Alien Invasion APK 3.0.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode]

Alien Invasion APK 3.0.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode]

App Name Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space
Genre Arcade
Latest Version 3.0.39
Update on Jan 18, 2024
Requirements 6.0
Get it on Google Play
Alien Invasion MOD APK [Unlimited Money/God Mode] is an exciting and unique RPG game that puts players in control of an alien invasion mod apk force with the goal of destroying all humanity. With its mix of idle gameplay, RPG elements, and terrifying alien theme, it offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience on mobile.

Alien Invasion MOD APK


In Alien Invasion APK 3.0.39, you take on the role of an alien commander leading an invasion of Earth. Your objectives are to evolve your alien species, build your invasion force, and wipe out the human population. Gameplay involves managing resources, unlocking new abilities and units, and strategically choosing which parts of the world to target first.

The game features a variety of terrifying alien units like spiders and xenomorphs along with human military forces trying to resist you. With its eerie soundtrack and apocalyptic visuals, Alien Invasion APK MOD pulls you into its creepy atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Idle/RPG hybrid gameplay – Manage resources, evolve aliens, unlock new units
  • Variety of alien units – Spiders, xenomorphs, mutants, and more
  • Apocalyptic world – Watch as cities fall and humanity struggles
  • Eerie atmosphere – Creepy visuals and audio

Alien Invasion MOD APK

Main Features

Evolving Aliens

A key part of Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlimited Money is evolving your aliens into even more terrifying and deadly creatures. As you play, you’ll unlock new evolution stages and abilities that make your units stronger. It’s satisfying to watch your aliens go from spiders to giant mutant monsters.

Destructive Battles

When you send your aliens to attack cities and military bases, you’ll get to watch destructive battles play out. Alien Invasion MOD APK has very cinematic attack animations as your creatures tear through tanks, aircraft, and infantry. Seeing famous landmarks get swarmed by aliens never gets old.

Idle Progression

Even when you’re not actively playing, your alien horde continues to grow and evolve. Alien Invasion MOD APK features idle progression mechanics where you’ll come back to new resources, units, and upgrades after being away. This makes growth feel constant.

Apocalyptic World

As you destroy more of Earth’s major cities and industrial centers, the world falls further into apocalyptic chaos. News reports and distress calls paint a picture of a world slowly realizing it’s doomed. It’s very atmospheric.

Varied Environments

You can invade a wide variety of environments like deserts, jungles, Arctic regions, and island nations. The game has 100+ beautifully rendered locations you can target, each with unique landscapes and city designs.

Multiple Game Modes

Alien Invasion MOD APK God Mods features different gameplay modes like story mode, endless mode, and challenge mode. Each offers a slightly different experience from managing the full invasion to completing specific objectives.

Research Upgrades

You can upgrade your alien units with different abilities and bonuses by researching new technologies. Invest resources into upgrades like attack power, speed, armor, and more to create an unstoppable force.

Achievements & Leaderboards

For those looking to 100% the game, there are tons of achievements you can earn for hitting certain milestones. You can also compete on the leaderboards to see who can conquer Earth the fastest.

Alien Invasion MOD APK

What is the Mod APK?

The Alien Invasion MOD APK 3.0.39 is a hacked version of the game that gives you access to unlimited money and premium purchases. This means you can fast track your alien evolution and progression without worrying about resources.

Some key perks of the mod include:

  • Unlimited money
  • All units/upgrades unlocked
  • God mode (invincibility)
  • Increased attack power
  • No ads

With the mod enabled, you can focus purely on the fun parts like evolving aliens, invading cities, and watching humanity fall without annoying resource grinding or waiting. It makes for an even more enjoyable experience.

How to Download and Install

On Mobile:

  1. Go to the website on your device
  2. Tap the “Download MOD APK” button
  3. Install the downloaded APK file
  4. Enable install from unknown sources if prompted
  5. Open Alien Invasion MOD APK and enjoy!

On PC (Emulator):

  1. Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player
  2. Install the emulator and login to Google Play if prompted
  3. Search for “Alien Invasion MOD APK” in the Play Store
  4. Install the game through the emulator
  5. Download the mod APK from
  6. Drag and drop the mod APK file into the emulator
  7. Run Alien Invasion MOD APK through the emulator with mods enabled

Alien Invasion MOD APK


Is the mod APK safe to use?

Yes, the Alien Invasion modded APK  is 100% safe to use. It is a private server mod that simply unlocks all content for free. It does not contain any viruses or malware.

Do I need to root my device?

No root required! The mod works on any standard Android device.

Does the mod work on iOS?

Unfortunately no. The Alien Invasion modded APK is only available for Android devices.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

Nope! The mod APK works on a private server so your account progress is not affected. You won’t get banned.

How do I enable god mode?

God mode should be enabled by default in the mod APK. If not, toggle it on through the in-game settings menu.

Is there a mod for iOS?

There is no official iOS mod currently available. The game can only be modded on Android devices.

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Alien Invasion MOD APK


For fans of alien themes and idle RPG gameplay, Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlocked All offers a refreshingly unique premise combining both. The mod APK makes it even better by providing unlimited money and quick progression. If you want to jump right into evolving terrifying aliens and watching cities fall with no resource grinding, download the Alien Invasion mod today!

Alien Invasion APK 3.0.39 MOD [Unlimited Money/God Mode]

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