ArtJourney APK 3.2.3 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

ArtJourney APK 3.2.3 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name ArtJourney: AI Photo Generator
Publisher Newway Apps
Genre Art & Design
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 3.2.3
Update on Nov 24, 2023
Requirements 7.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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ArtJourney is an innovative AI-powered art generator app that allows users to create stunning visual artworks simply by typing text prompts. Developed by Newway Apps, ArtJourney leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to convert text into high-quality images and pictures.

With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, ArtJourney makes it easy for anyone to unlock their creativity and bring their artistic visions to life. Whether you’re a professional designer or just experimenting with AI art, ArtJourney provides an accessible gateway into the future of digital art.

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore the key features of ArtJourney, assess its user experience and performance, and see how it compares to other AI art generator apps. Let’s dive in!

ArtJourney MOD APK

Key Features

AI Image Generation

The core feature of ArtJourney is its AI image generation engine. By entering text prompts, the app’s algorithms analyze the text, identify patterns and features, and generate corresponding images.

The AI is able to produce high-quality, detailed artwork across a diverse range of styles and subjects. You can generate anything from photorealistic portraits to abstract landscapes simply by tweaking the text prompts.

Intuitive Text-to-Image Interface

ArtJourney makes it easy for anyone to create AI artworks. The text-to-image interface allows you to type a text prompt into a simple text box.

After entering your desired prompt, you can tap the Generate button and ArtJourney will quickly produce four image options based on your text.

Editing Capabilities

A great aspect of ArtJourney is its built-in editing tools. After generating initial images, you can edit the text prompts to refine and perfect your artwork.

Small tweaks to the wording can lead to dramatic changes in the AI output. You can iteratively edit the text to guide the image generation until you achieve your desired result.

Diverse Artistic Styles

ArtJourney’s AI has been trained on millions of images across countless styles and genres. As a result, it can mimic a vast range of artistic techniques from oil paintings to anime drawings.

By experimenting with your text prompts, you can explore different aesthetics from photorealism to abstract art. The AI capabilities make it simple to produce diverse high-quality artwork.

Sharing and Exporting

Once you’ve created a stunning AI generated image, ArtJourney provides options to share and export your artwork.

You can save images directly to your device’s local storage. The app also allows you to share creations via social media, email, and messaging apps.

User Community

There is an active ArtJourney user community within the app. You can browse examples of artwork generated by other users for inspiration.

The community feed also allows you to share your own creations and get feedback from fellow ArtJourney users. Engaging with the community can spark new ideas and take your art to the next level.

ArtJourney MOD APK

User Experience

Onboarding Process

Getting started with ArtJourney is quick and straightforward. Upon launching the app for the first time, you are greeted with a brief onboarding sequence.

It provides a high-level overview of the app’s capabilities and how to use the text-to-image interface. The onboarding takes less than a minute to complete.

Intuitive Interface

The ArtJourney interface has been thoughtfully designed for simplicity and ease of use. The clean layout ensures the text prompt box takes center stage.

Supplementary options like editing tools and sharing functions are conveniently tucked away in slide-out menus to avoid clutter. The minimal interface makes ArtJourney accessible for users of all experience levels.


A key aspect of the user experience is the app’s responsiveness. ArtJourney leverages cloud computing power to rapidly generate images from text prompts.

In most cases, tapping the Generate button produces four image options within 10-15 seconds. The quick turnaround makes experimenting with different prompts highly enjoyable.

Guidance and Tips

For users who are new to AI art generation, ArtJourney provides guidance and tips within the app.

Handy pop-up tooltips explain how to format text prompts to achieve certain effects. The community feed also showcases prompt examples to inspire your own creations.


ArtJourney provides solid accessibility options for users with visual impairments. It implements TalkBack functionality, allowing screen reader users to navigate the app through spoken feedback.

Text contrast ratios meet WCAG standards for legibility. There are also options to increase text size within the app settings for low vision users.

ArtJourney MOD APK


Image Quality

The most important aspect of an AI art generator is the visual quality of its output. In terms of image fidelity and detail, ArtJourney produces impressive results.

The app is capable of generating photorealistic portraits and landscapes. More abstract styles also showcase the AI’s ability to use color, lighting, and composition to create striking artwork.

Occasionally low resolution or distorted artifacts are visible upon close inspection of images. But overall, ArtJourney’s image quality is excellent considering the ease of text-to-image generation.

Range of Styles

As covered earlier, a key benefit of ArtJourney is its versatility across artistic styles. The AI has been trained on a vast dataset of artworks and visual concepts.

You can successfully generate everything from Renaissance-style portraits to futuristic sci-fi landscapes. The diversity of output from a simple text prompt is remarkable.

There are some limitations when venturing into more obscure or emerging art styles. But ArtJourney handles most common genres and aesthetics with aplomb.


In terms of reliability, ArtJourney delivers a robust user experience. The app remains stable and responsive even when generating multiple high-resolution images in quick succession.

The AI rarely fails to produce an image from text input. On certain ambiguous or highly-specific prompts, it may generate more generic artwork. But overall, it interprets prompts reliably.

One minor gripe is occasional repetition of elements across the four output images. More variety in each batch of images would enhance the experience. But it does not detract heavily from ArtJourney’s capabilities.


Thanks to its cloud infrastructure, ArtJourney is highly efficient at generating images from text prompts. As covered earlier, turnaround times are impressively fast.

The app also handles batch image generation without any noticeable slowdown. You can queue up multiple prompts and ArtJourney will churn through them rapidly.

In terms of mobile data usage, ArtJourney is relatively lightweight. It requires an internet connection to leverage the cloud AI, but won’t drain your monthly data allotment.

ArtJourney MOD APK



Midjourney is the current gold standard in AI art generation. Like ArtJourney, it offers text-to-image capabilities through a straightforward interface.

Midjourney arguably produces more polished, intricate artwork across styles. It also offers more options to refine images after generation.

However, Midjourney recently discontinued its free tier. ArtJourney provides full access to all users free-of-charge. For budget-conscious users, ArtJourney is a compelling alternative.


StarryAI is another free AI art generator app with similar functionality to ArtJourney. It matches ArtJourney in usability and speed.

A key advantage of ArtJourney is its larger dataset of training images. This allows it to handle more niche styles and subjects. StarryAI’s output is more generic.


WOMBO Dream focuses heavily on animated artwork and video creation. Its core image generation capabilities are lackluster compared to ArtJourney.

It also suffers from very limited sharing options. ArtJourney’s community engagement and exporting features are far superior.


Unlike ArtJourney, Prisma does not offer true text-to-image generation. It simply alters existing photos using neural filters and effects.

Prisma is best suited for editing photos rather than creating original artwork. ArtJourney is the clear winner for artistic creativity.

ArtJourney MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive text-to-image interface
  • Powerful AI generates high-quality images
  • Impressive versatility across artistic styles
  • Built-in editing tools to refine artwork
  • Completely free to use (no paid tiers)
  • Active user community for sharing creations
  • Clean, user-friendly interface
  • Solid accessibility for impaired users


  • Occasional minor glitches in image quality
  • More variety in each image batch would be beneficial
  • Limited capabilities for obscure art styles
  • Lacks refinement options of some paid competitors

ArtJourney MOD APK


With its easy-to-use interface and advanced artificial intelligence, ArtJourney makes creating stunning artwork as simple as typing text. It opens up limitless creative possibilities for artists and non-artists alike.

The app delivers consistently impressive results across diverse styles – all accessible completely free of charge. Minor quality glitches do not detract heavily from the overall experience.

For anyone eager to explore the creative potential of AI art generation, ArtJourney is a fantastic choice. It sets a new standard for accessibility and quality in text-to-image apps.

Compared to paid competitors, ArtJourney holds its own and even exceeds expectations in some areas. It’s a superb demonstration of AI’s future in democratizing art and unlocking creativity.

Overall, ArtJourney scores top marks as an innovative, user-friendly AI art creation tool. It receives our strong recommendation for all artists, designers, and creative tech enthusiasts looking to integrate AI into their artistic workflows.

  • Premium Unlocked

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