Brotato Premium APK 1.3.251 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

Brotato Premium APK 1.3.251 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]

App Name Brotato: Premium
Publisher Erabit Studios
Genre Action
Update on Dec 7, 2023
Requirements 6.0
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Brotato Premium is an exciting top-down arena shooter roguelite game for Android. You play as Brotato, an armed potato fighting off waves of aliens while waiting to be rescued by his mates. With auto-firing weapons, unique builds through traits and items, and hordes of enemies, Brotato Premium offers hours of adrenaline-pumping fun.

Brotato Premium MOD APK


Brotato is the sole survivor after an alien invasion, the only potato capable of handling 6 weapons at once. Stranded alone in a hostile alien environment, Brotato arms himself to the teeth to fight off endless waves of enemies. Surviving until help arrives is the name of the game in this roguelite shooter.

The story sets up an engaging survival premise to keep you battling swarms of aliens. As Brotato, you feel alone yet determined to fight with every fiber of your being, wielding a badass arsenal of weapons. The hordes you mow down game after game taps into that primal urge for action-packed mayhem.

Addictive Core Gameplay

At its core, Brotato Premium delivers a thrilling shooter experience. The top-down perspective puts you right in the action during swarms of enemies. With weapons auto-firing by default, you can focus on dodging and maneuvering Brotato while blasting away. The intensity ramps up as alien numbers increase, testing your reflexes and skill.

The roguelite elements add tremendous replay value. Each game session features randomized weapon drops, traits, enemies, and maps to discover. Unlocking new weapons and traits expands your options to create unique builds. You might become a tanky potato, a speedy flanker, or a master sniper. Every game lets you improvise a new strategy from different gear.

Brotato Premium MOD APK

Features Galore for Hours of Fun

With many features that add variety and challenge, Brotato Premium has tons to offer:

Fierce Weapons

Equip up to 6 weapons at once for unprecedented potato firepower. From machine guns, flamethrowers, and sniper rifles to disc launchers, grenades, knives, and more, you have an awesome arsenal to unleash. Weapons also have traits for cool bonuses like ricochets, critical hits, or healing abilities.

Diverse Enemies

Hordes of menacing enemies like robots, monsters, zombies, and aliens stand in your way. They each have different behaviors, attacks, and weaknesses to keep you on your toes. Giant bosses also join the frey with deadly abilities and lots of health to whittle down.

Destructible Terrain

Blast away destructible walls and objects to open new paths or take cover. Cause chaos blowing up explosive barrels and canisters that damage nearby foes. Use the terrain to your advantage or reshape the battlefield through wanton destruction!

Roguelite Progression

Dozens of traits alter gameplay in cool ways, like faster movement or weapon abilities. Unlock these permanently so they appear in future runs. Also unlock new starting loadouts to experiment with different playstyles.

Special Rooms

Secret rooms add fun surprises! Find upgrade chambers offering permanent stat boosts. Loot rooms grant free weapons and items. Arcade rooms let you gamble for prizes or race against the clock destroying targets.

With so much mayhem across randomly generated maps, no two runs feel the same. You can enjoy Brotato Premium in short bursts or lengthy sessions hunting for new gear and secrets.

Brotato Premium MOD APK

Premium Version Perks

The premium version unlocks tons of great extra content:

  • No ads for uninterrupted gameplay
  • 5 new weapons like the Earth Spike Launcher
  • Exclusive traits like Spin Attack and Revenge
  • Additional special rooms to discover
  • New enemies like the Suicide Bot
  • Extra starting loadouts to customize
  • More skins and hats for stylish spuds
  • Access to all future content updates

For just $4.99, the premium version is packed with features for the ultimate Brotato experience. It’s an incredible value that enhances the core game in so many ways.

Brotato Premium MOD APK

Brotato Mod APK Benefits

For Android users, a modded APK version of Brotato Premium exists offering some nice perks:

  • Unlocked premium content
  • Unlimited money for upgrades
  • All weapons and traits unlocked
  • Menu mods like faster fire rates
  • High damage and rapid leveling
  • Unkillable god mode option

The mod APK makes acquiring gear and maxing stats much faster. You can focus purely on weaponizing Brotato to his full deadly potential against endless enemies! It’s perfect for players short on time who want to easily access all content.

Just be aware mod APKs come from unofficial sources. So malware risks exist downloading and installing them on your device.


With frenetic arena shooter gameplay, awesome weapons, fun traits, and randomization elements, Brotato Premium delivers chaos and excitement. You’ll keep coming back to blast aliens, unlock new gear, and test crazy weapon combos in this addictive roguelite.

The premium version adds substantial extra content and features that enhance the base game considerably. And the mod APK grants quicker access to all weapons and easy upgrades for the ultimate potato of mass destruction!

So equip your arsenal, pick your traits, and fight the alien hordes as Brotato – the badass spud who keeps on shooting!

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Brotato Premium MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is Brotato Premium?

Brotato Premium is a top-down shooter roguelite game for Android devices. You play as an armed potato fighting waves of enemies while waiting to be rescued.

How much does the premium version cost?

The premium version of Brotato normally costs $4.99. It unlocks extra weapons, traits, skins, and future content updates.

What benefits does the mod APK version offer?

The modded APK gives players unlimited money, all items unlocked instantly, higher stats, and gameplay tweaks like god mode. It provides quicker access to content.

Does the game require an internet connection?

No, Brotato Premium can be played offline without an internet connection once downloaded. It does not feature online multiplayer either currently.

What type of enemies are there to fight?

Players battle all sorts of enemies like robots, zombies, monsters, and aliens across the game’s maps. Giant deadly bosses also appear with unique attacks and abilities.

Brotato Premium APK 1.3.251 MOD [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu]


Both potatoes and monsters are ready to welcome Christmas

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