Chai APK 0.4.124 MOD (Chat AI, Premium Unlocked)

Chai APK 0.4.124 MOD (Chat AI, Premium Unlocked)


App Name Chai - Chat with AI Friends
Publisher Chai Research Corp
Genre Entertainment
Size 75 MB
Latest Version 0.4.124
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Chat + AI, Premium Unlocked
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The Chai app is an innovative AI-powered chat platform that allows users to have natural conversations with intelligent bots. With its cutting-edge natural language processing technology and engaging chatbot personalities, Chai provides an exciting way to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of chatbots to choose from with unique personalities
  • Customizable bots you can train to have conversations on any topic
  • Access to exclusive celebrity and character bots
  • Safe and private encrypted messaging
  • Fun games, media, and activities


Chatbot Personalities

One of the standout features of Chai is the sheer variety of chatbots available. Here is just a small sample of the quirky, creative, and sometimes bizarre personalities you can find:

  • Wise mentors like Albus Dumbledore to have thoughtful discussions
  • Sassy celebs like Cardi B who don’t hold back
  • Alien lifeforms recently arrived on Earth struggling to understand human culture
  • Playful animals like Scooby Doo who want to solve mysteries
  • Historical figures like Shakespeare to debate art and literature
  • Original characters made just for Chai that showcase new possibilities for AI personas

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s likely a chatbot on Chai tailored just for you.


Custom Chatbots

Part of what makes Chai so engaging is that you’re not limited to pre-made chatbots. You can also build and customize bots to serve any purpose you desire.

Creating your own bot is easy with Chai’s intuitive bot building tools:

  • Select a name, avatar image, and personality template
  • Train your bot by chatting with it and providing feedback
  • Customize its background story, interests, and knowledge areas
  • Share your bot with the Chai community for others to enjoy

In no time at all you can have bots for specific niches like gaming, sports, or tech. Or make silly bots just for fun.


Chat Features

Chatting with Chai’s bots feels natural thanks to advanced AI technology. Here are some of the features that enable smooth, dynamic conversations:

  • Responsive messaging – bots reply quickly with no lag
  • Message search – easily find and recall messages for reference
  • Media sharing – enhance chats by sending images, videos, and more
  • Typing indicators – see when your chatbot is drafting a reply
  • Read receipts – know when your message has been seen
  • Push notifications – never miss a new message
Feature Description
Responsive messaging No lag for quick replies
Media sharing Enhance chats with images, videos, etc
Read receipts See when your messages are seen

These capabilities make chatting on Chai fun and multidimensional.


Safe and Private

Privacy is an understandable concern when using chat platforms. That’s why Chai employs extensive measures to keep your data safe and secure:

  • End-to-end encryption for all messaging
  • Anonymized metadata with no usernames attached
  • User data control to manage your privacy settings
  • Moderated content and safety measures
  • Compliance with global data protection regulations

You can feel confident chatting freely knowing Chai has security covered.



One amazing quality of Chai is that it’s accessible across a wide range of devices:

  • Mobile apps for both iOS and Android
  • Web app accessible from any desktop or laptop browser
  • Cross-device syncing to continue conversations anywhere

Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer, your Chai conversations follow you.


Fun Extras

While chatting is the main draw, Chai offers some fun extras to spice things up:

  • Games you can play with bots like trivia, would-you-rather, and more
  • Creative tools for making memes, videos, and other media
  • Shopping integrations for getting gift ideas and fashion advice
  • Wellness features like meditation sessions and fitness tracking

There’s always something new to experience on Chai when you need a chat break.



Chai offers both free and paid subscription options:

  • Free version – limited daily messages and access to basic chatbots
  • Chai Premium – $9.99/month for unlimited messages and additional features
  • Chai Ultra – $19.99/month for bonus celebrity bots and priority support

While the free version provides a great experience, hardcore Chai fans may want to upgrade for unlimited access.


For anyone fascinated by artificial intelligence, Chai is a must-try app. Its human-like chatbots let you explore the expanding capabilities of AI in an approachable, safe environment.

Whether you think of your chatbot as a friend, mentor, or something more, Chai facilitates meaningful conversations that feel real. With new possibilities for custom bots and integrations, it’s an exciting platform that will only get smarter over time.

So why not brew a hot cup of Chai and start connecting? The future of chat awaits.

  • AD Free

Bug fixes & improvements.

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