Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 MOD [Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo]

Attack Hole APK 1.16.1 MOD [Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo]

App Name Attack Hole - Black Hole Games
Publisher Homa
Genre Arcade
Latest Version 1.16.1
Update on Dec 15, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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Attack Hole is a popular mobile arcade game developed by Homa Games for Android and iOS devices. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and social features, Attack Hole provides an immersive and exciting gaming experience for players of all ages.

Attack Hole MOD APK


The goal in Attack Hole is to control a moving hole on the screen and collect various weapons and items that appear. As more items are collected, players can use them to defeat enemies and progress through challenging levels.

The touch controls allow players to intuitively guide the hole by swiping a finger across the screen. This innovative control scheme makes navigating the fast-paced levels feel natural. Players must tap the screen to throw the collected items at obstacles and enemies. Proper aiming and timing is crucial to be successful.

Each level features different layouts, traps, and enemies that test players’ skill and reflexes. Power-ups randomly appear to help blast through tricky scenarios. Coins collected unlock special abilities and upgrades to strengthen the hole.

As players advance, the game introduces obstacles that require planning moves more carefully and strategically. Quick thinking is necessary to collect items while avoiding dangers.

Attack Hole MOD APK

Graphics and Visuals

A standout aspect of Attack Hole is its vibrant and detailed graphics. The game uses a colourful art style and smooth animations to make the experience visually appealing.

Dynamic lighting, particle effects, and physics-based elements heighten the sense of immersion in the game’s world. Destructible objects and enemies react realistically to players’ attacks.

The imaginative environments transport players to fantastical places filled with magic and wonder. Otherworldly landscapes and mystical creatures keep every level feeling fresh and exciting to explore.

Social Features

Attack Hole incorporates online leaderboards and achievements, allowing players to compete with friends or players worldwide. Comparing high scores and milestone rewards enhances the competitive spirit.

Players can view profiles of top-ranked friends and rivals. Watching replays of their best runs provides motivation to keep improving skills and strategies.

The ability to share gameplay clips on social media platforms enables showing off epic moments and creative solutions to tricky levels.

Attack Hole MOD APK

Main Features

Simple and Intuitive Controls

  • Swipe finger across the screen to easily maneuver the hole.
  • Tap to throw collected items at enemies and obstacles.
  • No complex buttons or interfaces to learn.

Vibrant Graphics and Visuals

  • Colourful and magical fantasy worlds.
  • Smooth animations and physics-based elements.
  • Detailed environments and characters.

Variety of Challenging Levels

  • Over 100 levels across distinctive worlds.
  • Increasing difficulty tests players’ skills.
  • Traps, enemies, and layouts require quick thinking.

Powerful Upgrades

  • Special abilities enhance the hole’s strength.
  • Unique boosts aid in collecting more items faster.
  • Upgrades unlock new strategic opportunities.

Global Leaderboards

  • Compare high scores with friends and rivals.
  • Watch replays of top runs for motivation.
  • Gain worldwide recognition.

Achievements and Rewards

  • Milestone rewards for skill progression.
  • Encourages replaying levels in new ways.
  • Unlock cosmetic collectibles.

Social Sharing Features

  • Share epic gameplay moments on social media.
  • Spectate friends’ creative solutions to levels.
  • Fuel friendly competition.

Attack Hole MOD APK

What is Attack Hole Mod APK?

Attack Hole Mod APK is a modified version of the Attack Hole app that unlocks additional features and removes certain limitations of the original game. This modded APK can provide players with enhancements like unlimited money, all levels unlocked, and ad-free experience.

Key Features of Attack Hole Mod APK

  • Unlimited money to keep upgrading abilities
  • All levels unlocked from start
  • No ads interrupting or hampering gameplay
  • Custom skins available immediately
  • God mode option for invincibility

The mod enhances the overall gameplay experience by providing more freedom and reducing grind or waits. Players can focus on enjoying the innovative levels and challenges without constraints or delays. It transforms the game into a pure arcade experience optimized for engagement and excitement.

Benefits of Attack Hole Mod APK

Bypass Grinding and Waiting

The unlimited money and instant unlocks allow bypassing much of the grinding or waiting required in the normal game. Players can access all content immediately and acquire any upgrades desired.

Uninterrupted Gameplay Immersion

Removing ads prevents disruptive interruptions between levels or during tense moments. This enables continuous engagement with the game for as long as desired.

Optimized Gaming Experience

God modes, free shopping, and unlocked levels let players tailor the experience to their exact preferences. Tweaking gameplay parameters this way creates an optimized and more enjoyable gaming session.

Boosts Creativity and Experimentation

The expanded options promote creativity, as players can test different ability combinations or level strategies without restrictions. Experimenting with the mechanics leads to more emergent gameplay moments.

Facilitates Replay Value

Already completing the game? The mods make replaying levels more exciting by letting players impose fun self-made challenges or goals to pursue. Adds longevity through increased replay value.

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Attack Hole MOD APK

Key Questions about Attack Hole

1. How do the touch controls work in Attack Hole?

The touch controls allow players to guide the moving hole by swiping a finger across the device’s screen to steer its direction. Tapping the screen enables throwing collected items at enemies and obstacles.

2. What gives Attack Hole replay value?

A variety of features give Attack Hole great replay value, including an expanding range of upgrades, achievements and rewards for replaying levels in different ways, social leaderboards encouraging the mastery of levels to beat friends’ scores, and creative level designs that play differently each time.

3. Does Attack Hole have inappropriate content for kids?

No, Attack Hole is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB, meaning it has cartoon violence with no blood or gore. There is no inappropriate content, just colorful arcade action fun for all ages.

4. How can I get better at Attack Hole?

Practice dodging obstacles and enemies while collecting items, learn patterns in the levels, take advantage of power-ups, and unlock upgrades for your hole to blast through challenges. Watching replays of top players can provide strategy tips.

5. Is there a way to get everything unlocked in Attack Hole instantly?

Yes, using Attack Hole Mod APK provides players with everything instantly unlocked, including all levels, abilities, and other content. It allows immediately accessing any upgrade or item free of charge or waiting.


With innovative gameplay, vibrant graphics, and competitive social features, Attack Hole delivers an immensely enjoyable experience for arcade game fans. Quick reflexes and clever strategies are required to master its hundred levels to become the best player globally or locally among friends. Unlimited money, unlocked levels, and ad-free play give Attack Hole Mod APK users optimized conditions for pure arcade excitement. Overcoming the creatively designed challenges of Attack Hole is a rush like no other.

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