ARK: Survival Evolved APK 2.0.28 MOD (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

ARK: Survival Evolved APK 2.0.28 MOD (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

App Name ARK Survival Evolved
Publisher Studio Wildcard.
Genre Adventure
Latest Version 2.0.28
Update on Dec 29, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Free Craft
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ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free Craft) is an exciting open world adventure game that takes players back to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Developed by Studio Wildcard, ARK offers a unique sandbox experience on mobile where you must survive dangerous encounters, craft weapons and buildings, and even tame dinosaurs to thrive on a mysterious island. With beautiful graphics, huge maps to explore, 80+ dinosaurs to discover, and deep crafting/survival mechanics, ARK Survival Evolved APK MOD stands out on Android and iOS as one of the most ambitious survival games available.

ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

Immersive Open World Setting

The first thing that strikes you about ARK is its incredibly immersive world brimming with prehistoric life. The expansive maps feature varied biomes like tropical forests, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and sandy beaches. You’ll encounter docile and aggressive dinosaurs like Raptors, T-Rexes, Brontosaurus, Pteranodons roaming the landscape. Danger also lurks in the form of giant insects, snakes, and other primal creatures. The dynamic weather, day/night cycle, and changing seasons make the world feel alive. Vast draw distances let you see for miles and spot wandering dinosaur herds in the distance. No matter where you explore, ARK’s world is filled with spectacle and discovery.

Survival Gameplay Mechanics

As the name suggests, surviving this prehistoric island is no easy feat. Like any survival game, health, hunger, thirst, stamina and temperature gauges must be closely monitored. You start with nothing and must hunt animals for food, harvest trees/stone to craft weapons, clothing and eventually build shelters. At night the temperatures drop while deadly predators are on the prowl. Weather effects like rain/lightning storms make going out risky. The depths also hold threats – from hungry sharks to monstrous sea creatures like Plesiosaurs. With so much to contend with, mastering the campfire, storage boxes, waterskins, beds, and other necessities is key.

80+ Dinosaurs & Beast Taming

What sets ARK apart is the ability to tame and ride over 80 species of dinosaurs! You can craft tranquilizer darts to knock out creatures, feed them food to tame them, and even saddle up to ride species like the Triceratops, Raptors, Sabertooth tigers and more! Bigger beasts like the Mammoth and Brontosaurus act as mobile bases to transport large amounts of resources. Flying dinosaurs can be used as scouts to spot artifact locations and other players faster. As you progress, breeding dinosaurs unlocks genetic mutations for varied stats/abilities. With endless species to tame, creating your own dino army is incredibly rewarding.


Tribes, PvP Battles and Raiding

While playing solo is great fun, ARK also features online multiplayer with global and local chat options to interact with others. You can recruit players into Tribes to coordinate goals like gathering resources, defending against hostile players/tribes, and taking down monstrous boss dinosaurs roaming the land. The game features huge 100 player cross platform servers where you can chat, trade items, or wage epic wars. Just beware of sneak attacks, espionage and sabotage! Having pterodactyl scouts or snipers on Quetzalcoatlus ready for aerial assaults and defense is needed.

Crafting Weapons, Armor and Structures

ARK features an immense crafting system with over 1200 items to unlock by gaining XP and engrams (crafting recipes). You start with rudimentary tools like pickaxes and hatchets to harvest basic wood and thatch resources for early game items. Smelting metal in furnaces unlocks more advanced weapons like swords, guns and explosives for raiding enemy bases. Crafting stations allow creation of saddles, scuba gear, lamps, storage crates and other gear. As you level up, the structures become more elaborate – from wooden huts to electrical devices and metal bases with auto turrets for defense.

ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

Beautiful Visuals and Detailed Dinosaurs

Despite being a mobile port, ARK Survival Evolved APK 2.0.28 retains the visual splendor and detail of its PC/console counterpart. The environments are beautifully rendered with extensive draw distances – mountains, forests and beaches stretch far into the horizon. Thick vegetation and swaying trees make the world feel lush and alive. Dinosaur models are exceptionally detailed featuring realistic animations and behaviors – Raptors hunt in packs, giant Brontosaurus lumber slowly, Quetzalcoatlus soar through the skies. The day/night cycle and dynamic weather add to the atmosphere during your adventures. For a mobile game, ARK’s graphics set a new bar in terms of technical achievement.

Massive Maps to Explore

ARK currently features two huge official maps – The Island and Ragnarok – for players to explore and settle. The Island features varied biomes like tropical beaches, dense conifer forests, snow-capped mountains, underground caves and ruins to discover. Ragnarok builds on this with expansive new areas like giant redwood forests, foggy swamps, arid deserts and a mythical Wyvern trench! With each map ranging from 144 to 192 square kilometers in size filled with resources, explorer notes, caves and boss arenas, there’s endless terrain to cover and set up new bases.

Mod Support and Custom Maps

On PC/console, ARK enjoys a thriving modding community with over 19,000 custom maps and mods available! These range from quality of life improvements, new items, character remodels to total conversions adding new era themes or gameplay mechanics. Mobile currently does not support this level of customization, but does allow playing custom user generated maps for new environments to explore and build. As the game expands to more platforms, official mod support should get even better.

ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK/iOS Features

While the base game offers hundreds of hours of content, fans have created hacked ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK 2.0.28 and iOS versions with many advantages. These generally unlock all items, infinite resources, max player/dino stats, no hunger/thirst, flying and other cheats to ease grinding. The mods allow spawning any creature, teleporting across the map instantly and manipulating the weather. Some servers specially activate mods and custom rates for a more relaxed experience. Just be careful not to ruin your fun by enabling too many cheats!

ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

How To Download & Install ARK Mod APK/iOS

Here are the steps to properly install modded ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK Unlimited Money on Android and iOS devices:

Android Installation

  1. Go to browser and search for “ARK Survival Evolved mod apk”.
  2. Select a trusted site offering latest mod download link.
  3. Download .apk and game data/obb files if available.
  4. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings if prompted.
  5. Locate and install the .apk package once download completes.
  6. Copy over the downloaded data/obb files com.studiowildcard folder on device storage.
  7. Launch game and enjoy added mods/cheats!

iOS Installation

  1. On iPhone/iPad search for “ARK Survival Evolved iOS hacked IPA” on any browser.
  2. Choose a reliable site offering direct download links to IPA file.
  3. Using Cydia Impactor, connect your iOS device and drag the mod IPA on to it.
  4. Enter Apple ID credentials when prompted to sign IPA.
  5. Wait for app installation to complete.
  6. Launch game and experience all unlocked features.

ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries about ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK Free Craft:

Q. How to unlock engrams fast?

A. Killing dinosaurs, exploring underwater loot crates and caves give maximum XP to unlock engrams quickly. Joining a tribe also gives shared XP.

Q. Can this game run on 2 GB RAM devices?

A. Yes, but ARK mobile will lag heavily on 2 GB RAM phones. At least 3 GB RAM recommended for smooth gameplay.

Q. Is ARK online multiplayer cross platform?

A. Yes! ARK mobile supports cross platform multiplayer between iOS, Android and PC allowing unified servers.

Q. Which is better for ARK mobile – touch or controller?

A. Controller is easier for movement, inventory management and camera control. But touch has quicker reaction for attacking/harvesting.

Q. How much storage space does ARK mobile require?

A. Currently ARK requires approx 3 GB free storage space for base game download & updates.

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ARK Survival Evolved MOD APK

Final Verdict

For an authentic open world survival experience filled with dinosaurs, exploration and base building, ARK Survival Evolved Modded APK is easily one of the best games available on mobile. Despite some performance issues on low-end devices, ARK offers a complete adventure that can easily take over your life! Fans eager for more content can expect even bigger updates and official mod support for ARK as it expands to more platforms in future.

ARK: Survival Evolved APK 2.0.28 MOD (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

Unlimited Money/Free Craft

- NEW: Custom Recipe calculator - Added item weights - Added ASA toggle to stat calculator since ASA does not have wasted stats - Mods + Tek Variant categories added (ARK Additions mod coming soon!) - Dino categories could not be combined - Tapejara and Griffin were missing from the carryable "More" tab - Fixed taming foods being cut off on small screens - Fixed Traditional Chinese device crash - Fixed tips screen flicker - Fixed Dododex Pro upgrade issue

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