Smule APK 11.3.9 MOD (VIP Unlocked, Unlimited Coins)

Smule APK 11.3.9 MOD (VIP Unlocked, Unlimited Coins)

App Name Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos
Publisher Smule
Genre Music & Audio
Size 118 MB
Latest Version 11.3.9
Update on Nov 20, 2023
Requirements 5.0
Mod info VIP Unlocked, Unlimited Coins
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Smule is a popular karaoke and social singing app available for both iOS and Android. With over 100 million downloads, Smule allows users to sing and record songs, create music videos, and connect with a community of music lovers. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features of Smule for Android, who it’s best suited for, tips for getting started, and an overall evaluation of the app.


Overview of Smule

Smule was launched in 2008 and the Android app first became available in 2013. Some of the standout features of Smule include:

  • Huge song catalog – Access a library of over 10 million songs covering all genres including pop, rock, rap, country, musical theater, and more.
  • Audio effects – Add studio-quality vocal effects and audio filters like reverb, echo, pitch correction, and more to polish your recordings.
  • Video filters – Enhance your music videos with fun filters, stickers, and visual effects.
  • Duets – Sing duets with celebrities, other Smule users, or create group collaborations.
  • Community – Connect with other music lovers by following profiles, sharing your creations, commenting, and liking others’ content.
  • Challenges – Participate in monthly singing challenges and contests to win prizes.
  • Live performances – Go live and sing for an audience of other Smule users in real-time with the Sing Live feature.

Interface and Navigation

The Smule interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. At the bottom you’ll find a tab bar with 5 main sections – Explore, Songbook, Activity, Profile, and More.

The Explore tab is where you can discover new music and people. Browse trending songs, popular profiles to follow, and curated playlists. Use search to find specific songs, artists, users, or hashtags.

Songbook contains your personal library of saved songs and past recordings. You can also access purchases and downloads here.

Activity shows a feed of your notifications, likes, comments, and friend activity.

Profile is your public profile other users see. Edit your bio, profile pic, posts, and see your follower count.

More provides access to settings, challenges, help content, and more app features.

Overall, Smule makes it simple to find new songs to perform and connect with other users. The navigation system creates a smooth user experience across the app.


Singing Songs

Singing songs with Smule is easy and fun. Just pick a track from your library or search, then record your vocals over the instrumental backing track. As the song plays, lyrics are highlighted karaoke-style so you can follow along.

One of the best features is the ability to add audio effects. Smule has high-quality vocal effects like reverb, echo, compression, pitch correction, harmonies, and more. This helps polish and enhance your recordings.

You can sing privately just for practice, or go public and share your creations with the Smule community. Use video filters like black and white, vintage, glitch, and more to add some visual flair.

Advanced users can dive into creating their own “Styles” for songs using the Style Studio feature. Styles allow you to customize audio and visual elements on a song-by-song basis to make each performance unique.

Duets and Group Collaborations

One of the most popular ways to use Smule is for duets. You can sing duets with celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Sia, Shawn Mendes, and more by singing along to their official recordings.

You can also search songs and see available collaborations from other Smule users to join. Or create your own duet and invite others to sing with you.

For group collabs, you can have up to 10 collaborators on one song. This opens the door for huge creativity, layering harmonies, call and response, and a mix of voices.

Duets and group songs make performing more social, letting you connect with others through music.


Community Features

The community aspect is a big part of what makes Smule special. With over 50 million monthly active users, you can follow and interact with tons of fellow music lovers.

Profiles let you share your musical identity. Add a bio, profile pic, posts, and more to your page. You’ll gain followers as you share your songs and engage with others.

Discover new people through hashtags like #countrymusic, #acapella, or #rap. Follow friends from Facebook or your contacts to connect on Smule.

Engage with the community by commenting on performances, liking content, and sharing your musical point of view. You can also direct message other users.

Overall the social features make Smule a thriving platform for collaborating and sharing your passion for music.

Challenges and Contests

Smule keeps things fun and interesting by hosting monthly challenges and contests. These give you opportunities to win prizes, gain exposure, and challenge your musical skills.

Recent examples include a Selena Gomez singing challenge, duet contest for a chance to win a trip to Smule HQ, and a Smule Family challenge.

Challenges also add some friendly competition. You can see challenge leaderboards showing the top and most-liked entries.

It’s a great way to push your creativity, get involved with promotion on the app, and work on different singing styles.


Live Performances

The Sing Live feature lets you stream real-time audio performances. Go live at any time and sing for an audience of other Smule users.

During live shows you can see comments and reactions roll in as you perform. It’s an easy way to share your gift of music without having to edit recordings.

You can start your own live stream or join in on a live performance already happening. The sets typically run 10-20 minutes so it’s not a huge time commitment.

Sing Live provides a new way to interact with the Smule community in real-time through the power of music.

Creating Music Videos

Another way to showcase your creativity is by producing your own music videos with Smule. You can use it as both a recording studio and video editor.

Start by recording your vocals and adding audio effects. Then add some video flair using filters, stickers, text, and more.

Once you have the audio and video elements created within Smule, you can combine them with external video clips from your camera roll or other sources.

This makes the process super simple. Smule removes the hassle of editing everything together in a separate video editing app.

The ability to easily create music videos opens up new possibilities for sharing your work on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and beyond.


Who is Smule Best For?

Smule appeals to a wide audience of music lovers and aspiring singers. Here’s a breakdown of who can benefit most from the app:

  • Casual singers – People who love to sing in the car or shower can now do it anywhere. Smule provides a judgement-free zone to sing your heart out.
  • Karaoke fans – With its huge song catalog and audio effects, Smule is a singer’s paradise for karaoke. Far better than just reading lyrics on a screen.
  • Teen and adult singers – Whether you’re an aspiring singer or seasoned pro, Smule helps you improve your technique, expand your repertoire, and share your gift.
  • Musicians and songwriters – Collaborate with other musicians. Promote your original songs. Turn Smule performances into music video content.
  • Performers – Smule provides a platform to help build an audience and fanbase as a performer.
  • Confidence builders – The community support helps new singers gain confidence and fall in love with their voice.

No matter your skill level or musical background, Smule has something to offer.

Tips for Getting Started

Here are some useful tips to help you get started and make the most of Smule:

  • Take it slow – Start with singing privately or only sharing with close friends. This helps you get comfortable with performing.
  • Use audio effects – Even professional singers use effects! Effects like reverb and compression help you sound amazing.
  • Follow friends and contacts – Connect with people you know to start engaging with the community.
  • Use hashtags – Use relevant hashtags like #country or #rap to help people find and share your content.
  • Learn songs – Expand your musical knowledge by learning songs in new genres. This helps improve vocal agility.
  • Set a goal – Give yourself a goal like recording 1 new song per week. Goals keep you motivated to improve.
  • Have fun! – Create music you’re passionate about. Don’t worry about perfection. Smule is about expressing your love for music.

Premium Membership Options

Smule offers several premium membership options that provide additional features:

  • VIP Weekly – $7.99 per week. Unlocks unlimited solos and duets.
  • VIP Monthly – $9.99 per month. The best value option.
  • VIP Yearly – $47.99 per year. Paid upfront annually.
  • Super VIP – $99.99 per year. Unlimited access to all songs and features.

Premium access allows you to sing unlimited solos and create unlimited duets. You also gain access to the full song catalog, with over 10 million tracks. Other perks include no ads, exclusive challenges, and 50% off Style purchases.

For casual users, the free version of Smule still provides plenty of value. But the premium options are worth considering if you use the app daily and want unlimited access.


Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize some of the key pros and cons of using Smule:


  • Massive song catalog from all genres
  • High-quality vocal effects
  • Fun video filters and visual elements
  • Collaborate and sing duets with a huge community
  • Simple interface and navigation
  • Monthly challenges and contests
  • Go live anytime and perform for real audiences
  • Easy to create music videos
  • VIP options for unlimited access


  • Can get expensive with paid VIP subscription
  • Some songs/versions not available in free tier
  • Live shows can have tech/lag issues
  • Must manage privacy settings carefully
  • Features sometimes launch first on iOS


Smule delivers an impressive karaoke and social music experience, especially for passionate singers looking to improve their craft and connect with a community.

The combination of high-quality audio effects, video filters, massive song selection, and collaborative features creates endless possibilities. While the free version is quite capable, hardcore users may want a premium plan for unlimited access.

There are minor issues like lag on live performances and some features rolling out on iOS before Android. Overall though, Smule is a top-notch app for singing and sharing your musical gifts with the world.

The welcoming, positive community helps singers of all skill levels grow in confidence. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced vocalist, Smule has something to offer to help improve your singing skills while having fun.

If you have a love for music and singing, Smule is absolutely worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Smule for Android:

Does Smule have pitch correction or auto-tune?

Yes! Smule includes a pitch correction audio effect to help you sing perfectly in tune. There are also effects like harmonies and vocoders to enhance your voice.

Can I use Bluetooth mics or headsets with Smule?

Yes, Smule has support for using external Bluetooth microphones and headsets. This allows you to record higher quality vocals.

Is there a way to change the key of songs to match my vocal range?

Currently there is no way to change the key or pitch of the backing track within Smule. You can use pitch correction or harmonies to match your range.

How do I find and connect with friends on Smule?

You can search for friends by name or connect your Facebook account. Tap the profile icon, go to “Find and Invite Friends” and then link to Facebook.

Can I upload my own song backing tracks?

Smule does not currently allow uploading custom backing tracks. You are limited to singing along to songs in their catalog.

Does Smule work offline?

No, Smule requires an internet connection to stream song tracks and share content. There is no offline mode available.

How much data does Smule use?

Data usage will depend on your usage, but expect around 150MB per hour of singing based on streaming audio and video.

Can I save my Smule recordings to my device?

Right now there is no way to directly save Smule recordings offline to your device storage or camera roll. You can screen record your performance to capture it.

How do I report inappropriate content or users?

You can report content within Smule by tapping the “…” menu and choosing “Report”. You can block users from interacting with you as well.

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  • VIP Unlocked

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