Fishing Clash APK 1.0.263 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Mod Menu)

Fishing Clash APK 1.0.263 MOD (Unlimited Money, Gems, Mod Menu)


App Name Fishing Clash
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre Simulation
Size 144 MB
Latest Version 1.0.263
Update on Nov 16, 2023
Requirements 4.4
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gems/Mod Menu
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Fishing Clash is a popular free-to-play fishing simulation game developed by Ten Square Games for iOS and Android devices. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, Fishing Clash allows players to experience the thrill of catching various fish species across realistic 3D environments.

In this comprehensive review, we will cover the key features of Fishing Clash, including graphics and gameplay, progression system, social features, in-app purchases, and more. Whether you are an avid angler looking for a fishing game fix or simply want to relax with some casual gaming, this review will help you determine if Fishing Clash is worth downloading.

Fishing Clash MOD APK

Graphics and Gameplay

The first thing that stands out in Fishing Clash is the beautiful graphics and attention to detail in each fishing location. The environments are rendered in vibrant 3D, with rippling waters and swaying vegetation bringing each scene to life. Fish models are equally impressive, featuring smooth animations and lifelike behaviors when hooked.

When starting the game, players can choose from a variety of default avatars before entering the main hub – a cozy fishing village. This area includes features like the Tackle Shop for purchasing rods and lures, the Aquarium for viewing caught fish, and the Pier for accessing fishing spots.

To begin fishing, players tap on a location icon to load into the corresponding 3D environment. Gameplay then involves casting out with a flick of the rod using an intuitive touch mechanism. Fish will appear on the sonar and once they bite, players must strike at the right moment and reel rhythmically to tire the fish out. Different fish provide varying levels of challenge based on size and strength. Successfully landing a fish provides coins and experience points.

Overall, the fishing mechanics feel smooth and satisfying. Players must pay close attention to the tension meter while reeling, or the line can snap. The game conveys a true sense of battle when hooking feisty boss fish like sharks and swordfish.

Progression System

As players level up in Fishing Clash, they will unlock new fishing spots containing different fish species to target. Leveling also boosts attributes like line strength, allowing for bigger catches. Fish come in 5 rarity levels, with higher-tier fish providing greater rewards.

Table 1: Fish rarity levels in Fishing Clash

Rarity Fish Examples
Common Bass, Catfish
Uncommon Trout, Salmon
Rare Tuna, Stingray
Epic Shark, Marlin
Legendary Whale, Kraken

In addition to fish, Fishing Clash also features a collection element in the form of Lure Cards. These cards represent different lure types that can be equipped to boost fishing performance. Players obtain card packs by completing challenges and events. Upgrading Lure Cards improves their attributes to help hook rarer fish.

Coins earned through fishing allow players to purchase better rods and lures. Pearls serve as the premium currency for acquiring special items like costumes and XP boosts. We will dive deeper into monetization later in this review.

Overall, Fishing Clash provides a gratifying sense of progression as environments and gear improve. There are always new fish to discover and fishing milestones to achieve.

Fishing Clash MOD APK

Social Features

While the core fishing gameplay is single player, Fishing Clash incorporates several social features to add multiplayer dynamics. These include:

  • Duels – 1v1 matches against other players. Victory earns trophies and rare rewards.
  • Championships – Limited-time competitions with matchmaking based on skill rating.
  • Clan System – Join or create a clan to chat and compete in weekly Clan Wars.
  • Live Events – Cooperative events where all players work towards community goals.
  • Trading – Send Lure Cards to friends or request ones you need.

The ability to compete and interact with friends enhances the experience. Clans foster camaraderie through active teamwork and clan wars add extra competitive spice. Fishing alongside others during live events also feels more engaging.

In-App Purchases

As a freemium game, Fishing Clash monetizes through various in-app purchases. These include:

  • Coins Packs – Directly purchase coins to spend on gear.
  • Pearl Packs – Acquire premium pearls for unique items.
  • Rod License – Unlock special rods permanently.
  • Lure Card Packs – Obtain guaranteed rare Lure Cards.
  • Season Pass – Premium subscription for rewards and boosts.

While none of the purchases are essential, buying coins or pearls can speed up progression. The developers also run regular sales and special bundles. It is possible to enjoy Fishing Clash as completely free player, but spending does help advance faster.

Overall the monetization seems fair compared to similar titles. Paying provides an advantage but skill ultimately determines performance. The game also showers players with plenty of free rewards from events and level-ups.

Fishing Clash MOD APK

Additional Gameplay Modes

Beyond the core fishing experience, Fishing Clash contains some extra gameplay modes to add more variety:

  • Arcade Fishing – Fishing with fun mutators like inverted controls.
  • Ice Fishing – Unique winter fishing using tip-ups.
  • Happy Aquarium – Relaxing mode focused on collecting fish.
  • Fishing Village – Manage and decorate your own fishing village.

These side modes provide a nice change of pace from regular fishing. The village builder and aquarium manager are more laidback and creative. Arcade and ice fishing inject some unpredictability into the fishing formula.

Pros and Cons


  • Gorgeous 3D visuals and animations
  • Satisfying fishing mechanics
  • Tons of fish species to discover
  • Relaxing progression loop
  • Engaging social features and events
  • Fair freemium elements
  • Fun side modes for variety


  • Can feel repetitive/grindy over time
  • Duels sometimes suffer from connection issues
  • Occasional bugs with certain fish behaviors
  • Some cosmetics are overpriced
  • Lure Card upgrades involve luck

Fishing Clash MOD APK


Fishing Clash absolutely nails the core fishing simulation gameplay with responsive controls and realistic fish behaviors. Exploring new environments and catching bigger fish provides a compelling progression loop. The social features introduce welcome multiplayer dynamics. While the repetitive casting may not appeal to all players, Fishing Clash has plenty of content and modes to keep anglers hooked.

Overall, Fishing Clash is a great choice for mobile gamers looking to relax with casual fishing action. The high production values and fair freemium model make it easy to recommend trying, especially for fishing fans. Just be prepared for the “one more cast” syndrome as you chase that trophy catch!

Fishing Clash MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fishing Clash really free to play?

Yes, Fishing Clash can be downloaded and played for free on iOS and Android. All game modes, fish, and gear can be unlocked without spending money. However, in-app purchases are available to accelerate progression.

How much data/storage does Fishing Clash require?

Fishing Clash requires about 150MB of storage space on mobile devices. The game does not consume much mobile data, though playing duels and events online uses slightly more.

Does Fishing Clash require an internet connection?

While Fishing Clash can be enjoyed offline, an internet connection is recommended. This allows access to social features and live events. An internet connection is required for duels.

Is Fishing Clash appropriate for kids?

Fishing Clash has kid-friendly cartoon graphics and a relaxing pace ideal for all ages. There are no objectionable content or paywalls restricting gameplay, though parents may want to disable in-app purchases.

Can you play Fishing Clash on PC?

Officially Fishing Clash is only available on mobile platforms. However, players can potentially access the game on PC using Android emulators like Bluestacks. Controls may not be optimized for keyboard and mouse though.

Fishing Clash MOD APK

Final Thoughts

Fishing Clash stands out as a polished and addictive fishing simulator for mobile gamers. The fantastic production values and fair freemium approach make it easy to recommend for some casual angling action. While the core gameplay loop is repetitive, the progression system and social features keep things engaging. If you have ever wanted to take a fully-featured fishing excursion in your pocket, Fishing Clash is a great way to relax and enjoy the thrill of the catch.

So why not grab your rod and see what fish are biting today? With lively environments and realistic fish behaviors, Fishing Clash beautifully captures the appeal of fishing in a fun and accessible experience. Just be ready to shout “Fish on!” when you hook the big one!

  • Mod Menu
  • Combo x100
  • The Line Does Not Break + Auto Fishing

Hello to you! Autumn’s in full swing, and we all know it’s the best time to land some big chunks. And to make it nice and easy for you, we’ve introduced a bunch of game improvements. Cast in and enjoy smooth fishing! Tight lines!

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