Age of Ants APK 1.17 MOD [Unlimited Money] for Android

Age of Ants APK 1.17 MOD [Unlimited Money] for Android

App Name Age of Ants: Bug War Simulator
Publisher Funmaker Global Games
Genre Simulation
Size 94 MB
Latest Version 1.11
Update on Sep 9, 2023
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Age of Ants MOD APK [Unlimited Money] is an entertaining idle simulator game for Android where you manage an ant colony, collect resources to expand your nest, and battle rival colonies. With simple yet strategic gameplay, vibrant graphics, and the ability to unlock new units, it offers hours of addictive fun. Let’s explore what makes this ant colony builder so engaging.

Age of Ants MOD APK

Key Features of Age of Ants

Resource Collection and Base Upgrades

You start with a small, humble ant nest and steadily accumulate food, wood, gold and gems to upgrade your headquarters and unlock new structures like barracks, labs, and nurseries. The more you upgrade, the more bugs you can spawn.

Recruit Ant Units and Generals

There are over 50 unique battle units like soldier ants, spider crickets and beetles, each with special abilities. Promote ants to become Generals to lead your squads. Send them to gather resources or launch raids.

Conquer Enemy Nests

As your empire grows, wage war against rival colonies. Attack their nests to steal resources and kidnap their Queen! Use smart tactics and upgrades to defend your own base as well.

Idle Gameplay

Even when you’re offline, your ants collect resources automatically. Log in to spend these on new buildings and units. Simple, no-fuss gameplay makes this easy to pick up and play.

Vibrant Graphics

Zoomed-in animations and environments portray the ant world beautifully. Detailed unit designs let you appreciate nature’s tiny warriors. Smooth performance even on mid-range devices.

No Pay-To-Win Elements

You can progress at a satisfying rate without spending real money. No excessive grinding or wait times. Optional rewards for ads and IAPs to speed up growth.

Offline Play

Internet connection not needed once downloaded, making it great for playing on the go. Your progress saves locally for picking up whenever you want.

Age of Ants MOD APK

What is the Age of Ants Mod APK?

The Age of Ants MOD APK 1.17 on is a hacked version of the game with unlimited money and increased rewards from raids. This lets you fully upgrade everything and progress much faster compared to the base game.

Key Features of the Mod APK

  • Unlimited Gems, Food and Resources – Keep collecting and upgrading endlessly without worrying about costs.
  • Max Raid Rewards – Raiding enemy colonies yields doubled bonuses so your empire grows faster.
  • Everything Unlocked – All units, buildings and research available without needing to reach certain levels.
  • No Ads – Enjoy the game ad-free without interruptions or pop-ups.

Age of Ants MOD APK

How to Download and Install the Mod APK

Downloading and installing the modded APK only takes a few minutes. Follow these steps:

On Mobile

  1. Click on the download link for the latest mod APK file below.
  2. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Android settings if prompted.
  3. Locate and install the downloaded APK file.
  4. Enjoy the full unlocked game with unlimited resources!

On PC using Emulator

  1. Download and install an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox Player on your computer.
  2. Download the mod APK file from the link below within the emulator browser.
  3. Navigate to the download location and install the APK.
  4. Start playing Age of Ants MOD APK Unlimited Money on your PC!

Age of Ants MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the modded app safe to download?

Yes, the unlocked app is 100% safe as it doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. It’s the original game just tweaked to have added perks.

Will I get banned for using the mod?

No, you can confidently use the mod without worrying about bans. It works offline without connecting to game servers.

Does the mod work on both Android and PC?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of the mod either on an Android device directly or by installing it via an emulator on Windows/Mac.

Does it require a rooted device?

No rooting needed! The mod works flawlessly on non-rooted devices too. Just enable install from “Unknown Sources” during first-time setup.

Will my old game progress carry over?

Unfortunately not – installing the mod APK starts a fresh new save file. But you’ll advance much quicker thanks to unlimited resources.

Homescapes APK

Age of Ants MOD APK

So give the Age of Ants modded APK a try for an enhanced, unrestricted ant colony building experience! Construct mighty nests, amass vast armies, and conquer the insect world today.

Age of Ants APK 1.17 MOD [Unlimited Money] for Android

  • Increased Reward

Let's Go!!!

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