BlockerX APK 4.9.27 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

BlockerX APK 4.9.27 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name BlockerX: Porn Blocker/ NotFap
Publisher Atmana Tech
Genre Lifestyle
Size 60 MB
Latest Version 4.9.27
Update on Nov 30, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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BlockerX is an android app designed to help users overcome porn addiction and stay focused by blocking access to adult content and other distracting apps and websites. With over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.4 stars, BlockerX is one of the most popular and highly rated porn blocking apps available for Android devices.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the key features of BlockerX, its pros and cons, pricing options, and how to use the app.

BlockerX MOD APK


Key Features

BlockerX comes packed with several useful features to help users block adult content and stay focused:

  • Adult Content Blocker: The core feature of BlockerX is its porn blocking capability. With just a single toggle switch, users can block access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit content across the web.
  • Website Blocker: Users can block access to distracting or productivity draining websites like social media, entertainment sites, online shopping pages, etc.
  • App Blocker: Specific apps like Facebook, Instagram, gaming apps etc. can also be blocked as needed.
  • Game Blocker: All online gaming sites and apps can be blocked with a single click.
  • Scheduled Blocking: Blocking can be scheduled for specific times or days when users want to stay focused.
  • Block Browser Incognito/Private Modes: BlockerX can block adult sites and content even in incognito or private browsing modes.
  • Community: Users can interact with a community of 100k+ people trying to quit porn.
  • Prevent Uninstall: BlockerX prevents itself from being uninstalled to avoid tampering.
  • Notifications: Accountability partners get notified if BlockerX is uninstalled.
  • Cross-Platform Access: BlockerX works across Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chrome browser.

How BlockerX Works

BlockerX is able to block adult content and sites in a variety of ways:

  • It maintains a continuously updated database of millions of porn, adult, gambling, and other websites to block.
  • It blocks sites and content using advanced keyword filtering of search engine results.
  • It can block access at the DNS level.
  • The app acts like a VPN to monitor web traffic and block prohibited sites and content.
  • It uses accessibility features in Android to monitor usage and overlay block screens on prohibited apps/sites.
  • Machine learning algorithms are used to detect and block new adult and inappropriate content.

By combining these techniques, BlockerX is able to effectively block adult content on Android devices.

BlockerX MOD APK


BlockerX App User Interface Walkthrough

Here is a quick walkthrough of the BlockerX app’s user interface and main features:

Landing Page

The first screen when you open the app is the landing page showing the BlockerX logo. There is a toggle switch here to instantly turn on the porn blocker.

BlockerX Landing Page

Blocker Switch

The main toggle switch allows instantly blocking or unblocking adult content across the device with a single tap.

Blocker Switch

The hamburger menu on the top left provides access to different sections of the app:

  • Blocker Switch: Toggle the master porn blocking switch on/off.
  • Blocked Websites: Add or remove sites from the blocking list.
  • Blocked Apps: Select apps to block access to.
  • Block Games: Block gaming sites and apps.
  • Schedule: Set schedules to block sites/apps.
  • Settings: Manage various blocking settings.
  • Account: Manage your account preferences.
  • Get Premium: Upgrade to paid plan.
  • Community: Interact with fellow users.
  • Support: Get help.

BlockerX Menu

Blocked Websites

Here you can view, add, or remove websites from the blocking list. Pre-filled categories like Social Media, Entertainment, Gaming, etc. make it easy to block common distracting sites.

Blocked Websites

Blocked Apps

Select apps installed on your device to block. Games and social media apps are available in pre-filled categories.

Blocked Apps

Scheduled Blocking

Set schedules to automatically block sites or apps during certain times or days. This allows blocking only during work hours or at night when you want no distractions.

Scheduled Blocking


Fine-tune blocking behavior like blocking incognito mode, strict blocking, etc. in the Settings section.

BlockerX Settings

BlockerX MOD APK

Pros of BlockerX

Here are some of the major advantages of using the BlockerX porn blocking app:

  • Effective blocking – BlockerX is highly effective at blocking porn, adult content and distracting sites/apps due to its multi-layered blocking approach.
  • Customizable – Granular controls allow customizing blocking as per individual preferences. Specific sites, apps, keywords, etc. can be blocked.
  • Cross-platform – Blocking works consistently across Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Chrome browser allowing no workaround.
  • Open-source – BlockerX is transparent about its code and methods used for blocking. The Android app code is open-source.
  • Free version available – The free version of BlockerX allows blocking porn and adult content. Other features require a premium upgrade.
  • Prevents uninstalling – BlockerX prevents itself from being uninstalled to avoid tampering or bypassing the blocker.
  • Community support – Interaction with over 100k users trying to quit porn provides motivation and support.
  • Active development – The app is frequently updated to block newly emerging inappropriate content.

Cons of BlockerX

Some drawbacks and limitations of BlockerX include:

  • No iOS app – Unlike the Android version, there is no standalone iOS app. The iOS version works via browser extension.
  • Battery drain – Constant background monitoring of traffic can drain battery life significantly.
  • No web version – BlockerX does not have a web interface or web dashboard. Management requires the mobile app.
  • Requires persistence – Like any porn blocker, BlockerX requires discipline and persistence from the user for success.
  • Accessibility requirement – The app needs accessibility access enabled which may impact other apps requiring this permission.
  • Premium pricing – All features beyond basic porn blocking require a costly premium subscription.

BlockerX MOD APK

BlockerX Pricing and Plans

BlockerX is available in free and premium versions:

  • Free version – Allows blocking adult content along with basic features.
  • Premium monthly – Billed at $7.5 per month. Gives access to all features.
  • Premium yearly – $89.99 billed annually. Saves 17% over monthly pricing.

The premium plan unlocks additional features like blocking specific websites/apps, preventing BlockerX uninstall, schedules, etc.

Feature Free Premium
Block adult content
Block websites
Block apps
Scheduled blocking
Block incognito/private mode
Prevent uninstalling app
Notifications if uninstalled
Filter search engine results
New site blocking
Access community
Premium support

How To Use BlockerX

Using BlockerX to start blocking porn and adult content is quick and easy:

  1. Install – Download and install BlockerX for Android from the Google Play store.
  2. Launch – Open the BlockerX app after installing.
  3. Sign Up – Create a new account or log in to your existing account.
  4. Toggle Blocker – Turn on the main blocking toggle switch.
  5. Customize – Add any websites, apps, games etc. you want to block.
  6. Set Schedule – Configure scheduled blocking rules if desired.
  7. Adjust Settings – Tweak blocking behavior in Settings.
  8. Enable Accessibility – Allow accessibility access when prompted.
  9. Get Support – Join the community for motivation and support.

And you’re all set! The porn blocker will now be active across your Android device.

BlockerX MOD APK

What Makes BlockerX Different

Unlike many other porn blocking apps, BlockerX stands out in the following ways:

  • Open source – As an open source app, its code is transparent and community-driven.
  • Cross-platform – Blocking works consistently across all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.
  • Advanced blocking – Uses a combination of approaches like VPN, DNS filtering, keyword blocking for comprehensive control.
  • Actively maintained – The app is updated frequently to block newly emerging inappropriate content.
  • Prevent uninstall – BlockerX uniquely prevents itself from being uninstalled to prevent tampering.
  • Accountability – Notification to accountability partners if BlockerX is removed keeps users honest.
  • Community – The large community component sets it apart from most blocking apps.

Customer Reviews

BlockerX enjoys largely positive reviews and ratings from users on the Google Play store. Here are some excerpts:

“This app is a godsend. I have been struggling with porn addiction for years and this app helped a lot. Any time I get an urge and open up a website, it immediately blocks it. It’s just perfect.” ★★★★★

“I’ve been binge using social media so a time limit will make me think twice about what I should watch” ★★★★★

“Does exactly what I wanted it to do, this will keep me from goofing off when I need to focus or sleep.” ★★★★★

“Good! Does exactly what it says it does. Straight-forward, easy to use. No messing about.” ★★★★★

“I bought premium, and have been taking a tour of all the options I have. I tried unblocking unrestricted browsers and I LOVE how much feedback that is given back. You guys are great.” ★★★★★

As seen from the ratings and reviews, most users find BlockerX to be an effective, easy to use, and transparent porn blocking solution. The premium version unlocks even more useful features.

BlockerX MOD APK

Bottom Line

Overall, BlockerX is one of the top Android porn blockers available today. With its open source code, focus on privacy, multi-layered blocking, and engaged community, it offers a transparent and effective solution to quit porn and stay focused.

The free version allows blocking adult content across Android using a simple toggle switch. Premium unlocks advanced features and customization options for power users. While a battery drain is a downside, the app is frequently updated and overall feedback from users is stellar.

For anyone struggling to overcome porn addiction or wanting to minimize digital distractions, BlockerX is a robust app worth trying out. It works across Android, iOS, desktop browsers seamlessly so blocking is consistent everywhere. While discipline is still required from the user, BlockerX definitely makes quitting porn and staying focused much easier thanks to its innovative approach.

  • Premium Unlocked

Bugs and stability fixes

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