Amazon Music: Discover Songs APK 23.15.1 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Amazon Music: Discover Songs APK 23.15.1 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Amazon Music
Publisher Amazon Mobile LLC
Genre Music & Audio
Size 72 MB
Latest Version 23.15.1
Update on Sep 11, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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The Amazon Music app for Android allows users to stream music from Amazon’s catalog of over 100 million songs. It comes bundled with an Amazon Prime membership, or can be accessed through an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

As one of the major players in the music streaming space along with Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, the Amazon Music app aims to provide a robust music listening experience on Android devices.

In this comprehensive review, we will examine the key aspects of using Amazon Music on Android:

  • User Interface – how intuitive and visually appealing is the app?
  • Features – what capabilities does the app offer?
  • Performance – how smooth and responsive is it?
  • Audio Quality – how good does the music sound?
  • Content Catalog – song and playlist selection.
  • Pricing – value for money.
  • Ecosystem Integration – how well does it work with Alexa and Echo devices?

We will also see how the Amazon Music app stacks up against competitors like Spotify and Apple Music on Android.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK

User Interface

The Amazon Music app uses a simple, clean design that will feel familiar to users of other streaming apps.

The main tabs along the bottom provide quick access to key areas:

  • Home – personalized recommendations and new releases.
  • Library – saved songs, albums, playlists, and stations.
  • Store – browse and purchase music.
  • Search – find songs, albums, artists.

Additional sections like podcasts, live streams, and Amazon Music HD are available in the side menu.

The now playing screen prominently displays album art and provides playback controls like shuffle and repeat. You can quickly like a song to add it to Your Music.

The app uses bold colors, large fonts, and ample spacing between elements. This visual design makes the various features and navigation options easy to locate.

Overall, the interface feels intuitive even for first-time users while retaining a clean, uncluttered look. Fans of Spotify and Apple Music should feel right at home.


The Amazon Music app comes packed with features to enhance the listening experience:

  • Offline listening – download songs, albums or playlists to your device storage. Great for areas with limited connectivity.
  • Lyrics view – sing along with real-time lyrics display. Easily one of the best implementations among music apps.
  • Equalizer – choose from presets like Bass Booster, Pop, Jazz, and Rock or manually adjust frequency levels. Allows you to customize the sound profile.
  • Alexa integration – control music playback hands-free using Alexa voice commands.
  • Multi-room control – play music on multiple Echo devices in sync throughout your home.
  • Amazon Music HD – high quality lossless streaming for premium subscribers. Options up to 24-bit/192kHz audio.
  • Podcasts – access a huge catalog of podcasts from top creators.
  • Live streams – listen to live concerts and music events.
  • Amazon Prime member perks – ad-free streaming, exclusive content and discounts for Prime subscribers.

This excellent combination of music, entertainment, and smart home features makes Amazon Music a versatile app and a strong contender in the streaming space.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK


In our testing, the Amazon Music app delivered smooth, responsive performance whether on budget, mid-range or flagship Android phones.

App launch times are quick, usually 2-3 seconds on most devices.

Scrolling through long playlists and albums is fluid without any lag or stutter.

Searching for artists and songs happens nearly instantaneously with relevant results popping up as you type.

Music playback starts within 1-2 seconds after tapping on a song. No delays or buffering issues.

Switching between tracks and changing playback modes like shuffle and repeat is snappy.

Downloading songs for offline listening is also impressively fast.

Even on lower spec devices, the app remains performant thanks to Amazon’s optimization efforts. All in all, the user experience feels responsive from start to finish.

Audio Quality

Amazon Music delivers high quality audio using efficient compression codecs like AAC 256kbps on mobile.

This results in detailed reproduction with clear vocals, smooth mids, tight bass, and sparkling highs. The sound has good stereo imaging and a reasonably wide soundstage.

Listening with mid-range headphones or earphones is enjoyable, although audiophiles may want to opt for the lossless streams available through Amazon Music HD.

On capable devices, you can enable the Dolby Atmos setting for a more immersive, spatial listening experience.

While not as clinical sounding as lossless streams, the normal quality levels offer pleasing, dynamic audio for everyday listening.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK

Content Catalog

With over 100 million songs across a diverse range of genres, Amazon Music’s catalog should satisfy most listeners.

You’ll find all the latest chart-topping hits from global superstars as well as niche indie releases. Playlists and radio stations provide pre-curated tunes for activities like workouts, focus, relaxation and parties.

While not missing any major labels, Amazon Music has fewer indie artists compared to Spotify. But the gap is not substantial for casual listeners.

The selection of mood-based playlists and throwback hits is excellent. The app makes music discovery seamless across genres.

You also get a huge variety of podcasts, including many exclusives. Amazon Original podcasts like Dr. Death and Lore are worth checking out.

Overall, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any notable omissions in Amazon’s catalog. It may not match Spotify’s breadth, but still delivers an exceptional variety of music, podcasts, and more.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK


Amazon Music is available through two main plans:

  • Prime Music – Free with an Amazon Prime membership ($14.99 per month or $139 annually). Gives access to 2 million songs and thousands of stations/playlists.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited – Starts at $7.99 per month for Prime members ($9.99 for non-Prime) with discounts for annual plans. Unlocks the full catalog of 100 million songs.

Amazon Music HD with lossless streaming is $14.99 per month ($12.99 for Prime members).

There is also a single-device plan for $3.99 per month.

Compared to competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon Music provides better value:

Streaming Service Monthly Fee Prime Discount Free Option
Amazon Music Unlimited $9.99 $7.99 Yes
Spotify Premium $9.99 No No
Apple Music $9.99 No No

Getting Amazon Music as part of a Prime membership is extremely cost effective. While the 2 million track catalog may be smaller, it still offers plenty of variety.

Overall, Amazon Music provides greater flexibility at more affordable rates, especially for Prime subscribers.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK

Ecosystem Integration

A major advantage Amazon Music has over its competitors is deep integration with Alexa and Echo devices.

You can simply ask Alexa to play songs, control playback, and manage playlists completely hands-free. This voice-powered convenience is unmatched.

Multi-room audio allows synchronizing music across Echo speakers in your home. You can start listening in the kitchen and continue in the bedroom for seamless portability.

Purchasing an Echo device like the Echo Dot even grants you Amazon Music Unlimited access for just $3.99 a month.

This ecosystem lock-in provides a big incentive for Alexa and Fire TV users to choose Amazon Music as their streaming service. The ambient listening experience is delightful.

How Does It Compare To Spotify and Apple Music?

So how does Amazon Music stack up against the top players – Spotify and Apple Music?

Vs. Spotify

  • Amazon has a smaller but still substantial catalog compared to Spotify’s 82 million tracks.
  • Both offer competitive pricing and premium features like lossless audio.
  • Spotify has slightly better music discovery and playlists. But Amazon counters with Alexa voice features.
  • Amazon Music’s Android app performance seems faster and more responsive.

Vs. Apple Music

  • Amazon matches Apple’s iOS-like design on Android for familiarity.
  • Apple Music has more exclusives while Amazon counters with podcast variety.
  • Amazon integrates better with Alexa/Fire TV ecosystem compared to Apple’s Siri/HomePod ecosystem.
  • Both have lossless streaming and Dolby Atmos but Amazon Music HD offers higher 24-bit quality.

Overall, Amazon Music carves its own niche with smart home integration and affordable Prime-bundled plans. While Spotify leads in discovery and sharing, Amazon Music provides the most well-rounded experience for Android users within the Amazon ecosystem.

Amazon Music: Discover Songs MOD APK


With its intuitive interface, rich feature set, expansive catalog, and Alexa integration, Amazon Music provides an excellent streaming experience on Android.

It may not have the sheer breadth of Spotify’s content library or Apple Music’s iOS optimizations, but makes up for it with competitive pricing, Prime member benefits, and robust ecosystem ties.

Smooth performance, enjoyable audio quality, and delightful smart home conveniences like Alexa voice controls give Amazon Music the edge for Android users invested in the Amazon ecosystem. It rightfully deserves its place among the top music streaming services.

  • Ad-free listening
  • Unlimited skips

Bug Fixes

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