Always On: Edge Music Lighting APK MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Always On: Edge Music Lighting APK MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Always On: Edge Music Lighting
Publisher Sparkine Labs
Genre Personalization
Size 16 MB
Latest Version
Update on Nov 26, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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The Always On app is one of the most popular always-on display apps available for Android. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, Always On aims to provide users with an always-on display that allows quick glances to check the time, date, notifications, and other useful information without having to wake the phone.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the features, customization options, interface, battery usage, and overall user experience of using Always On as your always-on display app.

Always On MOD APK


Always On packs in a robust set of features to enhance the always-on display experience on your Android device. Here are some of the notable features of the app:

Time, Date, and Battery Display

The always-on display shows key information like the current time, date, and battery percentage by default. The time and date are prominently displayed in large text, making it very easy to quickly glance at the time.


Notifications from various apps can be displayed on the always-on screen, allowing you to see notifications as they come in without waking up the phone. Always On supports notifications from SMS, emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other apps.

Music Controls

You can quickly control music playback right from the always-on display. Play/pause, previous/next track controls are available. The album art and track info are also shown on the always-on display.

Raise to Wake

With raise to wake enabled, your display will turn on for 10 seconds when you pick up your phone so you can interact with the always-on display. This allows you to action notifications or control music without having to press the power button.

Double Tap to Wake

Double tapping on the always-on display will also turn the screen on for 10 seconds so you can interact with it. Another handy way to quickly check notifications.

Quick Note Taking

You can scribble or write short notes directly on the always-on display, which is great for jotting down quick thoughts and reminders.

Automatic Rules

The app includes preset automatic rules to turn the always-on display on or off during certain times of day or when certain conditions are met to help conserve battery life.

Custom Text

You can set custom text to be displayed on the always-on screen, like your name, a quote, or any other short text.

Multiple Design Choices

Always On comes pre-loaded with numerous clock designs and layouts to choose from. There are also additional design packs available via in-app purchases.

Always On MOD APK

Customization Options

One of the best aspects of Always On is the high degree of customization it provides for tailoring the always-on display to your preferences. Here are some of the customization options available:

Clock Designs

There are dozens of preloaded clock designs and watch faces to choose from. Options range from minimal to ornate and digital to analog. The variety of choices makes it easy to find a clock design that suits your personal taste.


You can use a custom image or choose from a selection of included backgrounds and wallpapers for the always-on display. Both images and solid colors are available.

Notification Customization

For notifications, you can pick and choose which apps you want to display alerts for on the always-on display. You can also customize how notifications are displayed, like if the full message preview is shown and how many notifications can appear.

Information Shown

Beyond the clock and notifications, you can choose to enable or disable things like the date, battery percentage, music playback info, weather, and custom text from the always-on display.

Timeout Duration

You can set the timeout duration from 5 seconds up to 30 minutes to control how long the always-on display remains on after waking before turning off again. Useful for preserving battery life.

Screen Position and Size

The position of the always-on display can be moved to different areas of the screen. You can also resize it and adjust the transparency.

Brightness Level

Choose your preferred brightness level for the always-on display for the perfect balance between visibility and battery usage.

Per App Control

Granular settings for notifications, music controls, and quick note taking can be configured per app. For example, you could enable music controls only for your preferred music app.

Tasker Integration

For advanced customization, the app supports Tasker for full automation and triggering the always-on display based on contextual events.

Icon Packs

Extra icon packs can be downloaded to change the aesthetic of icons in the always-on display.

With its deep customization options, Always On provides the flexibility to craft a tailored always-on display experience.

Always On MOD APK


The app features a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to configure your desired always-on display setup.

Setup Wizard

When you first launch the app, it guides you through a setup wizard to walk you through enabling necessary permissions, selecting a clock design, and allowing notifications for the apps you want alerts from. This makes it easy for first-time users to get started.

Main Screen

The main screen displays a preview of your current always-on display design. You can tap on elements to configure them. Icons at the bottom allow quick access to screens for notifications, app shortcuts, automatic rules, and settings.

Individual Configuration Screens

Diving into the various configuration screens, you’re presented with simple menus and toggles to customize all aspects of the always-on display to your liking. Changes are instantly reflected on the main screen preview.

In-App Theme Selection

A choice of light or dark theme for the app itself is available to match your preferences.

The well-designed interface combined with the setup wizard makes customizing your ideal always-on display intuitive and straightforward.

Battery Usage

A common concern with always-on display apps is the potential negative impact on battery life. However, Always On includes several optimizations to keep battery drain to a minimum.

OLED Black Mode

On devices with OLED displays, pixels displaying black do not use power. Always On has a dedicated OLED black mode that displays pure blacks for the background which helps improve battery efficiency.

Display Timeout

As mentioned in the customization section, you can set the display to turn off after a configurable timeout duration while keeping notifications in a low power state. This prevents the screen being on constantly.

Automatic Rules

Using the automatic rules, you can disable the always-on display during certain times and situations when you don’t need it to preserve battery life. For example, you can disable it at night while charging.

Battery Saver Mode

A dedicated battery saver mode is available that disables non-essential features like music playback info and weather data to conserve power.

Battery Usage Statistics

The app provides battery usage statistics so you can monitor the battery impact of Always On and tweak settings to optimize it if needed.

With OLED optimization, timeout settings, and battery saver options, Always On aims to minimize battery drain from the always-on display. But actual battery impact will depend on your specific usage.

Always On MOD APK

User Experience

After extensively testing Always On as my daily driver always-on display app for months, here are some notable aspects of the user experience:

Easy First Time Setup

The setup wizard makes it very quick and easy to get Always On configured and active for the first time. Within minutes, you can have a working always-on display.

Intuitive Customization

The multitude of customization options could be overwhelming, but the settings menus are well organized and adjustable settings clearly labeled, making tailoring Always On to your needs intuitive.

Excellent Notification Support

Notifications worked flawlessly in my testing, with alerts properly displayed on the always-on display for both stock and third-party apps. Notification support is extensive.

Useful Music Controls

The music controls are handy for quickly seeing track info and controlling playback right from the always-on screen. Worked reliably with various music apps.

Handy Quick Notes

I found myself using the quick note taking feature often to jot down thoughts and to-do items on the fly without turning on the phone. Notes are saved for later reference.

Negligible Battery Impact

Battery life impact was minimal in my experience. Always On used only 3-5% battery over 15-18 hours of use when configured conservatively. The OLED optimization helps a lot.

Occasional Laggy Performance

A minor nuisance is that transitions and animations can sometimes be a little laggy when waking/turning off the display on low-end devices, but not detrimental overall.

Some Force Closes

I also encountered occasional random force closes of the app, likely due to compatibility issues with certain devices. A minor annoyance that only requires restarting the app.

Overall, the user experience is excellent, with the app providing a smooth and fully-featured always-on display solution for Android. The few minor performance kinks don’t detract significantly from usability.

Always On MOD APK

Bottom Line

Always On excels in providing a customizable always-on display packed with useful features and optimized for minimal battery drain. The few rough edges in performance can be overlooked given the versatility and configurability Always On offers for crafting a tailored always-on display experience on Android.

If you want an always-on display that balances customization and battery efficiency, Always On is a superb choice and easy to recommend for most Android users. It has become my personal go-to always-on display app.


  • Wide range of customization options
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Excellent notification support
  • Useful music controls
  • Handy quick note taking
  • OLED optimization for battery efficiency
  • Automatic rules to limit battery usage
  • Smooth overall performance


  • Occasional laggy transitions
  • Sporadic force closes
  • In-app purchases for additional design packs

Always On competes in a crowded field of alternative always-on display apps for Android. Here is how it compares to some other popular options:

App Pros Cons
Always On AMOLED Highly customizable, OLED optimized Laggy at times, steeper learning curve
AOA: Always On Display Attractive designs, edge lighting Limited customization, battery drain
Always On Display Samsung Deep integration with Samsung devices Samsung only, lacks customization
Pixel Ambient Display Seamless on Pixel devices Pixel exclusive, very basic

Among third-party options, Always On stands out for its unparalleled customization capabilities and focus on battery optimization, albeit with some minor performance quirks. It offers the best balance of features and efficiency.

For Samsung users, the 1st party Samsung Always On Display app offers tighter integration. Pixel Ambient Display provides a more basic but polished experience for Pixel devices.

But as a versatile cross-device always-on display app, Always On is a top choice that ticks all the right boxes.

Always On MOD APK

The Verdict

Always On is a robust and highly customizable always-on display app that makes it easy to stay on top of the time, notifications, and other key info without waking your Android device.

The combination of ample features, deep configurability, and battery saving options makes Always On one of the most capable always-on display solutions available.

Minor performance kinks now and then can be overlooked given the versatility you get shaping Always On to your preferences. All said, Always On remains one of the best Android apps for enabling an always-on display experience on your device.

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