Car Race 3D MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

Car Race 3D MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money)

Get ready for a thrilling ride with Car Race 3D Mod Apk. This lively mobile racing game is more than just about speed; it’s about strategy, style, and skill. With unlimited money at your disposal, you have the freedom to customize your dream car and take on global challenges. The game’s 3D graphics are nothing short of stunning, making every race feel incredibly real. Want variety? Switch between different drive modes and experience diverse racing styles. As you progress, unlock new levels and keep adding to your impressive vehicle collection. So buckle up and hit the track because in Car Race 3D Mod Apk, every race is a new adventure.

Car Race 3D Mod Apk

My Gameplays Experience

Car Race 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) in Car Race 3D Mod Apk. The moment you start, you’re drawn into a world where speed meets strategy. It’s not just a game; it’s a full-throttle adventure. You’re free to customize your dream car with unlimited money, making every ride unique to your style. The stunning 3D graphics and realistic environments make each race feel incredibly authentic.

You can almost feel the adrenaline rush as you compete against top racers worldwide. Whether you’re cruising leisurely or racing heart-pounding laps, the versatile drive mode caters to your mood. What’s more, the game rewards your dedication with coins and progression opportunities, keeping you motivated. And the best part? It’s totally free. So, whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newbie, Car Race 3D Mod Apk 1.6.3 offers an exhilarating experience that’s hard to put down.

Car Race 3D Mod Apk

Car Race 3D Mod Apk and Feature

Car Race 3D Mod Apk on islamicmovi is an adrenaline-charged racing game that brings the thrill of speed right to your fingertips. This modified version of the popular Google Play game takes your racing experience to a whole new level with exciting features and enhancements. From unlimited resources to ad-free gaming, Car Race 3D Mod Apk offers an immersive racing adventure filled with high-performance vehicles, challenging tracks, and intense global competitions. So, buckle up, hit the gas, and dive into the exhilarating world of Car Race 3D Mod Apk.

Mod Features

Car Unlock Mod

The Car Unlock Mod is like a master key to a garage full of high-performance vehicles. With this feature, you don’t need to earn in-game currency or complete specific challenges to unlock cars. Simply select your dream ride from a diverse range and hit the tracks. This feature lets you experiment with different vehicles, each offering a unique racing experience and strategy.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

Imagine having an infinite supply of resources at your disposal. The Unlimited Coins and Gems feature allows players to indulge in free shopping, upgrading cars, unlocking new tracks, and much more without worrying about running out of resources. This feature turns the game into a playground where you can experiment and customize to your heart’s content.

Ad-Free Experience

Nothing breaks the immersion of a high-speed race like pesky ads popping up on your screen. With the Ad-Free Experience feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted, action-packed races without any distractions. This feature enhances the overall gameplay, allowing you to focus solely on outpacing your competitors and crossing the finish line first.

Mod Menu & Free Shopping

The Mod Menu & Free Shopping feature is like having a personal pit crew at your disposal. The mod menu provides additional features and options to enhance your gameplay, while free shopping lets players splurge on upgrades and items without spending any in-game currency. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and customization to your racing experience.

So, are you ready to rev up your engines and experience the ultimate car racing adventure? Download Car Race 3D Mod Apk and dominate the tracks like never before.

Car Race 3D Mod Apk

Car Race 3D Apk Feature

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Car Race 3D, where the thrill of speed meets the joy of gaming. This action-packed racing game is a cocktail of high-octane races, stunning visuals, and nail-biting challenges. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the main features of Car Race 3D.

Realistic Car Racing Experience

Car Race 3D throws you into the driver’s seat for an ultra-realistic racing experience. The game’s smooth gameplay, coupled with stunning graphics, creates a virtual racing world that feels incredibly authentic. Detailed car models, physics-based handling, and immersive environments come together to deliver a racing experience that rivals reality.

Visual Quality

High-definition graphics bring the racing environments to life, from detailed car models to dynamic, vibrant racing tracks.

Sound Quality

The sound design is spot-on, with roaring engines, screeching tires, and crowd cheers adding to the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere.

Wide Variety of Cars

Car Race 3D offers a garage filled with a wide variety of cars. Whether you’re a fan of sports cars, muscle cars, or supercars, there’s a vehicle ready to match your style. Each car has its own unique characteristics, providing different racing experiences and strategies.

Visual Quality

The game showcases beautifully designed car models, each reflecting its performance attributes and style.

Sound Quality

Each car type has distinct engine roars and exhaust notes, enhancing the immersive racing experience.

Challenging Tracks

From bustling city streets to rugged mountain roads, Car Race 3D brings a variety of challenging tracks to test your racing skills. Each track presents a unique set of obstacles, turns, and racing conditions, pushing you to master the art of cornering, braking, and accelerating.

Visual Quality

Each racing track features stunning, realistic environments and road designs that enhance the visual appeal of the game.

Sound Quality

Ambient sounds unique to each track contribute to the immersive racing experience.

Upgradable Cars

In Car Race 3D, you can upgrade your vehicles to improve their performance on the tracks. By earning in-game currency through races and achievements, you can unlock various upgrades, giving your vehicle a competitive edge in races.

Visual Quality

The game visually represents upgrades on each car model, adding a layer of realism to the customization process.

Sound Quality

Enhancements like engine upgrades influence the sound of the car, making it more powerful and thrilling.

Multiplayer Racing

Car Race 3D offers an exciting multiplayer mode where you can compete against friends or other players worldwide. This feature adds a new level of competition and excitement, allowing you to test your skills against real opponents.

Visual Quality

The multiplayer mode provides a seamless online experience with smooth gameplay and minimal lag.

Sound Quality

Intense race sounds and cheers of victory enhance the competitive atmosphere in multiplayer mode.

Time Trial Mode

The time trial mode in Car Race 3D lets you race against the clock in an attempt to set new records. This mode provides a platform to focus on improving lap times and mastering tracks, fostering a spirit of self-improvement and competition.

Visual Quality

The game maintains high visual quality in this mode, providing a realistic and immersive racing experience.

Sound Quality

The ticking clock sound in this mode adds tension and excitement, pushing you to improve your lap times.

Customization Options

Car Race 3D allows you to customize your cars with different paint colors, decals, and performance modifications. This feature enables you to create a unique racing machine that reflects your style and stands out from the crowd.

Visual Quality

The customization options are visually impressive, letting you create aesthetically pleasing and distinctive cars.

Sound Quality

Performance modifications can alter the sound of the car, adding to the realism and immersion.

Immersive Visual and Sound Quality

Car Race 3D boasts exceptional visual and sound quality. The game’s stunning graphics and realistic sound effects create an immersive racing atmosphere that keeps players engaged.

Visual Quality

Detailed car models, realistic environments, and smooth animations contribute to the game’s high visual quality.

Sound Quality

Engaging sound effects and background music enhance the overall gaming experience, creating an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere.

Car Race 3D Mod Apk

How To Download and Install

Ready to get your heart racing with Car Race 3D Mod? Here’s your step-by-step guide to downloading it from, all set in a friendly, conversational tone.

First up, you’ll need to give your device a quick tweak. Just head over to your device settings and switch on the “Unknown Sources” option. This little change lets your device welcome apps from outside the Google Play family.

Now, onto the fun part. Spot that Download button at the top of the page? Give it a click to start downloading the Car Race 3D MOD APK. It’s like sending off a VIP invite to this awesome game.

While the download is happening, make sure it’s saved into your device’s download folder. Think of it as the game’s temporary pit-stop before its final destination.

Once the download is complete, it’s time to roll out the red carpet. Open the downloaded Car Race 3D file to kickstart the installation process. A little patience is key here; wait for the installation to finish.

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, As soon as the installation is done, open the game and dive right into the action. No more waiting – it’s time to hit the track and start playing immediately.

Car Race 3D Mod Apk

FAQs About This Game

Sure thing, let’s dive right into the world of Car Race 3D Mod Apk with some lively and engaging Q&As.

Q: What’s the name of this adrenaline-pumping game?

A: The game that’s got everyone’s engines revving is none other than Car Race 3D Mod Apk. It’s all about speed, strategy, and a whole lot of fun.

Q: I heard there’s a new version out. What’s the scoop?

A: You’re right on track, Our latest pit stop has brought us to version 1.187. It’s like a fresh coat of paint on your favorite race car – familiar, but oh-so-exciting.

Q: I’m a bit of a data hog. How much space will this game take up on my device?

A: With all the high-speed action packed into it, you’d think Car Race 3D Mod Apk would be a storage hog, right? Well, surprise. This lean, mean, racing machine only takes up 125 MB of space. That’s less than a cup of coffee digitally speaking, of course.

Q: Who’s the mastermind behind this game?

A: The credit for this automotive masterpiece goes to Zego Studio. They’re the pit crew who’ve worked tirelessly to fine-tune every aspect of Car Race 3D Mod Apk, ensuring it runs like a dream.

Q: What’s the main feature of this mod that’s got everyone talking?

A: Hold onto your racing helmets because the Car Race 3D Mod Apk comes with unlimited money. That’s right, it’s like having an endless pit stop where you can upgrade and tweak your ride to your heart’s content. Let the races begin.

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Car Race 3D Mod Apk


In the world of mobile gaming, Car Race 3D Mod Apk is a real game-changer. This isn’t just another racing game; it’s an adrenaline-fueled journey that puts you in the driver’s seat of your dream car, with unlimited money to splash on upgrades and customization. Whether you’re a sucker for sleek sports cars or tough off-roaders, there’s a ride waiting for you in the game’s dynamic garage. And let’s not forget those stunning 3D graphics that make every race feel like a blockbuster movie scene.

From competing against global race masters to enjoying the freedom of free-to-play, this game is all about putting you in the fast lane. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life with Car Race 3D Mod Apk – where every race is a thrilling adventure, and every player is a winner.

Unlimited Money

App Name Car Race 3D: Car Racing
Publisher Zego Studio
Genre Racing
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.6.3
Update on Feb 19, 2024
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it on Google Play
Version 183: Update level.

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