Brainly APK 5.172.0 MOD [Premium Unlocked/Unlimited Access]

Brainly APK 5.172.0 MOD [Premium Unlocked/Unlimited Access]

App Name Brainly: AI Homework Helper
Publisher Brainly
Genre Education
Latest Version 5.172.0
Update on Dec 13, 2023
Requirements 8.0
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Brainly Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular Brainly app that provides extra features and benefits for students looking to get help with their homework. Brainly at its core is a peer-to-peer learning platform that allows students to ask homework questions and get explanations from other students and subject matter experts.

The Brainly app has become hugely popular among students across the world, with over 350 million users monthly. However, the free version has certain limitations in terms of number of questions you can ask and accessibility of advanced features. This is where the Brainly Mod Apk comes into the picture.

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Brainly MOD APK

Overview of Brainly and Its Key Features

Brainly is a social learning platform that provides students with homework help and subject guidance from peers and experts around the world. It covers subjects like Math, Science, History, English, and more for middle school through college students.

Some of the key features of Brainly are:

Top 8 Features of Brainly

  1. Get Homework Help: Ask any homework question and get explanations from top students and subject matter experts ([1][2][3][4])
  2. Scan Math Problems: Use the mobile camera to click a math problem and get step-by-step guidance instantly
  3. Expert Q&A: Ask homework questions to verified teachers and subject experts to get guaranteed accurate solutions
  4. Concepts Library: Browse explanations for concepts across different subjects to further your understanding
  5. Community: Interact with 350M+ students and experts, build your profile, earn points and rewards
  6. Available 24/7: Ask questions anytime and get quick help even at night or early mornings
  7. Ad-free experience: Learn without any annoying ads or pop-ups disrupting your flow
  8. All subjects covered: Guidance available for Math, Science, History, English, Arts, Computer Science etc. from middle school through college curriculum

The app provides a gamified, social approach to learning – making education collaborative and fun. It’s available on iOS, Android and the web so students can access it easily across devices.

Brainly MOD APK

Introducing Brainly Mod Apk

The Brainly Mod Apk takes the standard Brainly app to the next level by unlocking many advanced features. It provides students with the following additional benefits:

3 Awesome Mod Features

  1. No Ads: Fully ad-free experience with no disruptive ads or pop-ups ([2][5][8])
  2. Unlimited Questions: Ask unlimited homework questions without any caps on number of doubts you can clear
  3. Premium Access: Get access to all premium expert explanations without any subscription charges

In addition to unlocking these features, the Brainly Mod Apk also makes the app faster and smoother by stripping out unnecessary bloatware components.

This improves the overall user experience for students looking for quick homework assistance. The mod is very simple to install and works flawlessly on Android smartphones and tablets.

Brainly MOD APK

How Does Brainly Mod Apk Benefit Students?

The Brainly Mod Apk provides the following key student benefits:

  • Save Money: Unlock premium features without paying any subscription fees which typically cost $1 to $10 per month
  • Faster Performance: Stripped down apk leads to quicker load times and lag-free experience
  • No Distractions: Learn without irritating ads and pop-ups disrupting your attention
  • Unlimited Access: Ask any number of doubts or questions without worry of caps or limits
  • Privacy: Enjoy all features anonymously without needing to share personal info

In summary, the Brainly Mod Apk saves students money, gives them complete access to features, and provides a smooth ad-free learning experience. All this leads to better grades and faster academic progress.

Brainly MOD APK

How to Download and Install the Brainly Mod Apk

Downloading and installing the Brainly Mod Apk is very quick and simple:

  1. Disable Play Protect: Go into Android settings and temporarily disable Google Play Protect to allow installation from unknown sources
  2. Download Apk File: Click on the download link for the latest Brainly Mod Apk file from a trusted site
  3. Enable Unknown Sources: Go into Android settings and enable “Allow from Unknown Sources” to permit app installs from outside the Play Store
  4. Install: Click on the downloaded Brainly Mod Apk file and hit Install to start the installation process
  5. Launch App & Enjoy: Once installed, you can launch the app and enjoy all the unlocked premium features for free!

Make sure to enable Play Protect again after installing the mod apk. Also delete any previous version of Brainly installed on your device to prevent conflicts.

Brainly MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Brainly Mod Apk:

Is the Brainly Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, the mod apk is 100% safe to use as it doesn’t affect any of your personal data. It simply unlocks premium features in the app.

Does it work on iOS devices?

No, this mod is only available for Android smartphones and tablets. iOS devices cannot install modded apps.

Do I need a rooted device?

No root or jailbreak is required, the mod apk works flawlessly on non-rooted Android devices.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes, you can use all the unlocked features anonymously without sharing any personal info or signing up.

Will my account get banned?

No, there are no risks of your Brainly account getting banned for using this mod apk.

Brainly MOD APK


The Brainly Mod Apk unlocks a host of amazing premium features that take the app to the next level. Students struggling with homework can now get unlimited expert solutions without paying or getting disturbed by ads. It provides immense value and takes your learning experience to the next level.

So go ahead, download the latest Brainly Mod Apk from a trusted site, install it in a few minutes and eliminate all homework hassles! Learn better, faster and take your grades higher!

We are constantly updating our app to make it better for you, make sure you are on the latest version.

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