Kipas Guys APK 0.63 MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins]

Kipas Guys APK 0.63 MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins]

App Name Kipas Guys
Publisher Scopely
Genre Action
Latest Version 0.63
Update on Jan 9, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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Kipas Guys MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins] is an incredibly fun and addictive mobile game that has taken the Android world by storm. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and competitive multiplayer, it’s easy to see why so many people are getting hooked.

Kipas Guys MOD APK

What is Kipas Guys?

Kipas Guys APK 0.63 is a battle royale style game for Android devices developed by Kitka Games. Just like the popular Fall Guys game, players compete against each other in various minigames and obstacle course levels with the goal of being the last player standing.

Gameplay involves running, jumping, dodging obstacles and grabbing opponents to eliminate them across multiple rounds. The controls are simple with buttons for jumping, running and grabbing. Players are eliminated each round until there is only one winner.

The game features cute rounded character designs and colourful 3D environments. Levels range from icy racing tracks to trap-filled rollercoasters, providing engaging visuals and constant excitement.

Main Features of Kipas Guys

Addictive, Battle Royale Gameplay

The goal is to outlast all other players across multiple minigame levels. With simple controls and easy to pick up gameplay, it gets challenging fast trying to qualify each round.

Vibrant Graphics and Level Designs

From tropical islands to snowy mountains, levels feature immersive and vibrant 3D graphics. New content and levels are frequently added to keep gameplay fresh.

Customise Your Character

Unlock new avatars, skins, costumes and accessories as you progress. Show off your style against players from around the world.

Daily and Weekly Challenges

Take on limited time challenges to earn special rewards. Race up leaderboards for bragging rights.

Multiplayer Battles

Battle against up to 31 real players per match. Team up with or take on friends in intense competition.

Kipas Guys MOD APK

A big part of the appeal of Kipas Guys APK is how easy it is to pick up and play, combined with enough depth and variety to keep players engaged. The multiplayer battles make every match feel different, and there is plenty of customisation options to keep things interesting.

The light-hearted tone, with its cute characters and bright colours, also makes it appealing to a wide audience. It’s family-friendly fun that anyone can enjoy.

Regular updates add new content and features which helps maintain a thriving player base even months after release. With its strong social features it’s also fun to play with friends.

Kipas Guys Mod APK

For those looking to get a competitive edge, a Kipas Guys mod APK on unlocks premium features for free. This hacked version of the game lets you access unlimited money, free skins and avatars.

This means you can fully customise your character without grinding to unlock items. Other mods provide advantages like increased speed or jump height to help you qualify rounds easier.

Kipas Guys MOD APK

How to Download and Install the Kipas Guys Mod APK

On Mobile:

  1. To download Kipas Guys mod APK from
  2. Download the latest Kipas Guys mod APK
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in Android settings
  4. Install the mod APK file and open the game to enjoy!

On PC (using emulator):

  1. To download Kipas Guys mod APK from
  2. Open emulator and go to browser
  3. Search for Kipas Guys mod APK Unlimited Gems download
  4. Install APK file in emulator
  5. Launch game in emulator to play with mods enabled

Be sure to disable antivirus apps during installation as they may detect mods as false positives. Also avoid unofficial sites as they could contain malware risks.

Kipas Guys MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kipas Guys mod APK safe to download?

Yes, downloading mods from trusted sites like is safe, virus-free and easy. Just be wary of unknown sources.

Does the mod APK work for both Android and PC emulators?

Yes, follow the installation guides above to properly set up mods on both mobile devices and emulators.

What are some tips for winning more matches?

Practice parkour skills, learn level layouts, grab opponents strategically and use mods for speed/jump boosts. Teamwork with friends also helps greatly.

How is Kipas Guys different from Fall Guys?

While inspired by Fall Guys, Kipas Guys Mod apk Unlimited Money is a standalone mobile game with original concepts focused on competitive multiplayer battles.

What happens if I get banned using mods?

Bans are rare if downloading mods from reputable sites. If banned, try appealing the decision or reinstalling the game with a new account.

Brain It On APK

Kipas Guys MOD APK


Kipas Guys MOD APK 0.63 offers a wildly entertaining battle royale experience right on your mobile device. With its cute graphics, simple controls and multiplayer mayhem, it’s fun for all ages.

Unlocking mods takes the excitement to another level, letting you outrun and outjump the competition. Download the mod APK today to gain an edge over rivals and work towards securing those hard-fought victories.

Just be ready for intense, heart-pounding showdowns as you race towards the crown. May the best Kipas player win!

Kipas Guys APK 0.63 MOD [Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlocked Skins]

What’s new in version 0.63: Run through the maze in the new ‘Pac-Man Power’ map and collect as many items as possible before running out of lives Mind your steps in our tricky elimination map ‘Acid Pool’ - no falling allowed! New feature: easily locate and obtain your favorite cosmetics in the customize screen Shield yourself with the special ‘Force Shield’ emote Explore our store for weekly offers Server updates and general bug fixes

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