Captain TNT Mod Apk 1.3.81 (Unlimited Levels & Characters)

Captain TNT Mod Apk 1.3.81 (Unlimited Levels & Characters)

APP INFO: Captain TNT Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Levels & Characters
Category Games
Size 142 MB
Version v1.3.81
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Captain TNT Mod Apk! In this game, you will play as a brave captain who is on an epic mission. Your goal is to help your crew of robots and mercenaries escape from their prison planet by gathering the necessary supplies and making it safely back home. Along the way, you’ll have to face off against hordes of enemies such as alien monsters, giant robots, and even crazed scientists! Use strategy and skillful combat maneuvers in order to survive each level. Good luck – may fortune favor the bold captain with courage enough for success!

Gameplay Overview

In Captain TNT Mod Apk, you will take control of a brave captain and his crew as they attempt to escape from their prison planet. As the captain, it is your job to guide them through each level by gathering supplies and fighting off enemies. You can use various weapons such as guns or grenades in order to defeat foes before advancing further into the game’s levels. The ultimate goal is for all members of your team make it out alive so that you may return home with the necessary items needed for survival!

Play With Fun this game?

Yes, Captain TNT Mod Apk is a great game to play with friends. You can team up in order to strategize and collaborate on ways of tackling each level’s challenges together! Additionally, players have the option of competing against each other for high scores or simply playing cooperatively as they progress through the story mode. Enjoy exciting battles full of explosive action and adventure – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Captain TNT Mod Apk can be played as a multiplayer game. Up to four players can join up online and take part in exciting co-op missions or compete against each other for the highest score. Teamwork is essential when tackling levels full of enemies – so find some friends and get ready for an action packed adventure!

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Captain TNT Mod Apk

Key Feature

Intense Combat:

Fight against hordes of enemies using various weapons and strategies in thrilling battles full of explosive action!

Strategic Challenges:

Solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to progress through the levels with cunning strategy.

Co-Op Missions:

Team up online with friends or family members for cooperative play as you make your way out from the prison planet together!

Competitive Scoring System :

Compete at high scores individually or collectively, creating a fun atmosphere even when playing alone

Robotic Companionship :

Help guide robotic companions on their journey alongside human mercenaries

Customizable Characters And Equipment :

Enhance characters’ attributes by equipping them with powerful items found during gameplay

Varied Enemies & Bosses

Encounter beasts both alien and mechanical, requiring different tactics each time they appear

Replayability With Variety Modes

Experience an ever changing world every playthrough thanks to randomly generated elements and multiple game modes.

What is Captain TNT Mod Apk?

Captain TNT Mod Apk is a fanmade mod for the popular game Terraria. It adds several new features and mechanics to the game, including custom recipes, items, bosses and NPCs. The mod also includes its own unique music tracks to enhance your experience even further!

What is Captain TNT Hack Apk?

Captain TNT Mod Apk

Mod Key Feature

Improved Graphics:

Enjoy a more visually pleasing experience with better textures and lighting effects as you make your way through the game’s levels!

Unlimited Levels & Characters :

Unlock new areas, characters, and additional missions to explore in this modified version of Captain TNT for enhanced replayability

Cheat Codes :

Use special codes given within the mod apk to get an edge over enemies or unlock powerful items that weren’t available before.

The Captain TNT mod apk installation guide

1. Download the Captain TNT Mod Apk from an online source such as

2. Open your Android device’s settings and enable “Unknown Sources” if you haven’t already done so

3 . Locate the downloaded mod apk file in your Downloads folder and open it to begin installation

4 Once installed, launch the game on your device through its icon located in either App Drawer or Home Screen

5 Enjoy!

Game Control

Keyboard and Mouse Controls:

Use the keyboard to move your character around, while using a mouse or trackpad to aim at enemies with precision.

Gamepads :

Connect a compatible gamepad device in order for you to control movements more intuitively using analog sticks as well as pressing buttons

Touchscreen Gestures :

Players have the option of controlling their characters by touching on-screen icons like arrows or swiping left/right across different areas of the screen in order to move around.

Captain TNT Mod Apk

Game Tips:

Utilize Cover :

Use cover strategically to avoid taking damage during fights and pick your battles wisely

Collect Supplies:

Gather resources such as ammo, health packs, or special items found in the environment for an advantage

Upgrade Your Equipment :

Strengthen characters through upgrading their weapons or armor with money earned from successful missions

Explore Everywhere

Possible Discover hidden areas and secret routes throughout each level that could lead you closer towards escaping the prison planet

Make Use Of Special Abilities

Take full advantage of any unique abilities available to unlock powerful attacks against enemies or traverse through tough terrain.

Game Pros and Cons


1. Exciting Action : Enjoy intense battles with hordes of enemies and bosses, full of exciting action

2. Strategic Challenges : Solve puzzles to progress through levels while utilizing strategy in order to survive

3 . Variety Of Game Modes Experience the game’s world differently each playthrough by completing different modes such as co-op or competitive play


1. Difficulty Level May Be Too High For Some : As you advance into higher difficulty levels, it becomes more challenging for new players who are just starting out

2 . Repetition Can Occur Over Time With Similar Levels & Enemies Repeating same environments can get boring after playing a few hours without any significant changes

3 Short Story Mode Length The story mode may be too short compared to other games which provide longer plot lines and extended gameplay.

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Visually Impressive Graphics :

Enjoy stunning visuals as you traverse various levels of the game with detailed environments and lifelike characters

Epic Soundtrack:

Immerse yourself in an epic soundtrack that accompanies your journey, enhancing each battle scene with powerful music to accompany it.

Captain TNT Mod Apk


Captain TNT Mod Apk is a great way to add new content and mechanics to the classic Terraria game. With its unique recipes, items, bosses, NPCs and music tracks this mod can provide you with hours of fun! If youre looking for something different in your gaming experience then we highly recommend giving Captain TNT Mod Apk a try it won‘t disappoint!


Q: Is Captain TNT free to play?

A: Yes, the game is available for download with no cost. The mod apk may require a small fee however – depending on where you get it from.

Q : Can I play this game online with friends ?

A: Absolutely! Players can team up and take part in co-op missions or compete against each other for high scores when playing together online .

Q Does This Game Have Achievements?

A. Yes, there are achievements that players can unlock while progressing through levels as well as completing certain tasks given during gameplay

Q What Platforms Are Supported By Captain TNT ?

A. The original version of the game supports PC platforms like Windows and Mac OS X ,while its mod apk works on Android devices only

Q Will There Be Any New Updates To The Original Version Of This Game In Future Releases ?

A. It’s possible that new updates will be released over time adding more content such as additional characters, items ,or even extra story lines!

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