AnTuTu Benchmark APK 9.5.9 MOD (Latest)

AnTuTu Benchmark APK 9.5.9 MOD (Latest)

App Name AnTuTu Benchmark
Publisher Primate Labs Inc.
Genre Tools
Size 130MB
Latest Version 6.2.2
Update on Dec 6, 2023
Requirements 7.0
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AnTuTu Benchmark is the world’s most popular benchmarking app for Android devices. With over 200 million users globally, AnTuTu allows you to thoroughly test and compare the performance of Android smartphones and tablets.

AnTuTu Benchmark MOD APK

The AnTuTu Benchmark Android App Story

AnTuTu was launched in 2012 by Chinese company Cheetah Mobile. The app quickly became popular among Android enthusiasts and reviewers for its comprehensive set of benchmark tests.

Over the years, AnTuTu Benchmark has been updated with new tests, improved stability, and better compatibility across various Android versions and hardware configurations. Some key milestones in AnTuTu’s development include:

  • 2013 – AnTuTu v3 introduced a completely rewritten testing framework for improved accuracy.
  • 2015 – AnTuTu v6 added multiple new test scenarios focused on user experience.
  • 2017 – AnTuTu v7 revamped the user interface with new 3D test scenes.
  • 2022 – The latest AnTuTu v9 focuses on battery life testing and AI performance.

As you can see, AnTuTu has continuously evolved to become the go-to benchmarking standard for Android, cementing its position as the most trusted performance testing app.

AnTuTu Benchmark MOD APK

Main Features of AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark measures your device’s performance across 4 key aspects – CPU, GPU, memory, and user experience. Here are the 8 main features that make AnTuTu the most comprehensive Android benchmarking tool:

1. Detailed CPU Testing

AnTuTu runs your CPU through computations, algorithms, and multi-threaded workloads to test real-world CPU performance. You can easily compare CPU specs like cores, architecture, frequency etc. across devices.

2. Intensive 3D Graphics Benchmarking

The 3D graphics tests render complex game-like environments using APIs like Vulkan and OpenGL to stress test your device’s GPU capabilities.

3. RAM Performance Measurements

The memory benchmark analyzes your device’s RAM bandwidth and latency by simulating data access patterns of real applications. This impacts overall speed.

4. Storage Read/Write Speed Checks

AnTuTu determines the read and write speeds of your device’s internal and external storage through sequential and random data access.

5. Extensive User Experience Testing

Real-world usage is simulated by testing UI interactions, data processing capabilities, strategy game performance, image editing speeds, and more.

6. Detailed Breakdown of Sub-scores

For each major aspect like CPU, GPU etc., AnTuTu provides detailed sub-scores for different tests, allowing deeper performance analysis.

7. Universal App Benchmark Rating

AnTuTu computes an overall benchmark score that serves as a universal metric to compare overall performance across Android devices.

8. Battery Benchmarking

The battery test reveals actual battery capacities and determines factors like battery life, charging speed, and temperature that impact battery performance.

In essence, AnTuTu leaves no stone unturned in completely benchmarking an Android device’s hardware and software capabilities.

What is the AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK?

The AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK is a modified version of the standard AnTuTu app downloaded from the Google Play Store. It unlocks additional functionality not available in the original app.

Some of the key highlights of the AnTuTu Mod include:

  • Unlocked Tests: The mod unlocks benchmark tests like the battery test that are usually locked behind a paywall in the standard app.
  • Detailed Reports: You get access to more detailed performance reports and metrics allowing deeper analysis.
  • Ad-Free Experience: The mod app removes all ads from AnTuTu for interrupted testing.
  • Latest Updates: Provides the cutting-edge latest version of AnTuTu even if not yet rolled out on Play Store.
  • Additional Features: Some mods add extra functionality like automating regular benchmark runs.

While mods allow enhanced capabilities, they come with certain risks regarding stability, privacy, and security since they are not officially vetted. But the advantages may outweigh potential issues for some advanced users.

AnTuTu Benchmark MOD APK

Key Features of the AnTuTu Mod APK

Here are 5 standout features unlocked by the AnTuTu Benchmark Mod APK:

1. Unlocked Battery Benchmark

The battery test reveals actual battery health, lifespan, temperature, voltage, and more – critical metrics for power users.

2. Detailed Performance Breakdown

Granular testing metrics allow advanced analysis of hardware capabilities to detect bottlenecks.

3. Latest AnTuTu Version

Get bleeding-edge AnTuTu updates earlier than the Play Store release schedule.

4. Ad-Free User Experience

Eliminates pesky ads interrupting your benchmark testing for seamless runs.

5. Automation Capabilities

Automate routine benchmark runs without manual intervention for simplified testing.

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AnTuTu Benchmark MOD APK

Key Questions and Answers About AnTuTu Benchmark

Q1. Does a higher AnTuTu score mean better performance?

Yes, a higher overall AnTuTu score indicates better hardware performance potential. It’s an aggregated benchmark rating derived from component-level testing.

Q2. Can AnTuTu reduce battery life?

Excessive benchmarking can temporarily reduce battery cycles due to intensive device utilization. Use battery saver modes or avoid prolonged testing.

Q3. What impacts AnTuTu scores?

Factors like CPU, GPU, RAM, software/firmware, thermal throttling, battery health, and other loads on the device impact AnTuTu scores.

Q4. How to use AnTuTu for comparisons?

Only compare AnTuTu scores from tests run on the same app version for consistency. Also consider real-world usage, not just hardware specs.

Q5. What are some AnTuTu Benchmark alternatives?

Some alternatives include Geekbench (CPU focussed), 3DMark (gaming/graphics), PCMark (performance), and various AITUTU sub-tests.

So in summary, while higher AnTuTu scores signal better potential device performance, consider several other factors for a nuanced comparison between Android smartphones and tablets.

In closing, with its comprehensive testing capabilities across CPU, GPU, memory, battery life, user experience, and more – AnTuTu Benchmark is the undisputed industry leader for putting your Android hardware through its paces. As the most popular benchmarking app globally, AnTuTu sets the gold standard for reliable, detailed and consistent mobile hardware benchmarking.

AnTuTu Benchmark APK 9.5.9 MOD (Latest)


Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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