Carrom King APK MOD (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

Carrom King APK MOD (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

App Name Carrom King™
Publisher Gametion Global
Genre Sports
Latest Version
Update on Dec 13, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Carrom King is an incredibly popular carrom board game app for Android with over 75 million downloads. Originally created by PlaySimple Games, this app brings the favorite pastime game of carrom to mobile devices. With its easy controls and multiple game modes, Carrom King offers endless entertainment for all ages.

Carrom King MOD APK

A Classic Indian Board Game

Carrom is a popular tabletop game in South Asia, akin to billiards, pool, and crokinole. The game is played on a wooden board with pockets on the corners and two larger holes in the middle. Players must flick round wooden disks called carrom men with a striker, aiming to sink them into the corner pockets. The queen (red piece) must be pocketed last to win.

Carrom King emulates the real game nicely, giving you that nostalgic feeling of playing carrom with family and friends. With pleasant graphics and sounds, it’s truly an authentic experience.

Carrom King MOD APK

Key Features of Carrom King

Carrom King shines in all aspects that one would want in a carrom video game. Let’s look at some of its best features:

Diverse Game Modes

Carrom King offers many ways to play:

  • Online Multiplayer – Challenge opponents globally in 1v1 or 2v2 team battles
  • Play with Friends – Create custom rooms to play with friends
  • Vs Computer – Hone skills against smart AI
  • Pass N Play – Hotseat mode for contests with family
  • Trick Shots – Interesting challenges to test prowess

With diverse lobbies, match options, and game variants like Black & White, there’s no shortage of gameplay variety!

Realistic Graphics and Physics

Carrom King features:

  • Beautiful 3D visuals with realistic lighting
  • Intuitive flick controls with adjustable power and angle
  • Authentic sounds of strikers, coins dropping, and pocketing
  • Console-quality graphics for immersive experience
  • Physics for coins that behave like real carrom men

You’ll feel like you’re playing on an actual carrom board!

Online Multiplayer

Carrom King’s online multiplayer allows playing against other players globally across Android and iOS. Play 1v1 matches or team up 2v2 with friends to take on opponents.

  • Chat feature for trash talking and making friends
  • Leaderboards for bragging rights
  • Pool of online players ensures you find matches quickly

Have intense carrom showdowns and meet competitive leaderboard climbers from around the world!


Make the game suit your style with Carrom King’s customizations:

  • Themed game boards – Vibrant backgrounds and designs
  • Unique strikers – Stylish models with special powers
  • Pucks – Fancy coin sets to flaunt

Unlocking these collectibles by playing games makes winning more rewarding!

Offline Play

Carrom King offers offline play modes that don’t require internet:

  • Player vs Computer
  • Challenge friends and family locally in pass and play hotseat mode
  • Practice trick shots

Play on the go without mobile data for entertainment anywhere, anytime!

Achievements and Rewards

The game features an engaging progression system with:

  • Daily rewards for consistent play
  • Level progression rewards with free coins
  • Achievements to complete for bonuses

Motivates you to keep playing daily and master the game!

Smooth Performance

With an app size less than 100mb, Carrom King is:

  • Lightweight ensuring buttery smooth gameplay
  • Optimized to work flawlessly on most Android phones

Even lower-end devices can run this game without lag, for instant fun with friends!

Family-Friendly Gameplay

As an authentic carrom simulation:

  • Easy to learn rules and controls
  • Engaging gameplay for all age groups
  • Online safety features

Carrom King promotes healthy screen time and gameplay for the entire family!

Carrom King MOD APK

Carrom King Mod APK

The modded version of Carrom King offers some handy extras:

Unlocked VIP Content

Get exclusive strikers, boards, coins and more without needing to earn them!

Unlimited Coins

Buy anything from the shop without worrying about costs.

No Ads

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without irritating ads.

The mod enhances the experience greatly, letting you access all customizations instantly. However, it is not officially endorsed and violates terms of service if used online.

Carrom King MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is the app download size?

A: Carrom King is under 100 MB, small enough to install quickly on most phones.

Q: Can I play without internet?

A: Yes, offline modes like Practice, Computer and Pass N Play don’t require internet.

Q: Is the game pay-to-win?

A: No, all unlockables are cosmetics that don’t affect gameplay. Skill matters most.

Q: Can I play on PC or console?

A: Currently Carrom King is only available as a mobile game for Android and iOS platforms.

Q: Are there bots in online multiplayer?

A: No, you will be matched against real human players in online modes.

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Carrom King MOD APK


Carrom King is the perfect way to experience your favorite childhood pastime on mobile. With excellent features and smooth performance, it’s ideal for enjoying carrom on the go with friends and family. The online community also enables you to make new connections through the game globally. Download Carrom King now for unlimited hours of entertainment!

Carrom King APK MOD (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

★ Claim extra rewards while you skill up and show-off in the Trickshots section. ★ Spread joy and send virtual gifts to players online

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