Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk 806 (Unlimited money)

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk 806 (Unlimited money)

An In-Depth Look at Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk

App Name Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match
Publisher Zenith Games
Genre Casual
Latest Version 806
Update on Dec 13, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Get it on Google Play
Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match is a popular mobile puzzle game developed by Zenith Codes. The game has seen tremendous growth recently, dominating the casual gaming scene. This is largely thanks to the highly addictive gameplay as well as the availability of the Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match mod apk.

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk


The core gameplay involves matching three or more similar cartoon objects. As players progress through the levels, they must figure out strategies to remove various blockers and obstacles to continue matching objects. The further players advance, the more challenging the levels become, requiring more complex strategies.

Here are some of the main features of the gameplay:

  • Hundreds of fun-filled matching puzzle levels
  • Whimsical cartoon graphics and animations
  • Powerful boosters and bonuses to help clear the board
  • Special items and blockers like ice cubes, chocolate, and sugar cubes
  • Leaderboards to compete with friends and players worldwide


The main goal is to match similar objects on the puzzle grid within a limited number of moves. With every successful match, players earn points. Players must meet level objectives, such as earning enough points or removing all blockers, to advance. If players run out of moves before meeting level goals, they lose a life.


As players advance, they can unlock various powerups and boosters that aid game progression by clearing the board or adding moves. Powerups like extra time, rainbow blast, column/row blasters are key to completing particularly tricky levels. Players can earn them through gameplay or by purchasing with gold bars.

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk


  • Adventure mode: Journey through hundreds of fun match-3 levels across a dozen picture-perfect worlds
  • Daily events: Special limited-time levels that award prizes
  • Arena: Go head-to-head against other players for trophies

Mod Features

The Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match mod apk unlocks unlimited gold bars and lives. This allows you to progress smoothly through the hundreds of levels without worrying about failing levels or running out of moves.

Here are the key highlights of the mod:

  • Unlimited gold bars
  • Unlimited lives
  • No ads
  • All boosters unlocked
  • Unlimited moves

With practically unlimited resources, you can enjoy the gameplay without irritating hindrances or trying to earn more coins. It provides a seamless matching puzzle experience.

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk

Why Players Love Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match

Here are some of the major reasons for the rising popularity of this casual game:

Appealing Graphics and Animation

The vibrant graphics and smooth animations add to the visual charm of the game. Matches burst with bright colors and exciting effects. The cute cartoon aesthetics with detailed animations make long gameplay sessions enjoyable.

Rewarding Progression

Advancing feels rewarding as players unlock new levels, worlds, and powerups. There is always something to look forward to – be it a challenging new world or fun visual themes like candy land.

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk

No Time Limits

Unlike other matching puzzle games, levels in Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match are untimed. This allows you to plan moves strategically without feeling rushed. You can take your time to analyze the puzzle grid for the best match combinations.

Engaging Gameplay

The match-3 puzzle gameplay is easy to grasp but levels quickly become trickier and more strategic. Players remain hooked for ‘one more level’ thanks to the progressively challenging levels that test puzzle-solving abilities.

Social Competition

Players can compete with friends or top global leaderboards which adds a social element and motivation to keep improving high scores.

Relaxing Experience

The cheerful graphics, upbeat music and untimed gameplay makes this a relaxing game to unwind with. Matching objects while devising strategies stimulates the mind positively.

Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match Mod Apk


Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match offers a fresh take on the match-3 puzzle genre. The charming design and addictive yet strategic gameplay makes progression exciting. Unlocking the mod apk provides you with unlimited resources, allowing you to fully enjoy this puzzle adventure. With fun and challenging levels to test your matching skills, Cartoon Crush Toon Royal Match is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining mobile puzzle games out there.

- Visual improvements & fixes

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