Audiomack APK 6.34.0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Audiomack APK 6.34.0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Audiomack: Music Downloader
Publisher Audiomack Music Apps
Genre Music & Audio
Size 50 MB
Latest Version 6.34.0
Update on Nov 21, 2023
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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Audiomack is a popular music streaming and discovery platform available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. With over 20 million monthly active users globally, Audiomack has become one of the top destinations for listening to and sharing the latest hip-hop, rap, R&B, afrobeats, reggae, electronic, pop, and other emerging genres.

Audiomack MOD APK

Main Features and Benefits

Massive Music Catalog

The Audiomack Android app grants access to a library of over 5 million songs, albums, mixtapes and playlists. The catalog covers all the popular genres and is constantly updated with the newest releases from both major and independent artists. Users can easily browse by genre, popularity charts, curated playlists or conduct searches for specific artists, albums or tracks.

Free Streaming

Unlike some other music apps, Audiomack offers completely free, unlimited streaming without ads or subscription fees. This makes it easy for users to listen to full-length songs and albums on demand. The free streaming works with or without an internet connection.

Offline Listening

One of Audiomack’s biggest advantages is the ability to download tracks, albums and playlists for offline listening. This is a key feature for users who want to save mobile data or listen without an internet connection. Downloaded music can be accessed through the “Downloads” section of the app.

The “Trending” tab in the app showcases currently popular singles and albums across all genres. This allows users to easily discover music that is hot right now and trending amongst other listeners.

Customizable Profiles

Audiomack allows registered users to create a customizable profile complete with avatar, bio and links. Users can follow friends, artists, playlists and trending profiles to build their own personalized feed.

Uploading Music

The app permits artists to directly upload their own music to share with Audiomack’s community of listeners. This provides a platform for emerging and independent artists to distribute their material.

Playlist Creation

Users can create and share their own playlists of tracks and albums. The app makes it easy to organize and access playlists for different moods, activities or genres. Playlists can be downloaded for offline listening.

Audiomack MOD APK

User Experience and Interface

Intuitive and Responsive Design

Audiomack’s Android app features a clean, minimalist interface with smooth animations and transitions between screens. The intuitive layout makes core functions like browsing, searching and playing music easy to access. Screens load rapidly with no lag or delay.

Well-Organized Navigation

The bottom navigation menu grants quick access between Search, Home, Downloads, Playlists and Profile screens. Music is organized into logical categories like Trending, Genres, Top Charts, Playlists and more. The library is sortable by artists, albums, songs etc.

Playback and Queue

The Now Playing screen displays album art and provides playback controls like play/pause, next/previous track, repeat, shuffle and queuing songs. The queue makes it simple to line up songs and albums to play in sequence.

Profile Customization

User profiles are highly customizable with options to upload a profile photo, add bio info, location, website links and more. Users can choose exactly what content they want visible to other Audiomack members.

Dark Mode Support

The app offers an optional dark mode that switches all backgrounds to black and text to white for comfortable nighttime listening. Dark mode can be toggled on or off in settings.

Gesture Controls

Gestures like swiping left/right and up/down are utilized throughout the app to enhance navigation and music playback. For example, swiping on album art animates it as if on a turntable.

Casting to Speakers

Tracks and playlists can be casted from the Android app to external devices like Bluetooth speakers, Chromecast or smart TVs for a seamless listening experience across multiple devices.

Audiomack MOD APK

Content Discovery

Audiomack makes discovering new music seamless through curated playlists, trending charts, personalized recommendations and advanced search.

Browse Playlists

Playlists grouped into categories like Moods, Activities, Popular Genres and more provide pre-curated song selections to match any vibe or occasion.

Constantly updated charts reveal today’s most streamed singles, albums, artists and trending playlists across all genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Dance.

Personalized Homepage

The app homepage displays recommended playlists and new releases tailored specifically to the user’s listening history and followed artists.

Robust search filters allow looking up songs, albums, artists, playlists or podcasts by name, genre, release date, popularity and more.

Similar Artists

All artist pages show a selection of similar artists to help listeners branch out and uncover more music they may enjoy.

Enhanced Artist Profiles

Comprehensive artist profiles include bios, discographies, related artists, and playlists showcasing their top tracks and collaborations.

Social Features

The app facilitates music discovery through social features like profiles, feeds and sharing.

Follow Friends and Artists

Users can follow Audiomack profiles from friends, artists, curators and trendsetters. New releases from followed profiles populate the personalized feed.

Share Music

Tracks, albums, playlists and profiles can be shared from the app via messaging apps, social media, email and more. This spreads music virally between friends.


Songs and playlists allow commenting so listeners can discuss tracks, share reactions and interact with each other.


Users can repost tracks, albums and playlists they enjoy to their own profile feed to showcase music discoveries with their followers.

Audiomack MOD APK

Additional Features

Downloads Organization

Downloaded music is neatly organized into Artists, Albums, Songs and Playlists for streamlined offline access. Recently added downloads appear at the top.

Listening History

The app automatically keeps a log of all songs the user has listened to recently for easy access.

Sleep Timer

A sleep timer can set playback to automatically stop after a defined time period, great for listening while falling asleep.

Radio Mode

Radio mode endlessly plays related songs and discoveries based on a selected artist, album or playlist.

Chromecast Support

Music can be casted to Chromecast devices and smart TVs directly from the app for wireless playback on external speakers.

Tablet Optimization

The tablet-optimized interface takes advantage of larger screens with expanded, multi-column layouts showcasing more content.

Audiomack MOD APK


With its massive catalog, free streaming, downloads and wealth of music discovery features, Audiomack provides an excellent listening experience for Android users. The app makes finding and listening to new music fun and social while also serving as a platform for emerging artists. For hip-hop fans or anyone looking to expand their musical horizons, Audiomack is certainly worth installing on Android.

Pros & Cons


  • Free, unlimited streaming
  • Download any track for offline listening
  • Constantly updated trending charts
  • Share and discuss music socially
  • Discover new artists and genres
  • Platform for independent artists
  • Modern, intuitive interface
  • Tablet optimization


  • Smaller music library than Spotify
  • Fewer mainstream pop artists
  • Limited music videos
  • No family plan subscriptions
  • Lacks some social features like stories

Audiomack MOD APK


Audiomack excels at music discovery thanks to playlists, charts, similar artists and more. The ability to freely stream songs and download for offline listening gives it an edge over competitors. While the catalog may be smaller than other apps, it offers a more focused selection of hip-hop, rap, reggae and rising genres. For exploring new music and supporting independent artists, Audiomack is a top choice.

  • Platinum Subscription unlocked
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Higher-Quality streaming
  • Download playlists

Welcome to v6.33! Sick of ads interrupting your listening? Now you can bank ad-free listening time by tapping the new icon in the app header. Questions? Reach out on Twitter at @audiomack.

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