple to learn, Clash of Clans has considerable depth from synergizing different units and defensive buildings.


When you first start Clash of Clans,apk 16.137.13 you are taken through a short tutorial that explains the basic gameplay. You start with a small village with a few resource buildings and defenses. Your job is to expand the village by upgrading existing buildings, constructing new ones, and unlocking additional features like clan castles, hero units, and spell factories.

There are four main resources in Clash of Clans:

  • Gold – Used to build defenses and upgrade certain buildings
  • Elixir – Used to train troops, research upgrades, and build certain buildings
  • Dark Elixir – Used to upgrade hero units and train dark troops
  • Gems – Premium currency used to speed up upgrades and build times

You earn these resources by collecting them over time from resource buildings, raiding other players through single player campaign missions or multiplayer battles, and removing obstacles around your village.

To upgrade your town hall to the next level, you’ll need to upgrade existing buildings, construct new ones, and fill out the required layout. As you progress to higher town hall levels, you gain access to more defenses, buildings, troops, and features.

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Troops and Combat

Clash of Clans on islamicmovi apk offers a wide variety of troops you can train in your barracks and dark barracks. There are over a dozen ground melee and ranged troops, as well as flying units like dragons and minions. Each unit has different attributes like damage, hitpoints, speed, housing space, and preferred target.

You can train an army of units to use in combat. Your army composition is important – ideally you want a mix of cheap, high DPS units to overwhelm defenses, tanky units to soak up damage, and specialists like wall breakers to access the interior of a base. Spells like the heal spell and rage spell can give your units an edge in battle.

There are two main combat options:

  • Single player campaign – Fight against a series of goblin villages with increasing difficulty. Earn gold, elixir, and dark elixir.
  • Multiplayer battles – Attack another player’s village to earn trophies and a portion of their resources. You defend your own village against attacks.

In both modes, the goal is to destroy the enemy village by taking out their town hall and other buildings. You start by deploying troops around the perimeter, using wall breakers to access the interior compartments, then following up with ranged units behind tanks. Spells can help destroy defenses and empower your attacking force.

Combat in Clash of Clans apk mod is relatively fast-paced, with most attacks lasting 2-3 minutes. There is a significant amount of strategy around army composition, spell timing and placement, and the order in which you deploy troops.

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Graphics and Audio

Clash of Clans apk mod features bright, cartoonish graphics with a medieval fantasy theme. The visuals are clean and readable, with distinct looks for each resource building, defense, troop, and spell. Visual details like birds flying around and swaying trees bring life to your village.

When you deploy troops or cast a spell, there are fun animated effects as barbarians swarm towards defenses, archers release a volley of arrows, or a dragon rears back to breathe fire at buildings. Destruction animations add satisfying feedback, especially for important buildings like the town hall.

The audio design matches the lighthearted art style. Whimsical music plays in your village with triumphant horns to celebrate upgrades. In combat, troops have distinct audio cues like barbarian yells and goblin laughter. The sound effects for things like giant cannons firing and walls being smashed help reinforce the visceral feeling of battle.

Overall, the graphics and audio create an inviting, polished experience that is integral to Clash of Clans’ broad appeal. The presentation holds up well years after initial release.

Progression and Monetization

Progression in Clash of Clans apk revolves around upgrading your town hall to unlock new buildings, defenses, and troops. Each town hall level requires upgrading a certain number of other buildings to a specified level. You’ll also need to build new required buildings and fill out the expanded layout.

Advancing to the next town hall takes progressively more time – while early town halls may take a few days, later ones can take weeks or months. There are 13 town hall levels currently, with additional levels continually added.

You can speed up building/upgrade times and other timers using gems. While you slowly accumulate gems through obstacles and achievements, the main way to get large amounts of gems is through in-app purchases.

Clash of Clans is a freemium game that monetizes through:

  • Direct purchases of gems
  • Gold pass – $5 monthly subscription that awards gems, boosts, hero skins, and other exclusive perks
  • Special event packs like holiday bundles with gems and resources

The game provides constant incentive to spend money to speed up progress. While Clash of Clans is enjoyable as a free player, paying offers advantages that can add up over time. As you reach higher town halls, the grind for resources and long upgrade times slow down advancement.

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Clans are a major social feature in Clash of Clans apk You can join an existing clan or create your own and invite friends. There are benefits like donating and receiving troops, participating in clan wars and games, and chatting.

Clans have a hierarchy of roles like member, elder, co-leader, and leader. Leaders can accept or decline applicants and promote members to elder or co-leader. Elders and co-leaders can invite new members.

Donating and receiving troops from clanmates helps you train armies faster. Higher level clan members can donate higher level troops. As a clan levels up, additional troop levels are unlocked for donations.

Clan wars match your clan against others to compete in a series of attacks over 24 hours. Earning stars by attacking the opposing clan’s bases contributes to your clan’s overall war score. There are also clan war leagues held regularly for competitive clans to do tournament-style wars.

The clan games feature lets your entire clan work together to complete challenges like donating troops or getting stars from attacks. Maxing out clan game points unlocks special rewards like resources, gems, and magic items.

Having an active, organized clan makes Clash of Clans more rewarding through perks like high level troop donations, clan war participation, and completing clan games.

Multiplayer Battles

Clash of Clans apk has robust multiplayer integration through the ability to attack both NPC bases and other players. Matchmaking considers your trophy level and town hall level to find appropriate opponents.

Multiplayer battles keep gameplay fresh and challenging. You get to test your attacking skills against real base designs created by other players. Successfully raiding multiplayer bases rewards you with trophies, loot, and dark elixir for upgrades.

There is significant incentive to regularly attack multiplayer bases. Full collectors offer big payouts. You need to push trophies to reach higher leagues for larger bonuses. Achievements reward attacking milestones.

Defending your own village from multiplayer attacks is equally important. You lose trophies and a portion of your resources each time you are successfully raided. Clever base designs funnel attackers into traps and high DPS defenses.

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Strategic Depth

Despite straightforward gameplay, Clash of Clans has considerable strategic depth from synergizing units and buildings. On offense, you need to optimize your army composition, spell placement, and attack sequence. Defensively, upgrading key defenses, creating compartments, and using traps wisely improves security.

Offensive strategy involves balancing cheap ranged units behind meat shields, sending wall breakers ahead to access the interior, then deploying aerial units to take out defenses. Spells like freeze, heal, and rage amplify your troops or disable defenses. You have to adapt your tactics depending on the enemy base layout.

Defensive strategy revolves around anti-3 star base designs. You want to protect your town hall and key defenses with layers of walls, make compartments to slow down troop movement, and have traps in likely funneling points. Upgrading splash damage defenses like wizard towers and mortars should be a priority.

There are nuances around timing upgrades, managing builders, setting notification alerts, and using magic items efficiently. You get better at combat tactics, troop combinations, and resource raiding strategies over time. Joining a clan opens up high level play through clan wars and games.


Supercell continually updates Clash of Clans Mod Apk with new content and features. Major updates add things like town hall levels with new buildings and troops, clan war leagues, new hero units, clan games, and quality of life improvements.

Special themed events like holiday seasons offer temporary decorations, special obstacles, and exclusive troop skins. The seasonal Gold Pass subscription awards magic items, gems, boosts, and hero skins.

Balancing changes tweak costs, stats, and mechanics of troops, spells, and defenses. The home village layout expands to accommodate new buildings from town hall upgrades. New sceneries let you customize the look of your village.

Frequent updates keep Clash of Clans Mod Apk feeling fresh. There is always some new content, troop, or event around the corner to look forward to. Updates cater to hardcore players with high level content while adding lower level features more accessible to casual players.

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Review Summary

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of Clash of Clans:


  • Highly polished gameplay optimized for mobile
  • Cute graphics and animations with a lighthearted style
  • Lots of depth from synergizing units and base layouts
  • Multiplayer battles add replayability and challenge
  • Joining a clan enables high level team play
  • Frequent updates add new content and features


  • Monetization pressures players to spend money
  • Grindy resource collecting and long upgrade times
  • Can feel repetitive grinding the same attacks
  • High level gameplay requires considerable time investment
  • Steep learning curve for clan wars and optimal strategies

Clash of Clans continues to be one of the most popular and highest grossing mobile games years after launch. It offers accessible gameplay with surprising strategic depth that sustains long term interest.

Fans of real-time strategy and competitive multiplayer will find much to enjoy. Casual players may tire of the grind and monetization pushes. But overall Clash of Clans remains one of the most well-crafted, content-rich mobile experiences available today.

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Oils
  • Unlimited Money
  • Elixir

It's a Sparktacularly Spooky Update! ● New Capital District - Goblin Mines ● Mega Sparky - a new Capital Mega Troop that does mega damage! ● If you need an extra helping hand, Goblin Builder is here for a limited time!

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