Memrise APK 2023.11.22.0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Memrise APK 2023.11.22.0 MOD (Premium Unlocked)


App Name Memrise: speak a new language
Publisher Memrise
Genre Education
Size 25 MB
Latest Version 2023.11.22.0
Update on Nov 22, 2023
Requirements 8.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked
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Memrise is a popular language learning app available on Android, iOS, and web. It uses spaced repetition and mnemonics to help users memorize vocabulary efficiently.

Memrise MOD APK

User Interface and Design

The Memrise Android app features a clean, modern design that’s easy to navigate. The colors are vibrant without being distracting, and the layout is intuitive.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with the main menu. This includes options to view your learning progress, start a lesson, access courses, and more. Tapping on a menu item smoothly transitions you to that screen.

Within lessons and courses, screens are thoughtfully laid out. Options are clear while maintaining a simple aesthetic. For example, when learning new words you can easily tap audio, view definitions, or mark the word as learned.

The app offers both portrait and landscape mode. This flexibility lets you use Memrise comfortably on phones or larger devices like tablets.

Navigation is seamless between the main menu, courses, and lessons. The interface makes it simple to access all of Memrise’s key features with just a few taps.

Overall, the visual design is clean and intuitive. The app is responsive without any lag or performance issues. The interface allows you to focus on learning rather than navigating.

Courses and Content

Memrise provides courses in a wide range of languages. The courses teach vocabulary, phrases, grammar, pronunciation, and more.

For popular languages like Spanish, French, and German, there are multiple course options targeted to different levels and goals. You can start as a total beginner or work towards fluency with advanced courses.

Less common languages have fewer course options. However, many languages have at least one quality beginner course to start with.

In addition to language courses, Memrise offers content to learn history, science, math, trivia and more. These courses help round out your knowledge while reinforcing the spaced repetition methodology.

All courses are divided into themed levels and lessons. This structure makes digesting the content more manageable.

The courses are a mix of content created by Memrise and user generated courses. The official courses tend to be more comprehensive and higher quality. User generated courses can be hit or miss depending on the creator.

Overall, the number of languages and variety of courses is outstanding. There’s engaging content available for just about any language you want to learn as a beginner or intermediate student.

Memrise MOD APK

Learning Features and Tools

Memrise provides in-depth language learning through a variety of interactive exercises and tools.


At its core, Memrise uses digital flashcards to teach vocabulary. Flashcards form the basis for most lessons.

Each flashcard shows the word or phrase in your target language. You can tap to reveal the translation and pronunciation. Images and audio provide context and aid memorization.

Flashcards use spaced repetition to maximize memorization. Words you struggle with come up more often, while you see mastered cards less frequently.

Listening and Speaking Practice

Developing listening comprehension and speaking skills is crucial for language learning. Memrise emphasizes these areas.

Courses include extensive native speaker audio recordings. You listen to the audio to reinforce vocabulary. In some courses you can record your own speech and compare it side-by-side.

The courses are heavy on listening compared to speaking. But mimicking the native audio develops basic pronunciation and speaking skills.

Grammar Lessons

Beyond vocabulary, some Memrise courses incorporate grammar lessons. These lessons explain grammar rules through notes, charts and example sentences.

Grammar lessons allow you to gain a deeper understanding of a language. However, they are more limited than vocabulary content. Only some courses provide grammar instruction.


While reading, listening and speaking are emphasized, writing takes a backseat on Memrise. There are no dedicated writing exercises or feedback.

However, you do gain exposure to the written language through flashcards and lessons. Overall, Memrise focuses more on active recall than producing written text.

Adaptive Learning

Memrise uses adaptive learning technology to personalize lessons based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Words you struggle with come up more frequently. Once mastered, cards are shown less often so you can focus on weaker areas.

Over time, lessons adapt to reinforce concepts you find difficult. This helps the learning process stick better.

Offline Access

You can download Memrise courses for offline use when you don’t have an internet connection. This is handy for learning on planes, subways, or other places without steady connectivity.

Downloaded lessons make it easy to stay on track with your learning routine, even without internet access.

Memrise MOD APK

Gamification and Motivation

Memrise leverages gamification techniques to motivate you during the learning process. It adds an element of fun and friendly competition.

Points and Levels

You earn points for completing lessons and mastering words. Earning points helps you level up within a course.

Reaching new levels feels rewarding and shows your progress. Leveling up unlocks new content and abilities.

Seeing your points accumulate motivates you to keep learning regularly. It scratches that itch to earn rewards through knowledge.


You can compare your points and levels with friends and the global Memrise community through leaderboards.

Leaderboards add a competitive element to language learning. You can see how your progress measures up against peers.

Passing friends on the leaderboard provides motivation to learn more. You can even form duels against friends to compete directly.


Memrise tracks how many consecutive days you engage in learning. Keeping your streak alive motivates you to come back daily.

Long streaks require consistency. Maintaining a long streak takes perseverance through both motivation highs and lows.

Streaks encourage you to form a language learning habit. The psychology of maintaining a streak helps language stick better in the long run.


You earn achievements for hitting milestones like completing lessons, mastering words, and more.

Achievements provide little bursts of encouragement as you learn. They help break up lessons into smaller accomplishments.

Unlocking achievements engages your inner completionist. You’ll want to keep learning to collect all achievements available.

Memrise MOD APK

Pricing and Subscriptions

Memrise offers a free tier with limited access and paid subscriptions that unlock full access.

The free version provides a good amount of content to try the app and see if you like it. However, the volume of courses and features is restricted.

Premium Plus gives you access to all courses, features, and downloads for an annual or monthly fee. There is also a one-time payment for lifetime access.

While not required, the paid tiers provide much greater breadth and depth of courses. Subscribing gives you the full Memrise experience.

Pricing can vary based on your country and current promotions. But expect monthly subscriptions around $9, yearly at $60, and lifetime at $120.

Compared to other language apps, Memrise’s subscription pricing is relatively affordable. You get high value, especially if you use the app consistently.

Memrise MOD APK


  • Effective spaced repetition methodology for memorization
  • Large library of courses across many languages
  • Emphasis on listening comprehension and pronunciation
  • Adaptive learning personalizes experience
  • Gamification makes learning fun and motivating
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • Clean, intuitive user interface


  • Writing practice and grammar content is limited
  • Quality varies between official and user generated courses
  • App can feel repetitive over time
  • Subscriptions required for full access
  • Speaking practice relies on mimicking audio
  • Website has more features than mobile app

Memrise MOD APK


Memrise is an excellent language learning app, especially for beginners looking to build a vocabulary foundation. It excels at helping you memorize words and phrases efficiently through spaced repetition.

The courses provide ample listening and pronunciation practice. But additional resources are recommended to improve writing and grammar skills.

Gamification elements make the learning process addictively fun rather than a chore. However, the app can feel repetitive over time.

The free version gives you a good taste, but subscriptions unlock Memrise’s full potential. Premium provides enough value to warrant the recurring cost for serious learners.

While the website offers some additional features, the Android app provides the core Memrise experience. Learning languages on mobile fits conveniently into daily life.

Overall, Memrise is a top choice for memorizing vocabulary and developing basic language skills as a supplement to other resources. Its combination of science-backed methods and genuine enjoyment will kickstart your language learning journey.

  • Premium Unlocked

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