Black Screen APK 1.5.5 MOD (Unlocked)

Black Screen APK 1.5.5 MOD (Unlocked)


App Name Black Screen: video screen off
Publisher jApp
Genre Tools
Size 8 MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlocked
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The Black Screen android app developed by jApp is a useful utility app that allows users to turn their screens completely black while still running other apps in the background. This app aims to help users save battery life on their AMOLED and OLED devices by taking advantage of the fact that these screens use less power to display black pixels.

Black Screen MOD APK

Key Features

Some of the standout features of the Black Screen app include:

  • Floating button – This movable button allows quick access to turn the screen black or unlock it with a tap. Very convenient for intermittent black screen use.
  • Battery saving – Black Screen leverages AMOLED and OLED screens to reduce power consumption when displaying black pixels. This can extend battery life significantly.
  • Always-on display – An always-on black screen can be enabled for constant battery savings or other use cases.
  • Customizable overlay – Users can customize the shade of black and level of transparency. A pure black overlay is available.
  • Video playback – The app allows videos, music, podcasts etc to be played with the screen off. Audio continues in the background.
  • Recording – The black screen environment enables recording video or taking selfies without actually looking at the screen.
  • Easy to use – Simple intuitive interface for all users. Quickly toggle between black and normal screen.

Black Screen APK 1.5.5 MOD (Unlocked)

Who Can Benefit from Black Screen?

The Black Screen app offers specific benefits for certain users. Here are some examples of who can gain the most from using this app:

Users Without YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium subscribers can play videos in the background with the screen off. Non-Premium users do not have this capability. The Black Screen app offers it for free. Users can listen to music, podcasts, ambient sounds etc on YouTube without the video.

Smartphone Gamers

Gaming drains battery quickly. The black overlay optimizes power consumption while gaming in landscape orientation. Users only need to see game controls/HUD, not the whole screen.

OLED Smartphone Owners

Black Screen leverages OLED technology for battery savings. OLED screens use less energy displaying black. Users with OLED phones have the most to gain.

Audio and Podcast Listeners

Those who listen to music, ambient sounds, podcasts, audiobooks etc while doing other tasks can benefit from turning off the screen. Black Screen allows audio to continue playing.

Nighttime Users

The black overlay creates a darker experience for using phones in bed at night. Easier on the eyes and less sleep disruption.

Privacy Seekers

A blacked out screen provides some privacy in public settings. Passersby cannot discern what is on the screen.

Black Screen MOD APK

Pros & Cons of the App


Using the Black Screen app offers some significant advantages in various use cases:

  • Battery life extension – The main appeal of the app. All-black screens maximize battery savings.
  • OLED optimization – Leverages OLED tech to minimize power consumption based on displayed colors.
  • Easier night viewing – Dark mode is easier on the eyes and improves sleep quality.
  • Privacy – Blacked out screen hides activity and data from onlookers.
  • Focus enhancement – Eliminates visual distractions during audio-only or reading activities.
  • One-handed use – With screen off, users can hold phone in one hand comfortably.
  • Ad-free experience – No ads visible with screen off while listening to YouTube videos.


While very useful in many scenarios, the Black Screen app also comes with some drawbacks:

  • Limited usefulness for LCD screens – Does not provide battery savings on LCD screens.
  • Loss of full visuals – Some content is better experienced with video or visuals.
  • Ease of accidental taps – Increased risk of accidental taps with screen off.
  • Limited notifications – Notifications don’t display while screen is blacked out.
  • Potential eye strain – Reading with black background could cause eye fatigue over time.
  • Ads in free version – Free version shows ads when app is open.
  • Occasional bugs – Some users report bugs with new Android versions.

Black Screen MOD APK

Black Screen App Usage Examples

Here are some examples of how the Black Screen app can be useful in real world scenarios:

Gaming While Charging

John often plays mobile games like Call of Duty Mobile while his phone is plugged in and charging. With Black Screen enabled, he gets an ad-free gaming experience and added privacy, while the AMOLED black pixels save battery.

Lectures and Meetings

Sarah is in long lectures and meetings everyday for school and work. She often just needs to listen and uses Black Screen to avoid getting distracted by her phone screen and conserve battery life.

Bedtime Relaxation

Jeff suffers from insomnia and has trouble falling asleep. He uses Black Screen to play white noise or ambient nature sounds from YouTube at night while the screen stays black to avoid disruption of his sleep cycle.

One-Handed Commuting

Maria takes crowded trains to work everyday. She passes the time listening to podcasts and audiobooks with Black Screen, allowing her to comfortably hold her phone with one hand.

ASMR Enjoyment

Bill enjoys listening to ASMR videos on YouTube to relax after work, but doesn’t actually watch the visuals. Black Screen allows him to listen with the screen off and save battery.

Black Screen App Tutorial

Using the Black Screen app is very quick and easy. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download – Download and install the Black Screen app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Grant permissions – When you open the app for the first time, grant the permissions it needs to function.
  3. Tap floating button – Tap the floating button to immediately turn your screen black.
  4. Tap again to unlock – Tap the floating button again to exit the black screen and unlock your device.
  5. Customize settings – Adjust transparency and color settings for your preferred black overlay.
  6. Enable always-on – Turn on always-on black screen in settings for continuous use.
  7. Add to home screen – Add Black Screen to home screen for quick access to the floating button.
  8. Use with other apps – Launch Black Screen then open other apps to run in the background.

Black Screen MOD APK

Comparing Black Screen to Similar Apps

There are a few other apps on the Play Store that offer similar functionality to Black Screen. Here is how Black Screen compares to some of its top competitors:

App Pros Cons
Black Screen Pure black overlay, floating button, easy to use Free version has ads
Darker Multiple color overlays, greater customization More complex interface
OLED Saver Saves battery on OLED screens Lacks video playback features
Pixel Filter Additional screen filtering options Requires more setup


For most users looking for an easy way to black out their screen for battery savings or video playback, Black Screen offers the best combination of pure black overlay, intuitive interface, and useful features like the floating button. The minor ads in the free version are a fair tradeoff.

The Bottom Line

The Black Screen app provides an easy way to black out your Android screen while still running apps in the background. Key highlights:

  • Big battery saver – Leverages AMOLED and OLED screens to reduce power consumption to a minimum.
  • Ideal for audio and video – Allows audio or video playback while screen is off. Great for YouTube.
  • Customizable overlay – Tailor the black screen to your preferences.
  • Floating button – Quickly turn screen black or unlock with a simple tap.
  • Intuitive and easy – Simple interface makes the app accessible to all users.

For the majority of use cases, the pros of battery life extension, privacy, reduced eye strain, and ad-free background YouTube playback outweigh the cons. Overall, the Black Screen app delivers an easy yet effective solution for blacking out your Android screen.

  • Latest Version Download

We’re always making changes and improvements to Black Screen. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. In this update: - Added support for Android 14 - Improved performance - Fixed bugs

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