adidas Running: Run Tracker (Mod, Unlocked) 13.25 Apk

adidas Running: Run Tracker (Mod, Unlocked) 13.25 Apk

adidas Running: Run Tracker App Review

App Name adidas Running: Run Tracker
Publisher Adidas Runtastic
Genre Health & Fitness
Update on Dec 19, 2023
Get it on Google Play
The adidas Running app is a popular choice for runners looking to track their workouts and monitor their progress. With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this free app offers a robust set of features tailored specifically for runners.


adidas Running is a fitness tracker app developed by adidas that allows you to record running sessions, set goals, join challenges, analyze your progress, and connect with the running community.

Key Features

Here are 5 of the most important features in the adidas Running app:

  1. GPS Tracking
    • Uses phone’s GPS to accurately track running pace, distance, route, elevation, and more
    • View route maps for each activity right in the app
  2. Audio Coaching
    • Get real-time audio feedback on your pace, distance, time during runs
    • Coaches can be customized to your goals
  3. Training Plans
    • Choose from various coached plans for 5K, 10K races, etc tailored to your fitness level
    • Adaptive plans adjust based on your progress
  4. Challenges & Community
    • Join monthly running challenges to stay motivated
    • Connect with and compete against other runners
    • Share runs and progress on social media
  5. Progress Monitoring
    • View detailed stats for each activity like splits, cadence, stride, heart rate (with compatible device)
    • Track shoe mileage
    • Analyze progress over time with graphs and reports

Using the App

Getting started with adidas Running is quick and easy. Simply download the app and sign up for an account. You can connect the app to external sensors like heart rate monitors, foot pods, headphones and even adidas running watches to unlock additional metrics.

Before your first run, take some time to personalize your profile, set goals, and tweak preferences in the settings. Then when you’re ready to track an outdoor run, just tap the big pink start button and your activity will be recorded via GPS. The app provides real-time stats through audio coaching prompts during your runs.

Back in the app after your run, you can view a detailed breakdown with maps, charts, shoe mileage and more to evaluate your performance. Your activities automatically sync across devices so your run data is always with you.

Motivating Features

While the core features provide runners with the essentials for tracking runs, adidas Running also includes some unique motivating elements:


Monthly challenges ranging from distance goals to exploring new routes push you stay consistent. You can participate solo or join a challenge group with friends. Completing challenges earns you badges and bragging rights.


The routes feature suggests popular running paths wherever you are based on the app’s global community data. You can browse routes, preview details like elevation and sights, then start a run and easily navigate the route with turn-by-turn guidance.

Audio Energy

For an extra motivational boost, turn on Audio Energy. This uses the pace of your music to drive the tempo of the audio coaching prompts during your run. As your speed increases, the coaching guidance automatically gets more intense to match the music.


As you rack up more miles and break personal records, the app will unlock achievements to highlight your major accomplishments. This gamification element taps into our innate desire for recognition.

Premium Subscription

While the free version of adidas Running provides a great experience, upgrading to premium unlocks some useful advanced features:

  • Training Plans – Get custom coached plans for races from 5K to marathon
  • Form Coaching – Receive real-time feedback on your running form via your phone’s sensors
  • Race Day Predictor – Uses your training data to estimate your ideal race day finish time based on fitness
  • Heart Rate Analysis – Detailed breakdown of your heart rate zones with color coding
  • Interval Guidance – Get prompts for high intensity interval sessions based on your goals

The premium subscription costs $5.99 per month or $29.99 annually. There is also an option for a lifetime unlock for $79.99.

Room for Improvement

While adidas packed their app with features for runners, there is still room for improvement in a few areas:

  • Custom Workouts – Ability to build custom intervals, fartleks, etc more easily without relying solely on training plans
  • Form Drills – Guidance and tracking for running-specific strength and form drills
  • Groups – More formal community groups tied to local stores and running clubs
  • Leaderboard – Public leaderboards to compare performance on segments and challenges globally

Adding some of these missing elements would make adidas Running more of a central hub for runners’ needs.


For new runners looking for guidance as well as veterans chasing new PRs, the adidas Running app provides an excellent free tracking experience. The audio coaching features make it simple to monitor your pace and distance mid-run while the detailed statistics help analyze your workouts after. Premium unlocks additional insights for seasoned runners.

While there are still some gaps around building custom workouts and connecting locally, adidas Running is one of the top running apps available today thanks to the polished user experience optimized specifically for runners’ needs.

So whether you’re signed up for your first 5K or aiming to bounce back from an injury, download adidas Running and let their technology give you the extra push you need.

We've made a couple of improvements to make sure the app is fully functioning for you. Just install the update and continue using the app!

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