Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.59.0 (Unlimited Hearts/Coins)

Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK 1.59.0 (Unlimited Hearts/Coins)


App Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Puzzle
Size 130MB
Latest Version 1.59.0
Update on Nov 10, 2023
Requirements 5.1
Mod info Unlimited Hearts/Coins
Get it on Google Play
Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts/Coins) is a popular puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment for Android and iOS devices. The game was released in 2019 and is the latest installment in the hugely successful Angry Birds franchise.

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Angry Birds Dream Blast 1.59.0 apk is a bubble shooter match-3 puzzle game. The core gameplay involves firing bubbles to pop matching groups of 3 or more. Popping bubbles releases Angry Birds characters onto the board which have special abilities to help you clear puzzles.

Here are the key details on how the gameplay works:

  • The game board is filled with multicolored bubbles that you must clear by popping matching groups. Bubbles stick to each other and float according to gravity, adding physics-based movement to the puzzles.
  • To pop bubbles, simply tap on a group of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Bigger matches create more powerful bird characters.
  • Popping 4+ bubbles summons a Red Bird that destroys a row of bubbles horizontally. Combine two Red Birds to create Chuck, who destroys a column of bubbles. Two Chucks create a Bomb that clears a large 3×3 area.
  • Some levels have obstacles like glass, wood, or stone that must be cleared with specific birds before you can access the bubbles behind them.
  • Each level has a set objective, like reaching a score goal, collecting bird eggs, freeing caged pigs, or clearing all bubbles. Objectives vary to keep puzzles interesting.
  • New gameplay elements are introduced gradually over the 500+ levels to add variety, including locks, movable blocks, bubbles with special properties, and boss levels.
  • Power-up boosters like extra moves, bubble blasts, and bird frenzies can be activated for help, either earned through gameplay or purchased via IAPs.

Overall, the gameplay provides a fresh take on the match-3 genre. Having physics-based bubbles and birds with special abilities creates a more dynamic and engaging experience than typical puzzle games.

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Graphics and Visuals

Angry Birds Dream Blast on features the same charming and colorful art style the series is known for. The graphics are high quality and very polished.

Here are the key details on the visual presentation:

  • The young, cute version of the iconic Angry Birds characters from The Angry Birds Movie 2 are used. Red, Chuck, Bomb, and others appear during gameplay.
  • Backgrounds are brightly colored, detailed scenes ranging from forests, beaches, cities, deserts and more. The environments have depth and character.
  • Bubbles feature colorful, varied icon designs including flowers, acorns, leaves, gems, and other objects. Icons are small but add nice visual details.
  • Animations for popping bubbles, using bird abilities, and completing levels have lots of energy and personality.
  • Menus, power-ups, and other UI elements are visually clear and fit the Angry Birds style well. The interface is intuitive.
  • The game runs smoothly in up to 1080p resolution on Android devices. The graphics are optimized nicely.

Overall, Angry Birds Dream Blast looks fantastic. The visuals are engaging, polished, and full of charm. Fans of the series will feel right at home with the art direction and animation.

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Sound Design and Music

The sound design in Angry Birds Dream Blast apk is lighthearted, upbeat, and whimsical. The audio meshes well with the dreamy, fantasy tone of the game. Here are the key details:

  • The soundtrack features over 30 minutes of original music composed specifically for the game.
  • The songs have a positive, cheerful vibe utilizing piano, strings, woodwinds, and other acoustic instruments. The melodies are catchy and uplifting.
  • Sound effects like bubble pops, bird chirps, power-ups, and level completions are cute and cartoony. Audio cues add satisfaction.
  • The audio is crisp, clear, and balanced nicely. Sound volume can be adjusted as needed.
  • Ambient soundscapes are used between songs to match each level’s environment. Forests have chirping birds, beaches have crashing waves, etc.
  • The voice acting for birds and pigs during cutscenes adds humor and personality. Audio clips are used sparingly to avoid repetition.

Overall, the audio design in Angry Birds Dream Blast apk is very solid. The music and sounds have a playful, happy tone that fits the lighthearted gameplay and visuals nicely. The audio experience is polished.

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Monetization Approach

Like most free-to-play mobile games today, Angry Birds Dream Blast makes its revenue through optional in-app purchases and advertisements. However, the monetization is handled fairly.

Here are the key details on how monetization works in the game:

  • Advertisements appear between levels and when you fail a level. Ads can be skipped after 5 seconds. The ad frequency is reasonable.
  • There are no invasive pop-up ads or video ads that interrupt gameplay. Ads do not hinder the experience.
  • IAPs are available but completely optional. The game provides plenty of ways to progress and earn rewards without spending money.
  • IAPs allow you to buy coins, unlimited lives, extra moves, and booster packs. Coins and lives refill over time for free.
  • A $2.99 monthly subscription removes ads and provides unlimited lives plus daily coins. This is the only recurring payment option.
  • The game regularly provides deals on IAPs such as discounted coin packs or bonus free coins when buying.

Overall, the monetization in Angry Birds Dream Blast is handled fairly for players. You can progress through the game comfortably without spending money, and IAPs are balanced by plenty of free rewards.

Difficulty and Challenge

Angry Birds Dream Blast starts out easy but gradually increases in difficulty at a fair pace. The game remains casual-friendly but provides light challenge for puzzle fans.

Here are the key details on difficulty progression:

  • The first ~75 levels serve as an extended tutorial teaching game mechanics. These levels can be beaten in 1-2 tries without power-ups.
  • After the initial learning period, the puzzles become trickier by introducing more complex objectives, obstacles, and board layouts.
  • To offset the increasing difficulty, new bird abilities and power-ups are unlocked regularly to give you more options to overcome levels.
  • Around level 150, the puzzles start requiring more strategic bubble popping. Planning your bird combinations becomes important.
  • In the late stages, levels may take 5-10 tries to complete even with power-ups. However, frustration is minimized by the casual nature.
  • Special event and weekly tournament levels offer the most challenging puzzles for players wanting harder content.

Overall, the difficulty curve feels fair. The game stays accessible for casual players while offering light challenge for puzzle fans as skills improve. You can play at your own pace without hitting major skill walls.
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Social Features

Angry Birds Dream Blast apk incorporates light social elements to add community engagement:

  • Players can add in-game friends using Facebook, Google Play Games, or Rovio accounts. Friends can send each other free gifts.
  • Leaderboards allow you to compare high scores with friends or globally. Seeing friends’ scores provides motivation to keep playing.
  • Weekly tournaments require teaming up with other players to work towards group rewards. You can chat with teammates.
  • Events display your progress compared to other players. Collecting items as a community provides a cooperative feeling.

While basic, the social features in Angry Birds Dream Blast make the game feel more interactive. Having shared goals with friends or other players gives you more reasons to keep coming back.

Satisfaction and Fun Factor

With its cute characters, engaging puzzles, and polished presentation, Angry Birds Dream Blast provides a satisfying casual gaming experience. Here are some key points on what makes the game enjoyable:

  • The physics-based bubble shooting gameplay feels dynamic and active compared to static match-3 boards.
  • Watching the adorable baby bird characters come to life on the board has charm.
  • The game has a “just one more level” addictive quality that keeps you playing.
  • Seeing your bird collection and abilities grow over time provides a sense of progression.
  • Pleasant visuals combined with upbeat music creates a positive, feel-good atmosphere.
  • Completing challenging levels and puzzle objectives is very rewarding.
  • Fun power-ups and boosters add excitement when you need help clearing tricky levels.

Overall, Angry Birds Dream Blast succeeds at being an enjoyable, casual-friendly puzzle game. Fans of match-3 titles should find plenty to like due to the satisfying gameplay loop and polish.

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Angry Birds Dream Blast apk provides a fun new twist on match-3 bubble shooting for the Angry Birds franchise. With approachable yet engaging gameplay, charming graphics, and fair monetization, it’s easy to recommend for casual gamers looking to try something new.

The physics-based puzzles feel more dynamic than typical match-3 boards. Cute characters, varied level objectives, and unlockable abilities add variety and progression. While the game starts easy, the difficulty ramps up moderately to remain accessible.

Polished artwork, upbeat music, and satisfying sound effects create an enjoyable atmosphere. The overall presentation has a level of quality not always seen in casual free-to-play titles. Monetization stays reasonable by providing plenty of free rewards.

Angry Birds Dream Blast may not convert players who dislike match-3 puzzle games. However, it executes the formula very well and fits nicely within the lighthearted Angry Birds universe. Fans of the series or bubble shooters like Bubble Witch should give this a try for a fun casual gaming experience.

Unlimited Hearts/Coins

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