Flowx APK 3.410 MOD (Pro Gold, Premium Unlocked)

Flowx APK 3.410 MOD (Pro Gold, Premium Unlocked)

App Name Flowx: Weather Map Forecast
Publisher Flowx Weather App
Genre Weather
Update on Dec 24, 2023
Requirements 6.0
Get it on Google Play
Flowx is a relatively new weather app for Android that aims to provide users with the most accurate and customizable weather data possible. Originally launched in 2019 by developer Duane Enzwiler, Flowx has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its unique features and intuitive interface.


Humble Beginnings

Duane first had the idea for Flowx after becoming frustrated with the limited options for weather apps on Android. As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast living in the Pacific Northwest, he wanted an app that provided detailed weather data and forecasts specifically for his location and activities.

After tinkering around with weather API data in his spare time, Duane finally launched an early beta version of Flowx in late 2018. He posted about the app on Reddit and weather forums to get initial user feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive, which gave Duane motivation to keep refining and expanding the app.

By mid-2019, the first official version of Flowx was released on the Google Play Store.

Growing Pains

The initial launch was not without some growing pains. As a one-man operation, Duane struggled to keep up with user emails and tech support requests in Flowx’s early days.

There were also limitations with the weather API data that restricted some of Duane’s original development plans for Flowx. Over time, he overcame these challenges by building out better documentation for users and exploring alternative weather data providers.

According to Duane, “My goal has always been for Flowx to be the best weather source for outdoor folks. I took all the early user feedback to heart and it really helped shape the app into what it is today.”


Flowx Today

Fast forward to 2024, and Flowx has over 500,000 active users and a 4.5 star rating on the Play Store.

The app offers various subscription plans that provide additional features like ad-free usage, widgets, and real-time lightning alerts. However, the core Flowx experience remains free to use for all users.

As Flowx continues to grow, Duane remains dedicated to constantly improving it:

“I have so many ideas to make Flowx even more helpful for hikers, bikers, and anyone who just wants better weather information. The feedback and support from users keeps me motivated to keep enhancing the app.”

Now that you know the backstory, let’s dive into all the useful features that make Flowx a top weather app choice on Android.


Key Features of Flowx

Flowx comes packed with customizable weather data, alerts, tools, and more. Here are 8 of the top features users love:

1. Interactive Weather Maps

Flowx’s weather map interface visualizes temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and other data in real-time. Users can pan and zoom to get weather conditions for any location. Various map layers can be toggled on/off as well.

2. Hyperlocal Weather Reports

In addition to standard weather reports, Flowx offers hyperlocal data for over 250,000 global locations. This means outdoor enthusiasts can get ultra precise weather details for specific hiking trails, ski resorts, beaches, and other sites.

3. Customizable Graphs & Widgets

Users can fully customize graphs within Flowx to track weather metrics that matter most to them. For example, a kiteboarder can compare wind speed and direction changes at their favorite spot. These graphs can even be added as widgets to the Android home screen.

Graph Type Details Use Cases
Line graph Plots weather data over time Track temperature changes
Bar graph Compares weather metrics side-by-side Compare rainfall this year vs. last
Radial graph Visualizes multidirectional data Wind direction frequency

4. Adaptable Alerts

Flowx has an extensive alert system that gives users full control over what weather notifications they receive and when they receive them. Alerts can be tailored to specific locations, activities, and weather data triggers.

5. Time Machine Forecasts

The innovative Time Machine feature lets users view historical weather data or fast forward to see forecasted conditions. This is useful for trip planning or researching weather patterns over past years.

6. Global Data Sources

Flowx ingests weather data from sources worldwide, including government agencies, airports, and proprietary networks. This enables highly accurate and up-to-date weather reporting globally.

7. Offline Access

Once maps and locations are saved, Flowx can be used offline in areas without cell service or data connectivity. This makes it an ideal backcountry companion.

8. Dark Theme

Flowx has an optional dark theme to switch all maps, graphs and screens to dark backgrounds. This reduces glare and visual fatigue, especially helpful at night.


Flowx Mod APK Unlocked

For users looking to unlock additional Flowx features without paying, a Flowx Mod APK can be downloaded and installed instead.

The Mod APK offers these premium features for free:

  • No ads
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Multi-day forecast data
  • Weather radar layers
  • Custom themes
  • Widgets & complications

However, there are some downsides to using the Mod APK instead of the official app:

  • No guarantee of future support & updates
  • Could stop working if Flowx fixes the exploit
  • Small risk of malware being bundled (though unlikely from trusted mod sites)

So in summary, the Flowx Mod APK allows free access to all the premium features, but has some minor risks. Users need to decide if it’s worth those tradeoffs for unlocking those add-ons and removing ads.

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Common Flowx Questions

Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions about Flowx:

1. Does Flowx have a free version?

Yes, Flowx offers a fully functional free version with ads. Only advanced features require a paid subscription.

2. Can I get Flowx on iPhone?

Unfortunately Flowx is only available on Android devices currently. The developer has not announced plans for an iOS version.

3. How accurate is Flowx’s weather data?

Flowx uses a variety of weather data sources to create highly accurate and hyperlocal weather reports. However, no weather app is 100% accurate.

4. Is my location and data secure in Flowx?

Yes, Flowx does not sell or share any private user data. The only usage analytics collected is for internal app improvements.

5. Why is Flowx better than other weather apps?

Flowx stands out for its customizable weather maps, graphs and alerts. The time machine forecast feature is also unique. It’s designed specifically for outdoor activity planning.


In summary, Flowx is an innovative weather app for Android that offers detailed weather insights, alerts, forecasting tools, and more. It was created by developer Duane Enzwiler to provide specialized weather data to help outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the key benefits that make Flowx a top choice weather app include:

  • Interactive weather maps with multiple data layers
  • Hyperlocal weather reports
  • Customizable graphs, alerts, and widgets
  • Time machine forecasting
  • Global weather data sources
  • Offline access

The free version provides a great user experience, while premium subscriptions unlock additional advanced capabilities. For those looking to trial premium features, a Flowx Mod APK can be downloaded to remove ads and unlock add-ons.

So if you’re an Android user needing reliable weather info for hiking, skiing, boating, traveling, or other activities, be sure to give Flowx a try!

Flowx APK 3.410 MOD (Pro Gold, Premium Unlocked)

Release 3.412 (25 Dec 2023) ======================== - Flowx 11th Birthday release. - Removed Apple news dialog. - Optimized iconography.

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