Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD 15.7.104 APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD 15.7.104 APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

App Name Calorie Counter by Lose It!
Publisher FitNow, Inc.
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 130MB
Latest Version 15.7.104
Update on Dec 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
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Calorie Counter by Lose It! is one of the most popular and highly-rated Android apps for weight loss. With over 10 million downloads and a 4.4-star rating on Google Play, this app has helped countless people achieve their diet and fitness goals.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK

The Lose It! Android App Story

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK started simply as an idea to create an easy-to-use calorie counting app. The founders, Charles Teague and Alex Hormozi, struggled with their own weight loss journeys and found most calorie counting apps at the time to be clunky and frustrating to use.

In 2008, they set out to build a calorie counter app that was intuitive and effective at the same time. After months of hard work, Lose It! was launched on iPhone, followed by versions for Android and iPad.

The app quickly gained popularity through word of mouth. Positive reviews started pouring in from people who found Lose It! to be the perfect tool to finally lose weight successfully.

Over the years, Lose It! has grown from a simple calorie counter into a complete weight loss platform. While the core focus is still accurate food and exercise tracking, the app now provides users with a fully customizable weight loss plan, community support, comprehensive nutrition analysis, and expert guidance.

With over 50 million users worldwide, Lose It! has become the go-to app for anyone looking to take control of their health through better diet and fitness.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK

Main Features of Calorie Counter by Lose It

Lose It! has packed an impressive array of features into their Android app to help users lose weight. Here are the main highlights:

Barcode Scanner

The built-in barcode scanner makes logging food quick and easy. Just scan the barcode on any food package to automatically track calories, carbs, protein and more. The app has over 7 million barcoded foods in its database.

Meal Snapshots

Not everything you eat has a barcode. The “Snap It” feature allows you to simply take a photo of your meal to log it. Image recognition technology estimates calorie content with decent accuracy.

Robust Food Database

In addition to barcodes, Lose It! has one of the largest crowdsourced databases of foods available. Easily search for and log every food imaginable.

Exercise Tracking

Log any physical activity by duration to accurately calculate calories burned. Choose from hundreds of exercises spanning cardio, strength training, sports and more. Connect apps and devices for automatic syncing.

Weight Tracking

Input your weight periodically to generate detailed weight loss charts and projections. Integrates with smart scales for automatic updates.

Custom Goals

Set a custom caloric goal tailored for your age, gender, height, weight and activity level. Target any nutrient like carbs, protein, sugar or macros.

Social Features

Join groups and forums to interact with other members. Share your progress updates, diet tips and motivation.

Premium Upgrades

Unlock advanced premium features like custom meal plans, health insights, certified coaching and more to maximize your weight loss.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK

What is the Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK?

The Lose It! mod APK is a modified version of the Android app that unlocks all premium features completely free of cost. This modded app can be downloaded from certain third-party websites.

By installing the mod APK, you gain full access to these normally paid features:

  • Custom meal plans
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Advanced nutrition analysis
  • Early access to new features
  • Ad-free experience

The catch is that downloading modified apps from unknown sources carries security risks. Stick to the original Google Play app unless you fully trust the APK provider and have antivirus protection enabled.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK

Key Questions about Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK!

1. Does it sync between Android, iPhone & Web?

Yes! Lose It! uses cloud sync so your data seamlessly stays up-to-date across all platforms.

2. Can I scan restaurant meals?

Yes, you can break down any meal into its ingredients and log them individually, with reasonably accurate calorie estimates.

3. How accurate is the food database?

Very accurate for branded foods, since the data comes from labels. Accuracy varies slightly for generic foods that rely on crowdsourced data.

4. Does the app calculate macros?

The premium version tracks all macros, otherwise you can see basic protein, carbs and fat breakdowns.

5. Is there a free version?

Yes, the basic calorie counting features are free. Premium unlocks more advanced meal planning and nutrition options.

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Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD APK


With versatile food logging, comprehensive nutrition tracking, and an arsenal of diet tools, Calorie Counter by Lose It! provides the complete weight loss package. The app rightly deserves its reputation as the top calorie counter for Android. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50, Lose It! has your back.

Calorie Counter by Lose It! MOD 15.7.104 APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

Subscribed Unlocked

Not a ton to update on this week, folks. Just squashing some bugs and making general improvements to keep things running smoothly for ya in the new year!

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