Adobe Premiere Rush APK MOD (Premium Subscription Unlocked)

Adobe Premiere Rush APK MOD (Premium Subscription Unlocked)

App Name Adobe Premiere Rush: Video
Publisher Adobe
Genre Video Players & Editors
Latest Version
Update on Dec 4, 2023
Requirements 9
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Adobe Premiere Rush is a versatile video editing app for Android devices. With powerful tools and intuitive interface, it makes video creation and sharing easy and fast.

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK


Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one cross-device video editing app that allows you to capture, edit and share videos from your Android device. Some of the key features include:

Seamless editing experience

  • Start editing on Android, continue on desktop
  • Sync projects across devices
  • Workflows optimized for social media

Pro-quality capture

  • Shoot videos with more control right from the app
  • Import media from cloud storage

Intuitive editing tools

  • Arrange clips quickly with drag and drop
  • Trim, crop, adjust speed
  • Enhance color, add graphics

Optimized sharing

  • Export for social media sites
  • Add titles, descriptions, metadata
  • Share in up to 4K resolution

Interface and Workflows

The interface of Premiere Rush on Android is clean and intuitive. Here’s an overview of the key screens and workflows:

Project browser

This is the starting point to:

  • Create new projects
  • Open existing projects
  • Import media from cloud storage

Project browser

Media browser

Lets you:

  • Import videos, images from cloud storage
  • Record videos directly in the app
  • Add free music tracks

Media browser

Editing timeline

  • Arrange clips in multi-track timeline
  • Trim, crop, adjust speed
  • Enhance color, add graphics

Editing timeline

Export screen

  • Export video at resolution up to 4K
  • Share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Export screen

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK

Key Features

Here are some of the standout features of Premiere Rush on Android:

Shoot high quality videos

The built-in camera functionality lets you capture videos conveniently right from the app. You get granular controls over focus, exposure, flash settings and more for pro-quality results.

Audio ducking

This clever feature automatically lowers background audio when you speak over it. This ensures your voice remains clear without having to manually adjust volumes.

Sync projects across devices

You can start editing on your Android phone and continue seamlessly on your desktop with project sync. This flexibility to work across devices is extremely convenient.

Animated titles

Make your videos pop with animated titles and text. There are tons of templates to choose from spanning different styles and genres.

Animated titles

4K export

You can export your final videos at resolutions up to 4K, ensuring top quality results. The ability to export videos at such high resolutions is rare among mobile video editing apps.

Direct sharing to social media

A big time saver is the ability to share edited videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc from within the app. You can add titles, descriptions and other metadata while sharing.

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK


System requirements:

Adobe Premiere Rush requires Android 5.0 or later. It works best on devices with at least 3GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series or higher chipset.


Thanks to native 64-bit support and multi-core processing, the app feels snappy even when working on high resolution footage. Complex edits and effects are rendered without noticeable slowdowns on current generation flagship phones.

Of course, older devices with less RAM may feel slightly more sluggish in comparison. But the performance should be adequate for most users.


In my testing, Premiere Rush proved to be very stable even when working on longer project timelines and 4K footage. The app did not crash even once, which is impressive considering this is a video editor meant for mobile devices.

Auto-saves ensure you won’t lose any work even if the app closes unexpectedly.

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK

User Interface

The user interface has been thoughtfully designed for mobile devices:

Clean layout

The editing screens utilize the extra screen real estate nicely. The multi-track timeline, preview and tool panels are neatly arranged without feeling cramped.

Intuitive controls

Common editing tools like trimming, cropping, adding titles are conveniently placed for easy access. The controls are intuitive and interactive, allowing accurate edits.

Touch optimization

Buttons and sliders are sized appropriately for touch input. Using typical multi-touch gestures you can swiftly navigate between clips and zoom in on the timeline.

Familiar workflows

For those familiar with Premiere Pro on desktop, the Rush workflows will feel instantly familiar. This makes it easy for users to switch between desktop and mobile.

Easy to learn

The app is designed keeping in mind casual users. Very little video editing experience is required to get started. The built-in tips are handy to learn the basic concepts.

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK


There are a couple of options to access Adobe Premiere Rush on Android devices:

1. Free Starter Plan

Lets you:

  • Create unlimited projects
  • Export 3 projects for free

2. Paid plans

a) Premiere Rush single app plan

$9.99 per month with 100GB cloud storage

b) Creative Cloud All Apps plan

$52.99 per month, includes 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps

For casual users, the free plan should suffice for basic video editing needs. But advanced users would benefit from a paid subscription for premium features, additional cloud storage and cross-device project syncing.

Adobe Premiere Rush MOD APK

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive mobile interface
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Shoot high quality videos from app
  • Animated titles & graphics
  • Audio ducking
  • 4K export resolution
  • Direct social media sharing
  • Stable performance
  • Free Starter plan



Adobe Premiere Rush makes video editing on Android devices fast and focused. Its versatile tools, intuitive controls and multi-platform support should appeal to casual and professional users alike. For social media content creators on the go, it is one of the best mobile video editing solutions available.

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