Beast Lord APK 1.0.30 MOD [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Beast Lord APK 1.0.30 MOD [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

App Name Beast Lord: The New Land
Publisher StarFortune
Genre Strategy
Latest Version 1.0.30
Update on Dec 27, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Get it on Google Play
Beast Lord is an exciting new RPG game for Android that transports players to a rich fantasy world filled with magic, mythical beasts, and epic quests. As the name suggests, in Beast Lord you play as a powerful beast master on a journey to tame wild creatures and grow your collection of loyal animal companions.

Beast Lord MOD APK

Captivating Storyline

The story of Beast Lord draws you in from the very first scenes. You play as a young villager who dreams of becoming a legendary beast master. When your village is attacked by an evil sorcerer and his army of vile beasts, you set out on a quest for revenge and to hone your talents as a beast tamer.

The writing and voice acting bring the characters to life. You’ll meet colorful NPCs like witty dwarves and haughty high elves, as well as companions that can join your party if you earn their loyalty. The choices you make shape your hero’s personality and ultimately determine the fate of the world.

Strategic, Action-Packed Battles

The turn-based combat in Beast Lord provides a strategic challenge. You must carefully consider your party composition, positioning, and which skills to use each turn. The battles are made even more dynamic by the addition of controllable beast companions. Each creature has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. A wolf can trip enemies, while a bear makes for a formidable tank.

When the talking is over, the game shifts into flashy action set pieces. You directly control your character and beasts as they unleash combo attacks on the battlefield. The combat marries strategic decisions with fast-paced action for battles that always feel epic.

Beast Lord MOD APK

Stunning 3D Graphics

Beast Lord utilizes a vibrant 3D anime art style, with sweeping vistas and incredibly detailed character and creature models. Attacks fill the screen with flashy particle effects, while accurate animation brings the beasts to life. Seeing a ferocious bear swipe its mighty paw or having your griffin take flight in a storm of feathers never gets old.

The environments also impress, from dark magical forests to snow-capped mountains and ancient ruins. It’s a gorgeous world to explore, made even better by the dynamic day/night cycle and changing weather effects.

Tame Exotic Beasts

As a beast master, you can recruit defeated creatures to fight alongside you. There are over 100 unique beasts like mighty dragons, mystical phoenixes, vicious hellhounds, and even dinosaurs! Every creature has beautifully designed models and animations.

Taming a beast involves a challenging minigame, requiring skill and timing. Once bonded, you can name your new companion, level it up to make it stronger, and customize its skills. Forming bonds with your beasts is extremely rewarding.

Beast Lord MOD APK

Meaningful Choices That Shape Your Story

On your journey, you’ll constantly face decisions that have a real impact as you align with different factions and make new friends or enemies. These choices shape quest rewards, story events, even the ending you receive.

Will you show mercy or take revenge? Do you protect nature or exploit it? How will you wield the dark power within? There are no right or wrong answers, but your decisions will ripple through the world.

Huge Open World to Explore

The kingdom where Beast Lord takes place is free for you to explore. Journey across sprawling plains, hunt for treasures in monster lairs, or take in the sights of a bustling city. There are lots of side activities like challenging arena battles, fishing mini games, crafting systems, and even romancing potential suitors you meet.

With dynamic weather, a day/night cycle, and environments brimming with wildlife, the world feels vibrant and lived-in. It invites you to exist within it, not just move from point A to B like most RPGs.

Beast Lord MOD APK

Customize Your Hero

You have lots of options when creating your beast master. Choose from four races like humans, elves, and beastkin. Alter gender, hair, facial features, and more. There are tons of appearance options for armor as well!

As you level up, you gain points to distribute across stats like Strength, Vitality, and Charisma. You can also pick from three classes: the damage-dealing Ranger, the versatile Beast Master, or the tanky Warden. The class and build you pick affects your playstyle and available beast companions.

Local Cooperative and Competitive Multiplayer

In addition to the 30+ hour single player campaign, Beast Lord offers local multiplayer modes! In co-op, play the story or side quests with a friend controlling their own character and beasts. Or test your skills in Versus Mode, where players battle head-to-head with their companion creatures.

Multiplayer provides a fun way to show off your beast mastery and see how party compositions and battle tactics stack up against others. Couch co-op is rare these days, making this a hugely valued feature.

What is the Beast Lord Mod APK?

The Beast Lord Mod APK is a modified version of the Beast Lord app that unlocks premium in-game content and removes certain restrictions. Installing the mod APK allows you to:

  • Access all beast companions without needing to tame them
  • Unlock special legendary armor sets and weapons
  • Receive unlimited crafting materials and gold
  • Remove cooldown timers on abilities
  • Max out your character’s level and stats

This can help new players jump straight into the action. It also lets you experiment with different party setups without the grind.

However, playing with mods enabled may disable achievements and leaderboards. Some players also feel it reduces the sense of satisfaction from unlocking things normally. But if you want to breeze through the adventure and focus on story, the mod APK helps eliminate any grinding roadblocks.

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Beast Lord MOD APK

Questions about Beast Lord

1. What type of game is Beast Lord?

Beast Lord is a 3D open-world fantasy RPG or role-playing game with turn-based combat. Key elements include a large explorable world, story-driven quests, character progression through levels/gear, and recruiting beasts as combat companions.

2. How long is the game?

The main story takes around 30+ hours to complete. However, with all the side quests and optional content, completionists can spend 50-100 hours before seeing everything the world has to offer.

3. Can I play Beast Lord offline?

Yes! Beast Lord is primarily a single player offline game. An internet connection is only required initially to download game data. After that, you can play without an internet connection.

4. Does it require a controller?

Beast Lord works great with touch screen controls. However, it also supports Bluetooth controllers for those who prefer having physical buttons.

5. What devices can run Beast Lord?

It requires at least 2 GB of RAM and runs on most modern Android devices. Some examples: Samsung Galaxy S7 or higher, Google Pixel 3 or higher, LG G7 or higher, Xiaomi Mi 9 or higher, OnePlus 5 or higher.

Beast Lord APK 1.0.30 MOD [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

[Bug Fixes] 1. Fixed an issue where the window for the Alliance Christmas Tree did not close in time under certain circumstances. 2. Fixed some issues with texts and art layering effects. For more details, please check them inside the game~

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