Badminton League APK 5.58.5089.1 MOD [Unlimited Coins, Max Level]

Badminton League APK 5.58.5089.1 MOD [Unlimited Coins, Max Level]

App Name Badminton League
Publisher RedFish Games
Genre Sports
Size 90mb
Latest Version 5.58.5089.1
Update on Dec 12, 2023
Requirements 4.4
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Badminton is one of the most popular racket sports in the world. Its fast pace and exciting rallies make it a thrill to play and watch. But for many fans, finding time to actually play badminton competitively can be challenging. That’s where the Badminton League game comes in – it allows you to experience the fun of badminton tournaments and matches right from your phone!

Badminton League Mod Apk

Overview of Badminton League

Badminton League is a mobile game for Android devices developed by RedFish Games. It provides players with a realistic and competitive badminton experience packed with different game modes and customization options.

The game features simple, intuitive controls that make smashing the shuttlecock, executing stunts, and winning matches accessible and enjoyable. With over 50 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, Badminton League is one of the top sports titles on the Google Play Store.

Badminton League Mod Apk

Exciting Game Modes

Badminton League offers players three main game modes:

Local Multiplayer

Challenge your friends and other players to 1v1 matches. Test your skills against worthy opponents as you compete to climb the leaderboards.


Participate in badminton tournaments and battle through brackets for the ultimate prize – the Badminton League trophy! Gain points for wins to be crowned champion.


Build your player’s skills and compete against AI opponents of increasing difficulty. Earn coins to unlock special abilities, better equipment, and stylish outfits on your rise to stardom.

Badminton League Mod Apk

Key Features of Badminton League

Realistic Badminton Physics

The game accurately simulates the flight of the shuttlecock and the mechanics of shots like smashes, drops, and clears. The responsive controls give you precise control as you position your player.

In-Depth Customization

Make your player stand out by customizing their appearance, racket, shoes, and more with diverse unlockable cosmetic items. Show off your unique style as you take to the courts!

Local Multiplayer Support

Challenge nearby friends in intense 1v1 duels over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Climb the leaderboards together as you battle to be the best player.

Challenging Opponents

As you progress, unlock higher difficulties to take on smarter AI with enhanced shot-making abilities. Continue honing your skills against these worthy foes.

Daily Rewards and Achievements

Come back every day to claim bonuses and complete over 100 in-game achievements for bragging rights.

What is the Badminton League Mod APK?

The Badminton League mod APK is a modified version of the game packed with extra features like unlimited money, unlocked players/items, and max character level. This allows you to access all content without grinding or paying money.

Benefits of the Mod APK

  • Unlock all players, rackets, shoes, and cosmetics
  • Max out your character level and attributes
  • Unlimited coins to keep playing matches
  • Fully enjoy the game without annoying ads

The mod enhances the game exponentially, letting you focus on smashing opponents without interruptions or waiting. It delivers the most complete Badminton League experience.

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Badminton League Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game require an internet connection?

No. Aside from optional social features, Badminton League can be played fully offline once installed. All game modes work without internet.

Can I play against online opponents?

Currently, the game only supports local multiplayer against friends and AI. The developers have not mentioned online multiplayer features.

How big is the game file size?

Badminton League requires 89MB of storage space. The optional additional resource files need 165MB for enhanced graphics.

Does it support controllers?

Yes! Badminton League has built-in controller support for a more console-like experience.

Is the game pay-to-win?

No. The game is completely skill-based. Unlocks are only cosmetic and do not provide competitive advantages.

Ready to live your badminton dreams? Download Badminton League now and step onto the courts to showcase your racket skills against worthy foes!

Badminton League APK 5.58.5089.1 MOD [Unlimited Coins, Max Level]

  • Unlimited
  • Coins
  • Max
  • Level

🏸🏸🏸🏸🏸🏸 -Fix Bugs Enjoy this awesome badminton world!

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